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  1. hbk711x says:

    Jews swear they don't hear satan whisper to him when they pray, why would satanwhisper to influence pple to do their bidding when they are already doing it.

  2. Billy Bob says:

    this video sucks, no facts, no data, just opinions, are we supposed to take everything at face value? I am a sephardic Jew, and I know that there are many different groups of Jews in southern Russia alone who are neither Ashkenazim nor Sephardim, but they have been added to either one or another one of those 2 main groups.

  3. "Absolute power" – whether it be in the hands of Germany's Hitler or those of the Jews, "corrupts absolutely"!!!

  4. I think you missed the main point , which is that …. the Ashkenazim have essentially hijacked the "real Jew" title from all the other groups that you mention.

    Something to think about: I believe the Ashkenazim are responsible for the term "Jewish" , as in Jew-Like (Jew-ish).

    Prior to that , an individual was a Jew and plural were Jews ….. now it's all Jew-ish , which is like saying Christian-ish or Muslim-ish or Buddist-ish.

    Important because Ashkenazim are Jew-Like , not Jews.

  5. stop blaming the jews, there not jewish they are nothing but pure evil

  6. Zrokool123 says:

    Mystical Jews….Lol

  7. ahkshSssahS says:

    I don't understand, I read on the internet about the Illuminati and how they are created America or something (I do not think that was literally created by them, but they had a big influence?), and what with Europe and the rest of the world? or are they just in the U.S.:D

  8. jeffreyb0013 says:

    The "illuminati" is just a word for you to fear. They call themselves by many names. I call them bastards, assholes and fuck boys. They were raised with a silver spoon to believe they were smarter or better than average "Joe". They control what you watch, what you see and what you believe. They think for you to make your life "easier". But they are there, and if we, as a people don't crush them, then this world will be depopulated, period.

  9. jeffreyb0013 says:

    Do you people even know who the Rothschilds are descendants of? Ever wonder what ever happened to all those egyptians? They fucking migrated!!

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