Obama is Gog and Will Start World War 3 Soon Chilling Prophecy by Young Man ‘Natan’


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  1. I will be praying for Israel.

  2. charlee2470 says:

    this prophet seems like He is making it up, who is the maschish then? if he knows Gog is Obama?

  3. Erik Murray says:

    its a set up the mesiah comes at the end out of the sky hes not here now. this is a prep to accept the anti christ.

  4. Erik Murray says:

    Yall need to read revelation 3:9

  5. I think it is all politics made by Obama's enemies.

  6. put the propeller on his beanie and it's Alfred E Newman! – – it's been a year since this was first published – so the "imminent" prophecy was just another Alfred E fantasy.

  7. H. Ferguson says:

    Unless it happens in the next 3 months this is just another false prophet. Shocker!

  8. GiaNt_TaLOn says:

    nonsense Obama has 7 months left in office i highly doubt ww3 will start that quick

  9. eric rolland says:

    anyone think that just maybe first lady could be anticrist… a I only ask because she might be taking Clintions place I just some how saw.. if we swear first lady in means Oboma is just the leader to make this happen. controling him is a blood d.n.a of fallin angel lucifer… that be why things are still intacked… till the Shop swears him her in as vary carfuly pland will the end of this place exsisist…? we need to do all we can to see that this can't happen now..

  10. eric rolland says:

    I pray for all.. everyone… gods be kind to mother earth.. she can comeback to all that onece was…

  11. eric rolland says:

    be on your best behavour..

  12. skawashers says:

    if obama is going to do that he` better hurry up as its less than 2 Months left in office.

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