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Illuminati, NWO, Alien, Agenda, Conspiritus, Satanic, Documentary, Conspiracy Coast to Coast AM Show(s) – Great Additional info! Monday Nov. 24, 2014 (Nov …


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  1. I am in no way trying to be disrespectful and would like to thank you for sharing this information but there is one question that's been bothering me as I have watch not only your video but all of the videos here on YouTube. At 50:37 you state that the Illuminati controls all forms of distribution of information and YouTube seems like something they would really want to have a part in. So why, then, am I able to watch all of these videos, and get this potentially damaging information, if that is the case? Wouldn't they pull any and all videos having to do with the Truth Movement if they could? Do you think that they (A) want us to see and know this (B) don't have the power to do anything about it (C) underestimate us and the reach of your audience, or (D) we're all crazy, everything we see as connected, in actuality, is not, and life is perfect 🙂 
    Once again, thanks and God bless

  2. very true people open your eyes dont take my words for it reserch facts out of this documentary like who adam wassup is how he started the organizaton and the fbi agent in this video was and did some of these people actually made thse exposures etc examine closely the facts in this video you will find it is true please take a look closer before dismising this is very true open your eyes people and the truth will set you free God wants you to know God bless

  3. illumanatti is alive and well and like i said take the facts out of this video and examine close and reserch and you will find it is true alot of info please take a look on who adam wassup is and what he did and other people in this documentary God bless ans chridt said thr truth will set you free.

  4. great video and info, thanks

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