Nuclear War Between Russia and USA – 2016 History Channel Documentaries


The nuclear arms race was a competition for supremacy in nuclear warfare between the United States, the Soviet Union, and their respective allies during the …


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  1. I dont know whether i should like it or dislike it. Regardless of my sentiments towards either one of these countries all i am sure of the people who will suffer in such catostrophie are completely irrelevant when it come to initiate it or stop it before it happens but those who are relevant will be under bunkers far away from fallout and that would be elite either they are from imperialist society or communism.

  2. I didn't happen to see any of this happen last year? LOL

  3. John McClain says:

    Reminds me of the Mr Bungle video from the 50s

  4. It's propaganda at it's best. It legitimizes insanity while denying reality. Better hurry up and get that sample before the 250,000 year half-life expires!

  5. Joe Bonnell says:

    Guys, those who are worried that Putin is planning to nuke America some day, I'm telling the truth: Putin and Obama hate each other, but George W. Bush was friends with him before Obama replaced him, making the U.S. and Russia get along. So once one of our candidates (I'm voting for the Republicans) wins the upcoming election, if it's Donald trump or Rubio or anyone (except the Democrats), the friendly relationship would continue.

  6. Serhan Ogan says:

    The dogs hat you've fried under an atomic explosion is gonna' help my ass!

  7. inkey2 says:

    wow….how did I get here from wart removal videos?

  8. Justin Lee says:

    I find it difficult to trust a country that has lost more nuclear weapons than any other.

  9. John Tan says:

    your AWESOME! I get my chefs to watch your vids to get their brains ticking then they're coming in doing the maths. Thanks for posting!

  10. bon scott213 says:

    all of you really need to watch the YouTube up link titled the petro-dollar explained with the pic of former sec of state madalene Albright to understand what's really going on and when you are done with the video, spread the word

  11. staredsky says:

    YEA, 2015. SCAMMER

  12. RedBaron9596 says:

    As everyone knows by now, terrorism does not appear by chance, but is fuelled by major countries and invested in in order to achieve their interests.
    It is sponsored by money, arms, and ideology by regional countries when it matches both their interests and the interests of the great powers like the U.S hegemony!

  13. Like watching a bad B movie.

  14. To be honest when watching this; Don't us 2016 morality with 1950 reality. We were 5 years removed from the greatest catastrophe ever perpetrated by mankind. Two paranoid nations were becoming armed to the teeth with WMD's & a flashpoint just sparked in Korea. So, take this (Non-History Channel) documentary for what it is. It was the infancy of the MAD deterrant age. This was their reality. Not ours.

  15. That's "use," not "us" in the first sentence. My bad.

  16. that's Gregory Peck narrating. I didn't know he narrated yankee propaganda films.

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