Nothing but the Truth | Anti New World Order Song ▶️️


This was in celebration of reaching 20,000 subs on my late channel that was taken down at forty,000 subs for no cause. ODD does not violate any youtube guidelines at all. This is delicate content listed here. Won’t be able to jeopardize it more than it by now is.

Absolutely free Down load: nothing-but-the-reality

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Make sure you view: “Pretend Moon Landing | As Observed On Tv”


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  1. Brent Cagala says:

    thumbs up #667… no way I was leaving it there. shits hot anyway odd.

  2. Apheirox says:

    Thanks, Odd. For everything.

  3. Can't wait for globalism to finally fucking end.
    Black thug culture
    and stupid rappers
    Reality TV
    Music Business
    and any other globalist elitist company can GO TO HELL!

  4. what kinda idiot thumbs this down?? to much real shit for you?? foh go back to listening to all the bs mainstream artists and making them richer

  5. Blank LN says:

    Do you guys really get it?

  6. OnkarrSingh says:

    big up.research bilderberg group and spread the knowledge

  7. its a one way battle for us cattle going up hill


  9. great fukin tune we gta stick together an stop this shit

  10. Itsmeeman1 says:

    JEWS! That's right, I said it!

  11. Lilli Emmer says:

    Can I use your song for my videos!

  12. Sebastian. C says:

    This deserves no thumbs down

  13. Jack Ruscoe says:

    I love the sound bytes you included from George Carlin 's "the American dream". Truer words have never been spoken!

  14. cries4hawk says:

    Acid yes, LSD backfired on their ass!!! Yep, the scientist got that one WRONG!!!! LOL….L.S.D. in our D.N.A….the MIND EXPANSION!!!! LOL

  15. cries4hawk says:

    be careful what you ask for……

  16. I have been abducted to a a shinnying blidning white universe where i seen faint blue structure almost invisible, for those who know and are intact with the information ins these songs, you and i are nothing but puppets on a string and our bodies are born dead in other words it's limp bodies we all carry, and the controllers and puppet masters are doing whatever they please with the limping bodies.

  17. God Bless everyone one behind making this video and song!

  18. All I can think about is how can I contribute to exposing the illuminati

  19. Why would anyone dislike this!???

  20. I don't like Rap, because now days it's just horrible. Your music on the other hand is just amazing!!! Keep up the awakening your doing!!!

  21. ja Lamoureux says:

    i can see you are extremely close to coming to Jesus Christ, please don't think the Bible is compromised just because there are many corrupt translations, Jesus Christ loves you, may Jesus Christ and God the Father bless you and give you peace

  22. AKA Fish says:

    You gave me the final piece of the puzzle. My journey began long ago in retrospect but this awakening came really quick at the end. The beginning of this awakening began in Jan, 2016 at the Oregon Standoff. All of the people I connected with gave me a piece of the puzzle. Thanks brother. I would love to explain this journey but it would have to be in person.

  23. What a wake up call. Thank you for this. I was AM awake before but the stuff you have voiced speaks to my very core.

  24. Love hearing truth!!! Sad we don't hear it more often….

  25. abdox4life says:

    this beat is sick and the lyrics too gj

  26. James Fulton says:

    listen to "tha naga" on soundcloud

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