Obama may be impeached if wages Syria war: Analyst

An American analyst foresees the impeachment of US President Barack Obama if he goes ahead with a plan to launch military action on Syria despite likely opposition by Congress.

Obama may be impeached if wages Syria war Analyst

“The big danger is that Congress will say ‘no’ [to an Obama war authorization on Syria] and then Obama will proceed to bomb. If he does, he will be impeached for sure,” said Washington-based author and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley in a Sunday interview with Press TV.

Tarpley further insisted that if Obama decides to ignore a likely congressional opposition to his administration’s war plan against the Syrian nation, “he will be impeached by those same Republicans who hate him.”

“They are waiting for an opportunity to bring him down,” he added.

During the interview, Tarpley explained that despite a major effort by the powerful pro-Israeli lobby in Washington to mobilize its forces in Congress to pressure lawmakers into approving a draft bill to authorize Obama to wage war on Syria, the usually pro-war Republican legislators will vote against the measure due to their long-standing “hatred of Obama.”

Additionally, he added, a large number of anti-war Democratic Party members in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives will make it very difficult for the war effort to win passage in the lower house of the US Congress.

“Obama’s position in the House of Representatives, which is controlled by these hostile Republicans but it also has a large group of leftist anti-war type democrats, … is actually desperate,” said the American author.

Tarpley further pointed to the declining influence of the main Zionist lobby group in the US, known as American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), and expressed confidence that their lobbying campaign to win congressional approval of Obama’s war plan on Syria will fail.

“I think we’re going to find that their influence has fallen fast and that they’ve chosen a battle that they’re destined to lose,” he said. “They are trading on the basis of victories that are now several decades in the past.”

“No matter what their power might be, they are running into a buzz saw,” Tarpley emphasized. “That buzz saw is the fact that the American people are not just sick of war but disgusted by war.”

“The other thing is if AIPAC brings lobbyists, they will not be alone – believe me – in the halls of Congress. There will be dozens, scores, hundreds of peace activists in the halls of Congress,” according to the American historian.

“The calls into those Congressional offices are running 100-to-1, minimum, against Obama’s war. In some cases, there is no single phone call coming into some of these offices in favor of war.”

Source: presstv

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    Cut the “May Be” crap. Quit playing with our fantasies.

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    noooo he wont. now tell whoever came up with this “analyst”, to keep their daydreams separate from their reality o_o

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