OBAMA NEW WORLD ORDER SPEECH in Brussels – Freedom isnt Free


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OBAMA NEW Entire world Get SPEECH in Brussels – Liberty isnt Absolutely free

NATO wants to raise its existence in jap European nations around the world that really feel vulnerable to Russia just after its annexation of Crimea, U.S. President Barack Obama claimed on Wednesday.

Some defense experts have claimed the Crimea disaster could set NATO membership for Ukraine and Ga back on the agenda, but Obama claimed neither country was on a route to NATO membership and there were no instant designs to extend the 28-member alliance.

Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea location has made newer NATO users in jap Europe, notably in the Baltics, anxious about a recently assertive Moscow.

On a vacation to Europe this 7 days, Obama has been at pains to reassure these nations around the world that the United States and the rest of NATO would defend them if they were ever attacked.

Talking just after a summit with EU leaders in Brussels, Obama claimed NATO foreign ministers assembly up coming 7 days really should make guaranteed the alliance experienced up-to-date contingency designs to defend all allies, together with individuals in central and jap Europe.

NATO really should also do more to ensure it puts in area “a common NATO existence” amongst states that really feel vulnerable to Russian tension, Obama claimed.

He gave no information, but claimed: “I believe there are ways that we can do that that can be accommodated by our present assets.”

U.S. officers have claimed the Pentagon will more than double the number of U.S. fighter jets on a NATO air patrol mission in the Baltic and do more teaching with Poland’s air pressure as it strives to reassure allies alarmed by the disaster in Ukraine.

NATO Secretary-Typical Anders Fogh Rasmussen, criticizing Russia’s “reckless and unlawful armed service actions in Ukraine”, claimed he agreed with Obama’s get in touch with for “added actions to enrich our collective defense, together with up to date and additional produced defense designs, enhanced routines, and proper deployments.”

“Liberty Is just not Absolutely free”
NATO would intensify armed service cooperation with Ukraine and “review the viability” of its relationship with Russia, Rasmussen claimed.

Obama also signaled that the United States will use the Crimea disaster to move up tension on European allies to lead more to the value of their individual defense. U.S. officers have prolonged complained that European nations around the world do not expend more than enough on defense and count far too a lot on the U.S. umbrella.

Lots of European governments have slashed defense expending and only a handful of NATO users meet up with the goal of expending the equal of two % of GDP on their armed forces.

“I have experienced some fears about a diminished degree of defense expending amongst some of our associates in NATO,” Obama claimed.

“Which is comprehensible when you have an economic disaster … but the scenario in Ukraine reminds us that our independence just isn’t absolutely free and we’ve bought to be willing to spend for the assets, the personnel, the teaching that’s expected to make guaranteed that we have a credible NATO pressure and an helpful deterrent pressure. president obama independence liberty europe allies persons humanity u.s. “united states” usa the usa belgium “belgium chocolate” nato alliance “new environment get”culture human citizen citizenship european conflict revolution “founding fathers” fact equal environment regular tradition authorities get surrender rights 2014 identification heritage upcoming peace populace news media prepare “we the persons” “agenda nwo” military armed service ukraine disaster russia putin crimea jap europe mafia elite nwo agenda bilderberg rothschild agenda 21 alex jones infowars gerald celente developments in the news bush clinton blair illuminati farrakhan david icke

“So 1 of the issues that I believe medium- and prolonged-phrase we will have to analyze is whether every person is chipping in.”

Obama made no mention of some of the cuts in U.S. defense expending that have drawn the ire of Republican lawmakers.

The Pentagon claimed a thirty day period back it would shrink the military to pre-Entire world War Two degrees, remove A-ten plane and reduce armed service advantages in get to meet up with 2015 expending caps.

U.S. Air Force Typical Philip Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, claimed Sunday Russia is using snap armed service routines in planning of a armed service invasion of Ukraine.

Sen. Ted Cruz believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian leaders no for a longer period regard President Obama for the reason that of his failure to guide.

“The only detail Putin respects is toughness … At this stage the Russians are brazenly laughing at the president,” Cruz, R-Texas, explained to the Washington Examiner.

Cruz additional that Putin’s aggressiveness was “a immediate consequence” of the absence of American leadership in the environment.


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  1. Why does everyone hate Obama he seems like a good guy and did you cut out audio because he made good points and it made him look good

  2. zuriman86 says:

    YOU WILL ALL BE HUNG… KEEP YOUR SMUG SMILES… YOU CAN DIE WITH THOSE SMUG SMILES FROZEN ON YOUR FACES… the people of the world are SICK OF IT and are about to rout you out. Obama has ZERO right to comment on European nationalism, history or achievements, he is a living walking example of the demise and destruction of our civilisation.

  3. Art Vito says:


  4. The GayKK Leader Obama666 is satan's voice to the world.

  5. DemBallz says:

    Is there something wrong with the sound? All that I hear is blah blah blah blah blah

  6. DemBallz says:

    and waffles duh

  7. Gary David says:

    NWO trained plant

  8. Homobama the evil puppet.

  9. lol I think that this was over your head at least my comment was and no I understand what that idiot was saying just fine. he is still a traitor and needs to be in Gitmo with his brothers for supporting terrorism and for high treason.

  10. luvmyctd says:

    Disgusting, lying, deceiving, satanic sack of shit hypocrite. Can't call this foreign born plant a traitor at least huh … the "hope & change" agenda to destroy America is rolling full steam ahead, just as planned and majority of stupid Americans would probably vote this guy in again if they could.  Just like stupid Canadians voted in another punk traitor Trudeau.Imagine, the number of innocent people murdered by this filthy Obummer puppet and he gets a "peace" prize handed to him just to spit in our faces …middle finger to us all.

  11. Bruce Wayne says:

    Every policy this guy institutes is anti-colonialist. From shipping jobs to countries that have been under colonial suppression for centuries, to exporting the wealth/gold. He is handing over financial and military power to anti-colonial countries, and trying to import mass refugee crisis into colonial nations.

    There is a trend here.

  12. How dare this liar, thief and murderer continue to manipulate the fraudulent estates of me deceased while I AM denied my unalienable rights? Less than 24 hours until Wisconsin in the sham election. Grow up and help me please save US.
    Honey R Siegal Stober

  13. ShooterSD72 says:

    What the fuck is he talking about?

  14. Please respond to me here today. Honey R Siegal Stober live April 4, 2016 Day 2106 We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove&Indict Obamas, Janet Napolitano et al. It is so basic and convoluted. A bunch of crooks in joint ventures under the guise of being an esteemed lawfirm. Follow the Zenadev Honey Money not funny anymore. NOTDEADHONEY.
    Honey R Siegal Stober

  15. ThatDude says:

    Obama's not the one to hate. Its his bosses we need to focus on and they aren't talking when they have puppets to speak for them and take the heat.

  16. (SWAMPY) says:


  17. (SWAMPY) says:


  18. Sounds like he wants world war 3 for stability.wanker

  19. casho1968 says:

    re upload with decent audio pls. cannot watch this.

  20. If the average person isn't capable of managing their own affairs, how are they capable of starting world wars? It's the Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers who start wars. They are the ones who have trouble controlling their own ego's and their evil lust for power.

  21. Mike Esko says:

    like every other president. nothing new.

  22. He does speak the truth…that is what bothers the most.

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