Obama & Netanyahu Use Egypt to Gain Strategic Position Against Gaza

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Susanne Posel

Mainstream propaganda hails the recent accord of a ceasefire in the Israeli/Hamas attacks as a moment to breathe and regroup so that peace talks may now begin. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Thanks to secret talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu and US President Barack Obama, US troops are being deployed to be stationed at the Mount Sinai Peninsula which is the edge of the Egyptian territory that meets with the North African area at the Suez Canal – bordering Israel on the east.

From a strategic standpoint, Sinai is perfect for launching attacks against Gaza. Hama knows this and is sending fighters to the area where Iranian weapons smugglers have provided them arms to fight against the Zionist regime.

The ceasefire being called upon is the marker to have the secret deployment of US troops to Netanyahu’s use courtesy of Zionist – puppet Obama. In a pre – arrangement, Obama and Netanyahu decided to use the ceasefire as cover for their scheme to take place under. In a private phone call, these two front men for the Zionists agreed to renew their assault against Hamas once their armies were in place which would assure them success.

Part of the plot involves selected Muslim Brotherhood plant and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

Islamic extremists opposing the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt through the placement of Morsi into power by the Zionists clashed with state-sponsored terrorists which resulted in 100 innocent people being injured.

Morsi has become a dictator under the support of Obama and the US Military Industrial Complex.

In May, Obama stated that “war on terror is over’ and we live in a “post al-Qaeda era” he also remarked that in accord with his new foreign policy, the US government will be working with the Muslim Brotherhood that he calls a “relatively ‘moderate’ Islamist groups emerging as lead political players out of the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, a seemingly pro-Islamist faction, has been integral in the redistribution of power in Arab nations as well as a strong influence of terror. They have participated in the Arab Spring that has been the instrumental factor in toppling governments of sovereign nations all across the Arab world.

Morsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, has become the perfect leader to allow subversive control of Egypt under the guise of “coordination on our foreign relations, to build a kind of effective foreign relations for the Arab countries.”

Citizens of Egypt have continued to protest the Muslim Brotherhood’s claim to their highest governing office. The Muslim Broherhood has unilaterally dissolved the parliament and is disbursing all authoritative powers in line with a dictatorship, while claiming they are establishing a democratic government.

The Egyptians are not so easily fooled. Thousands have stood in objection against the powers stolen by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) that are collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi to design a strict and constraining powerful presidency. Protesters are calling this move a “military coup.”

The citizens of Egypt know that their government has been stolen. They are committed to placing “obstacles to fully transfer the power of the revolution and the voice of the street, and the voice of the critical mass to rule the country.”

Of Recent, Morsi has decreed more power as any good dictator would do; and this fact has not been missed on the international community. Victoria Nuland, spokesperson for the US State Department, remarked: “The decisions and declarations announced on November 22 raise concerns for many Egyptians and for the international community.”

Nuland contended that actions happening in Egypt “can only be resolved by the adoption of a constitution that includes checks and balances and respects fundamental freedoms, individual rights and the rule of law consistent with Egypt’s international commitments.”

Earlier this week, Morsi took all encompassing control over Egypt as Israeli attacks on Hamas in Palestine began to take hold. It was by Morsi’s brokerage that the ceasefire took place between Israel and Hamas. This move was no coincidence.

Simultaneously, as Morsi moderated the ceasefire, he claimed by near royal-decree, his power over Egypt. And by empowering Morsi, so is the Muslim Brotherhood further empowered. Those who protested Morsi were met with tear gas.

Israeli Defense Forces killed one Palestinian man and wounded 19 others at the border of Gaza and Israel who were part of a group of farmers who “wandered into the disputed 300-meter buffer zone along the border.”

As Israel begins to section – off areas that will become strategic locations in the coming war with Gaza, mysterious murders may become apparent.

In a meeting with Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman agreed that the acquisition of the Iron Dome through donations by the US have made Pillar of Cloud operation successful.

The Iron Dome missile defense system is publicly slated as a “shield” that is being used to stop rockets shot from Gaza and averting Israeli targets from being hit. Its accuracy rate is at an alarming 90%; up from 75% in 2011. The convenient attack on Gaza has allowed Israel to test this new microwave technology against the Arab people of Palestine.

The Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a state – sponsored corporation, along with three other Israeli corporations came together to build this weapon of mass destruction. The US funded the creation of the Iron Dome to the tune of $310 million and counting with another $610 million being sent to Israel for the next 3 years.

The Iron Dome will assess the threat level of a rocket with the surveillance systems comprised of a management center using radar detection. If the missile is deemed a threat, the Iron Dome will emit a microwave frequency to destroy the missile.

The use of directed – energy technology with the Iron Dome is obvious as it is part of the strategic weapons system. Directed – energy weapons (DEW) emit energy aimed in the direction of a target by transferring energy into a directed beam. This energy could be:

• Electromagnetic radiation
• Particles with mass
• Sound or sonic weapons

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