Not only did Obama not attend Columbia College…Harvard has no record of him either…nor Hawaii

truther April 14, 2015 0

Medical said:

“One of my nephews is a Harvard graduate and a former Rhodes Scholar. As a tenured professor at Saint Hugh’s College and a member of the university’s admissions committee, plus a very highly regarded Harvard alumni, “M” has full access to Harvard’s complete physical and electronic student records and he can locate absolutely no transfer records from Columbia, no admission application, no academic records, no photographs, no index records, or any other information about the Usurper in the official files of Harvard.


“M” located no “redacted” index information that would indicate the Usurper was ever enrolled or that he received an honorary degree. As you can readily gather from reading the academic background of “M”, he is a very intelligent and competent researcher and analyst who relies on facts. “M” says the Usurper definitely never attended Harvard and anything purporting to show otherwise is a fabrication. This information proves the information Doctor James David Manning discovered about the Usurper never attending Columbia is also true. The Usurper’s entire life history is a total fabrication and he is a complete fraud. By ignoring the critical issue of the Usurper’s false background, Congress and the courts are seriously endangering our nation’s security. DO NOT vote for ANY incumbent politicians, they have proven themselves to be useless parasites who are a danger to our nation!”

 YouTube of Dr. Manning –


Notice his “straight from the ground” arm. He must have some of Stretch Armstrong’s DNA. Not to mention once again the camera recognizes the messiah in him and makes him crisper than anyone else in the photo.  Hand too dark/small.

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