Obama Is Killing America


Dr. Laurie Roth

The assaults against our freedoms, people and business by this President are making Katrina and the Tsunami that hit Japan look like a mud puddle kids play in. We have politicians putting on the ‘face’ of human service in the House and Senate these days. These zombie, people impersonators are peppered through the ranks of Republicans and Democrats. Their treasonous drool is staining our Constitution, freedoms, and pocket books. health and reputation as people.

It is time for a real Doctor to weigh in on the dying patient. There can be no more radiation, chemo or surgeries. The disease has spread everywhere. Congress and our President cannot be trusted. There are only three ways to save the patient now: 1) Cut out 100% of the Obama and anti America infection in November 2012. 2) Pray to the living God of the Holy Bible for help and guidance. 3) Put in a President in 2012 who loves and submits to the God of the Holy Bible, loves the United States of America and has real and visionary ideas to get us back on track.

I don’t know about you but I like plain talk and am sick of the sea of betrayals, attacks and lies by the Obama regime and anti America scum in the House and Senate. Why are there polite lunches and ‘appropriate anything’ at this stage? There should be screaming, pounding of fists on tables and demands by real conservatives in the House and Senate that the attacks and constitutional breaches stop at the hands of Obama’s regime.

You would have thought ages ago, our congress would have filed impeachment papers against this President, but no. Whether the Senate cooperated or not it doesn’t matter a hill of beans. Some of our political leaders filing impeachment papers against Obama would have demonstrated at least leadership amidst rampant corruption in the White House!

The people are wondering – can and does anyone have the guts to lead and serve America and HER values. I think we now know the answer to that question. This week I talked with Executive Director of www.teaparty.org, America’s legal analyst and regular radio guest Steve Eichler about the gross neglect of congress all this time. He said at this point the best thing they could do is simply nothing. I was dumb struck at first hearing this, then realized he was probably right. Those who have voted against our Constitution, the people and freedoms in the House, Senate and White must be thrown out.

Perhaps congress could do the next thing that could serve America while we are awaiting the November election. That is most simple. Do you think they can follow these simple instructions. Do nothing — sign nothing – say nothing – commit the country to nothing – shut up and be the nothings you are.

We will make sure in November that the cowards and traitors in the House and Senate are voted out along with Obama. Perhaps they can then start turning their ‘nothing’ routine into ‘something’ by flipping burgers somewhere far away from us.

Let’s see…in case the very busy , socialite Representatives who don’t seem to have a clue what they should have boldly acted against are, here are a few thoughts from ‘outside the box’ Presidential Candidate Dr. Laurie Roth – Annie Oakley of the Airwaves.

1) Obamacare — Obama signed into law a completely unconstitutional violation of our rights, health and freedoms. In this betrayal of a bill, we are forced to have Government approved health insurance or else big fines; Doctors are dictated their salaries; we all pay for abortions whether we want to or not; religious rights are violated and ignored unless you are Muslim — then you can opt out; forced RFID electronic chips (page 1001 in the bill) are to be put in all of our bodies for medical surveillance reasons, medical information and account tracking reasons; forced end of life counseling, pathetic and rationed care for our seniors – simply a perfect design to kill off as many as possible; illegal alien care….on and on. This Bill is an unconstitutional horror show and has been attacked by over half our states and several Federal Judges now. We await the Supreme Court decision on it…why have our elected politicians done practically nothing (regardless of response from the Supremes) on this evil assault on the people? Where were the impeachment papers?

2) NDAA Bill — authored by the Marxist, Senator John McCain and Democrat Carl Levin. This was signed into law by a sea of traitors to our constitution. For the first time, our President has the power to turn U.S. military on the American people and arrest us on vague trumped up terrorist charges. This bill takes essentially ALL our rights away. This is the known shredding of Posse Comitatus, our Miranda rights and a host of others. Obama was thrilled to sign this into law. Romney is also on the record saying he supports this vicious assault on the people. Gee…could there have been another reason for impeachment?

3) What about the illegal war in Libya where we bypassed congress, have spent billions of dollars, killed civilians and our military, assassinated a leader that wasn’t at war with us and have observed a complete violation of the 1973 war powers act. Any questions here congress people? Do I smell what should have been impeachment in the air?

4) We have a President who is bypassing Congress where ever he can scheme to get things done against America, using his anti American Czars and administrative agencies to destroy and control in every area. These agencies include the EPA, NLRB, Office of Surface Mining and FCC. He is using these agencies to destroy our Coal industry, control and destroy power plants, attack and take over the Internet, force schools, insurance companies and religious organizations to supply abortion and birth control coverage or else. Do you think someone in the house could have used some solar energy or wind power and started impeachment proceedings due to the destruction of our coal and power plants?

5) Just this week, www.newsmax.com Henrey Reske wrote about 9 Republican Attorney Generals who are saying the Obama Administration has violated law 21 times. Hello congress…is anyone home? Of course not – what am I smoking?

Finally, our President supports the killing of babies in the womb like never before. He has appointed dozens of appointees and Czars who adore abortion, some even want abortion after a child has been born. Some medical ethicists, like Francesca Minerva argues that killing a newborn baby is no different than aborting it in a womb. (She will probably end up being the next Secretary of State or medical czar). Let’s just line up all the 1 and 2 year olds. Perhaps we could just lead them out into traffic during rush hour. Good Lord, why am I giving this administration any ideas?

