Nukes On the Loose


Dave Hodges

Have you ever had a day when every successive time the phone rang, you knew it was going to be bad news, and the news progressively got worse  as the day went on? I have two such days in a row. When one receives the kind of news that I received yesterday, one has three basic choices: (1) keep it to one’s self and plan accordingly; (2) attempt to warn people so that they can plan accordingly; and, (3) do nothing and hope that others will bring enough attention to the forefront that the coming events will be temporarily forestalled. Option three is the most attractive and least threatening option. However, option number two is the option that I am going to pursue because I do not know how much time we have left until the proverbial poop hits the fan and I want to stress the need to prepare and that the preparations need to begin yesterday.

Nukes On the Loose

First, let me say this clearly, if you have a “bug-out place”, preferably outside of the United States, now is the time to go. Several people in the know have already left.  Jim Marrs revealed on my show that 400-500 bankers had left the country in anticipation of what was coming.

Not quite a year ago, I wrote a story where I detailed the fact that I knew three families of recently retired DHS and FEMA personnel who were moving to locations of where like-minded people were located. Extensive preparations had previously been taken for these people to survive a number of anticipated calamities. Among these calamities were a power grid take down resulting in martial law and ‘the complete subjugation  of this country’s people and its resources. These people have also made preparations to survive a chemical and biological attack. They acknowledge that they are unable to survive a direct nuclear strike, but that they have made sufficient preparations to survive the aftermath of such a strike. I knew two of the involved families very well. These families relocated to their  safety enclaves with a great deal of disruption to their personal lives. I wrote about these events in a two part series, in which part one can be accessed here and part two can be linked to from part one.

Yesterday, I received a call from one these families and I was told that the power grid takedown was nearly accomplished, through the use of an EMP, but was thwarted by the military and that this was one of the primary reasons why Obama has stepped up the unprecedented purge of the military and their leadership.

In late August, I had received information which stated that the power grid was going to be taken down, as a prelude to martial law, through the detonation of two high altitude nuclear explosions over the mid-continent of the United States. I was warning the people to prepare. At that time, I also tied in the statements of recently departed DHS director, Janet Napolitano, in which she said a power grid take down was imminent and it was a not a matter of if, but when it would occur. Napolitano and Clinton have both left the inner circle of the White House. Why? Clearly, both parties are aware of what was planned for America on November 13, 2013, in which the Grid EX II drills were going to be used as a false flag event from which to launch an EMP attack. This attack was thwarted by the US military because it turns out that there are nuclear bombs that are unaccounted for. Some sources say there are two unaccounted for nuclear bombs, some sources say as many as  five nuclear bombs are unaccounted for. Many have assumed that regardless of how many nukes are missing that they were being held by Obama forces to be used in a series of false flag attack(s). It appears that this is not the case.

At this point, I want to be clear about one thing, from my sources ranging from current to past intelligence personnel to high level retired military officers, these sources are amazingly consistent in that this President is preparing America for her demise. The military leadership of this country is being decimated in the hope that a “new military” will surface and carry out this agenda. The litmus test question is “Will you fire upon American citizens”? This latter fact is well known, and those that do not answer in the affirmative are kicked out of the military. What is not as well known is the fact that some military have been caught plotting to reveal all publicly. This raises an interesting point that I raised late last summer. With all of the military firings (over 200), then why haven’t a cohesive group of these men emerged  to expose this agenda? What I have learned is that they, the military officers, have had their families threatened if they speak out. What I have also learned is that like my DHS/FEMA sources, these former military personnel are engaged in forming an active resistance group to what is occurring. They are also “leaking” information in which they are trying to expose this President as well as sending the message to the international community that we will not quietly go into the night. Obviously people like Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann have been tagged for revealing this information as well.

I called one of my military sources, last night, in an attempt to confirm the rumors of the military leadership having their families threatened. He anticipated my question and cut me off by saying that he had been individually threatened and would not talk about these developments. This, in effect, confirmed what I am revealing here. This high-ranking former general was my original source of information that the McCain-led attempted theft of my community’s property without compensation in the name of acquiring land for the CANAMEX Highway. He guided me from behind the scenes and I was able to help save the targeted properties of my community. He has never been wrong in what he has revealed in the past.

Who Has the Nukes?

Do you remember when Senator Lindsay Graham came out and said that if we did not “attack Syria soon, that a nuclear device would be detonated in Charleston Harbor”? This was direct confirmation that Graham had information about what was going to transpire. Subsequently, as Putin has noted, a nuke was detonated as a warning shot several hundred miles off of the coast of South Carolina. This was a message from the military to Obama, the Chinese and the Russians that we were not going to lay down and allow this country to be run over and be subsequently given away by this President.

Members of the military have acquired nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in an unauthorized fashion. I have also been told that Obama can fire as many nuclear weapons personnel as he can and he still will not gain control of this arsenal, despite firing the two heads of our nuclear weapons program. This is holding the present administration at bay. Meanwhile, I have been told that preparations for preparing for a guerilla civil war are being made.

Does it make sense now why DHS has armed to the teeth and are placing returning veterans at the top of every domestic terror list made public? Does it now make sense why this administration is trying to get as many veterans as possible to be declared to be mentally incompetent as an excuse to get their guns? What does all of this add up to? It adds up to the fact that the military is preparing to resist the intentions of this administration to destroy this country. The military leadership is engaged in a game of chicken with the administration through the possession of rogue weapons of mass destruction. Please note that these weapons are not just nuclear, they are also chemical and biological.

