“Nuclear War Confirmation” Israel Will Strike Iran. Sign of World War 3 & The RAPTURE?


There are more confirmation regarding the coming nuclear war in Iran and Israel as the Security Council of the United Nations and the Obama administration has approved the ‘ nuclear deal …


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  1. Iran is nothing like ISIS wake up America has created and funded ISIS

  2. Destroying nations and maiming people is not God's plan. It's the work of evil men.

  3. And the Americans thought the Japanese worshipped suicidal death… Seems evangelicals are being led to the slaughter by greedy parishioners professing total lunacy.

  4. Mike D says:

    Religions are all made up.

  5. Sirius Alpha says:

    This is just another zionist religious claptrap bullshit.

  6. Sirius Alpha says:

    fucking nun case lot these prophets of doom and gloom

  7. Alinur Miah says:

    Paranoid filthy Zionist Jews are liars

  8. Alinur Miah says:

    Nobody likes Israel where was Israel for 3000 years hiding in caves why were they expelled from the holy land because they were upressers and they were causing destruction on the holy land but don't history will repeat itself

  9. Adam P says:

    I cannot fathom the irony in the first part of the "Program".
    They are trying to say Iran doesn't have the right to a nuclear arsenal while America and Israel have hundreds if not thousands of nuclear warheads.

    Also, they frequently compare the "Islamic State" with the Islamic republic of Iran. They forgot to mention "ISIS" is receiving weapons, munitions, infantry, and artillery from the USA, Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. And while Israel ethnically cleans's the Palestinian population , and while the USA constantly bombards Iraq and Syria with stockpiles of ballistic missiles, White phosphorus (WP) munitions, they warn of the impending "Threat" of Iran.

  10. VanHustler says:

    I'm on the fence with this one. Israel is waiting for big brother America to take the lead, but we won't. As the clock gets closer to totall enrichment, I think Israel will kich things off with reactor airstrikes, hence, starting war. Both USA and Russia have military in region, but will try to mediate. Rapture? Depends on how those 2 superpowers deal with 1 another.

  11. The world needs to wipe out the war pig jew bankers and not fall for their next war plan Christians vs Muslims

  12. k odu says:

    That was prophet owuor. It will happen!

  13. Lyndon Eaton says:

    there is no rapture. get over it already. the stage is set for WW3, but no one knows how or when it might happen. These things have been allowed to develop ON PURPOSE. it is no accident the controllers have allowed ISIS and Iran to become as powerful as they are. The conspirators want a world war for a variety of reasons, like population control and to usher in a global government.

  14. Even the Iranians can't understand why the USA has gifted them a nuclear weapon that they openly state they will use against the USA – the destruction of the USA is even in the Iranian constitution

  15. I agree with Marshall to a point. Bombing nuke plants isnt a great idea, however, when the alternative is having Iran build nuke missiles and shooting them into your own cities as humas and other terrorists are proven happy to do, Id say, bombing the nuke sites is a better option. At least the Iranians will get a full dose for their troubles, which they wouldnt bombing Israel.

  16. Walter Stone says:

    Death to ALL IRanians! from an American.

  17. mars2071 A says:

    since September 11, this planet became an asshol, ,

  18. mars2071 A says:

    Obama is doing all he Dan to make world countries and regions in wars while Isis expand , , , two nations will stay Isis and Chinese , , , no more animals no ore resources only Chinese and Isis , , , 4th world war will be between Chinese and Isis with knifes and Chinese will eat all Isis, , , 5th world war will be between Chinese themselves eating each others till they finish, , this planet is an asshol , , and we better learn Chinese to live a little longer ?

  19. Scott Aaron says:

    Hey, where can I find the picture for the thumbnail of this video?

  20. Damn you Always talking about Iran what about israel and its nuclear weapons nobody go and inspect their facilities.

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