Video: Obama Explains the FEMA Camps


Scott Baker

The use of such camps can be expanded greatly, especially in the new Amerika, where everyone is a suspect, and Constitutional rights are a sometime option.

Video Obama Explains the FEMA Camps

Rachel Maddow has compiled and dissected some recent speeches by Obama in which he explains the future use of FEMA camps directly, and his twisted but very real legal theory allowing, at least to him, indefinite pre-emptive detention for crimes that have not been committed yet, and Obama’s overreach, far beyond anything Bush and Cheney ever attempted, and completely outside even the constitution’s Article 1, Section 9, which allows for suspension of Habeas Corpus during times of “Rebellion (e.g. as in the Civil War) or Invasion.”  She compares Obama’s evolving policy to that of the Tom Cruise science fiction movie: Minority Report, in which Cruise works as a cop in the department of pre-crime, arresting people for things they haven’t done yet.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Obama has committed crimes against Humanity. War Crimes. He intends more in the future BUT! He has not been processed for any of the crimes he has already committed as admitted like cocaine abuse. He gave up his Law license because of crimes he and Michelle committed. He has a kill list which is more than completely illegal and AS PRESIDENT has lied more than 280 times to the American people.

    Timeout 1

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Wait! Do not speak out because you are afraid. Remember 535 elected politicians are doing this. 535 vs 315 MILLION Americans. Watch as veterans are rounded up and shipped to FEMA Camps. Watch as Christians and “State Militiamen” are rounded up because they are a threat to a Tyrannical Government.
    Watch as honest Law Abiding patriotic Americans who support the US Constitution and your basic freedoms are forced onto buses and hauled off to FEMA Camps. Then REMEMBER that you waited and said nothing and did nothing until they came for you and nobody was there to speak and act for you.
    REMEMBER that all these people must be fed yet they will not be allowed to work. Remember that they will need medical care yet will not be allowed to work. REMEMBER they will need to be clothed yet will not be allowed to work. REMEMBER that they are patriots ans will not sit idly by waiting for decades in Stalags while a regime over burdens you for their costs. REMEMBER that when they fight for their freedom within those FEMA Stalags that they will be gunned down and then cremated in giant ovens already within those camps.

    Sit in fear as it becomes illegal for three or more people to meet and talk. Sit in fear that someone who does not like you calls the authorities and tells them you are plotting against the politburo.
    Say nothing because you will be taken without proof, held without trial, fed foods you would never purchase, be forces vaccines that are dangerous and deadly, held without any rights and given no voice.

    You say this cannot happen? IT ALREADY HAS. History repeats itself as a government becomes over bearing and criminal, When criminal government fears it’s power will; be taken by the people, the government grabs more and more power as it already is and because you are saying and doing nothing it will continue until you are screaming and crying. “Why didn’t I do anything to stop this?”

    Because you sat there and said things like “My government would not lie.” ‘I voted for him.” “The people would not let this happen.” “I have not done anything wrong.”

    Yet you totally missed the point, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING WRONG! They simply assume you will and you will be arrested and sent to a camp.

    Welcome to Amerika! Heil Obama!

    What comes next? Well he is a MUSLIM, part of the “Brotherhood” prepare for Sharia Law. Then extermination you stupid Goyim.

  3. George says:

    sounds kind of crazy

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