 As I have come to discover, the military has long planned for this possibility through the Continuity of Government plans. Since Eisenhower, the military has long been concerned that if the US faced an imminent crisis, that the “wrong groups” would subvert the Constitution and hand off the country to our enemies. This is why Obama is firing hundreds of command officers as he is trying to circumvent these protocols. This will not work. All of my sources are united on this point, Obama will not be successful and he knows it. This is why there is a massive build up of foreign troops on our soil and it is taking place as I write these words.

A subsequent EMP attack, from this administration, would presumably take down the existing military equipment while the occupation forces would have taken precautions to shield their resources from an EMP attack. However, I was told last night that much of the military are taking precautions with key equipment with regard to protecting assets from an EMP attack as well. The military will be able to defend themselves.

Has anyone surmised why the wars in Afghanistan and Iran are continuing without an end in sight? The undeniable conclusion that 150,000 troops stationed abroad will not be able to get home and help save the country. They will be sacrificed.

I have a special message to law enforcement and members of the National Guard, be on the right side of history. Some of you National Guard commanders already know why the federal government passed the John Warner Defense Act in which the guard and police are federalized. Do not follow these orders when the time comes.

In answer to the question that everyone is going to ask, do you have any more proof than what you have revealed in past articles (e.g. Grid EX II)? Indeed, I am going public with these issues. On my show, I will be having on guests who can confirm much of what has been said in this article. I want to make it clear that these sources are impeccable as they did not just appear. I want to remind readers, both old and new, that I was at the forefront of revealing the events related to the Gulf Oil Explosion conspiracy, on April 20, 2010.  My insider information was so good that I was quoted in many prominent literary works on this topic (e.g. Jim Marrs, Our Occulted History).  I had some of the best information on the aftermath of Benghazi as I believe I was the first to report the attempted rescue of Ambassador Stevens by the heads of AFRICOM and Carrier Task Force Three. Glenn Beck was six months behind my revelations on this issue. This was the first hint that all was not well between this President and his military. These same sources are now making these very stunning revelations. Recently, I have acquired two relatively new sources which have, in effect, confirmed, word for word with regard to what is being revealed here.

By the way, ask the people of Eastern Tennessee if there are not large numbers of Russian troops in their state as well as in Western Kentucky. That has been revealed here as well. Ask the people of Alaska about the Russians that are there. Ask the Hawaiians if the Chinese are not there as I reported they would be with regard to participating in the Grid EX II drills a month ago.

I think many will find this interesting. I have been told that after the resources of this country are plundered by the foreign occupation forces, that this country will become a Muslim nation. And what do the radical fundamentalists do with nonbelievers? This is why I am warning people to not report to your public venue. Instruct your children to not board a bus from their school because they will be taken to these facilities and will be used to draw in their parents. If you doubt this, look at what happened in FEMA drills in Operation Mountain Guardian and at Giants Stadium in New York.

The Creation of An International Peace Keeping Force

When the Grid EX II drill was removed from being used as a false flag attack designed to destroy the power grid, it morphed into a training ground for Russian and Chinese soldiers to learn how to operate in an environment without power.

It is amazing to me that many analysts have not made more of the 2014 RIMPAC War Games. They are the largest war games in the world. Historically, they are used as a training ground by a 12-15 nation contingent to practice against the anticipated tactics of the Russians and the Chinese. However, this year, the games will include the Russians and the Chinese. This means that the RIMPAC event has fundamentally been changed. Many of the military firings have to do with RIMPAC. Why? The answer should be obvious. The RIMPAC forces are being morphed into an international peacekeeping force. This is significant because in the UN Small Arms Treaty, the documents call for host nations to use “foreign assets” to seize the guns of it citizens. This will surely follow the coming false flag events and the inception of martial law.

Many Have An Ominous Feeling

From a source that I will be identifying this weekend, I will be talking about how the Chinese are scheduled to take possession of all Federal lands containing rich, natural resources in payment for the US debt owed to them. Further, the Russian troops who are in this country will be forming the vanguard of a martial law occupation force along with DHS and other foreign assets. At this point, it is important to state that when you are told to report to your nearest public venue for protection and food, do not go. As I have reported, these public venues will be used for some very nefarious purposes, as it is believed that 330 million Americans cannot effectively be garrisoned. The numbers must be dramatically reduced.

I am convinced, resulting from several conversations that this country will ultimately be handed off to Muslims. Does an Obama presidency make more sense to you now? And what do the fundamentalists do to non-believers? Maybe the rumor circulating about the intended use guillotines are not as far-fetched as many have believed.

No, I do not have a time frame. However, it could be noteworthy that Pastor Lindsay Williams is saying that there are plans to empty the bank accounts and obliterate the pensions within 90 days. I think Pastor Williams  may be on to something. First, it would make sense that the bankers would acquire as many hard assets as they are able before the collapse. Second, I am on the record stating that when the power grid collapse takes place, the banks will be plundered under the cover of darkness.

And as if I did not need any more confirmation of what I am sure is coming, Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle have been consistent in revealing details which serve to support these statements. Many of us in the media are getting this information and the message is remarkably similar.

 I firmly believe that you may ignore these messages at your own peril. In the next part in this series, I will reveal more about the operational details which will be coming our way. In the meantime, pray and prepare. Please allow me to recommend that you visit the Stan and Holly Deyo website as being an excellent source of the knowledge you will need to have to prepare for the coming times.

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