Obama declared world war 3 nuclear attack on Russia year 2016!!!!


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  1. You want to stop Isil? Stop their exports of oil you fools! Seems that would be the least you could do. You know where the wells are, you know where the power comes through, you know what the roads they use to export it are, you know where the pipes are. Not one single reason you cannot halt their oil production and export and all the money they get for it. Not one.

  2. Thumbs down for deliberately placing your adverts over the subscribe button so I can't "x" it and either have to have my view obstructed or subscribe – poor form.

  3. Will you use your shotgun Joe?

  4. Sharon Davis says:

    Wow, this video should wake everyone up to full attention. Excellent video.

  5. Eric Ruiz says:

    this video is edited

  6. Betsy Person says:

    you almost got my attention until I saw how you played with the video by clipping and pasting the contents…I can't believe I listened to this shit!!! aaaggghhh!!! I'm angry at myself!! shame on you for fooling me!!!!!

  7. Antun M says:


  8. paul duncan says:

    Jail Obama immediately

  9. Dara Tinnel says:

    at 5:40 he says f**k just say yes or no ghow hard is it to say yes or no

  10. What The F- says:

    Welp, 2016 is almost over.

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