Obama’s science czar John Holdren is just a taste of the Zombie nightmares Obama has placed around him. He co-authored a book in 1977 ‘Ecoscience: Population Resources, Environment’ where he wrote that women should be forced to have abortions whether they want to or not and population control should be enforced through forced sterilization put through our water and food supply. All these lovely things were to be enforced by what Holdren called a ‘Planetary Regime’ with an international police force to make folks submit to forced abortions and other political policies.

Congress people wake up! Lives, young and old are unique and protected under our Constitution and Holy Bible. Babies in the womb are protected by the 5th and 14th amendments ad well as the Declaration of Independence and Holy Bible. Why isn’t our President or congress protecting the youngest citizens and lives in our country?

Our political leaders were voted in place to protect our people, laws and rights, not look the other way, play and watch our country destroyed.

Is there anyone with guts in Congress to file impeachment papers, call Obama on his criminal and UN Constitutional behavior — perhaps hold a press conference? Back to my simple instructions and request that will do the least damage at this point. DO NOTHING, NOTHING AND NOTHING. Then be prepared to be voted out.

Let’s get our country, freedoms and moral foundation back in line. Help me as your patriot, outsider, visionary and Presidential Candidate to get this job done. With your donations, willingness to help me get on the ballot in your state and prayers, we can get this our country back.

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5 Responses

  1. DeE says:

    You are a good example of the blind leading the blind. and both will FALL…THIS IS

  2. Anonymous says:

    You folks are really out of touch with reality. And to state that we are protected by the Bible??? Have you ever heard of separation of church and state? The bible should absolutely NOT come into play with any of our laws. Life does NOT begin at conception. The government should NOT tell a woman what she has to do when it comes to her reproductive rights. And Obama is helping save this nation that Bush and the Tea Party destroyed and are destroying. Obamacare is one of the best things to happen to our country. It is not unconstitutional. What IS unconstitutional is the government playing doctor when it comes to womens rights, i.e. birth control and abortion. But back to Obamacare… it is modeled after one the of MOST SUCCESSFUL health care system in the WORLD – out of Switzerland! Only about 4% of the people in Switzerland do NOT have health care. The system we are using now deprives an enormous amount of US citizens health care because the insurance companies are making the rules. The gov’t MUST step in and put some regulations on these corporations. They are way overcharging, denying people with pre-existing conditions, denying because of someone’s family history, etc. They are picking and choosing who they want to cover based upon the least likely to rack up enormous medical bills.

    Only the ignorant fear change. And you fear change by saying that Obamacare will destroy us. You just don’t know the facts. Plus, I see you follow the NWO and the Illuminati. There are some very valid and interesting points to these theories. But I do know that many of you believe that Obama is the anti-Christ and was hand-picked many years ago to lead the NWO into over-taking the world.

    Tell you what… I’ll see you on Dec. 22nd when everything is the same. Please open your minds are use some deductive reasoning and common sense.

    • Larry James Dungan says:

      Anonymous where do you get your “information” from?, media matters or the like,obamacare is NOT modeled after Switzerland but rather after England & Canada, It will lead to shortages in patient care, shortage of Doctors, some Doctors are already leaving their practices because of what Obamacare will cost them, others will no doubt follow,the result will be rationing of care,the Gov’t will decide what patient gets what care & at what cost. Gone will be the Doctor/ Patient relationship. Also incase you didn’t know, there will be an age limit where a person WILL NOT receive specialized care because the Gov’t will “Claim” it costs “TOO MUCH”. And said old person will told to “Just take a Pain pill”&”except” their suffering, because otherwise it would cost the Gov’t “Too much”.(OBAMA has already “hinted” about this in one of his talks on healthcare) and to those who “Think” Obamacare is so good a Question must be asked ie “Why is the President, both houses of Congress, Labor Unions & Others (EXEMPT) from the mandate. the President was asked by a reporter if he & his family would be on O’care, he (refused) to answer. I would think his (NON)answer speaks Volumes about the true nature of “OBAMACARE” also your “CHURCH & STATE” remark doesn’t hold up,no actual “church” was mentioned, but remember the part that says: no laws shall be made to (PROHIBIT) the “FREE EXERCISE THERE OF” (ie RELIGION)! & LIFE DOESN’T Begin at conception??? how easy it is to convince “Oneself” of that rational ABORTION easily follows. we already had Dr “Death” helping the elderly to be able to “Abort” themselves because life had become too Painful, in some countries this “act” is Legal. with Human Life being so devalued , it’s fearful to wonder what will be next!

  3. marv. says:

    Elections??? Makes us feel like we matter . . . to whom??? THE POWER ABOVE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE WELL SERVICED!! Good Luck!! and God Bless!!

  4. Roy McDade says:

    Tired of Corruption, Spineless politicians,Traitors to our Country???? Then you MUST VOTE EACH AND EVERY INCUMBENT, democrat and republican, OUT OF OFFICE. PERIOD.. NO EXCEPTIONS… ESPECIALLY THAT COMMUNIST, MARXIST obummer…

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