Obama to be given the right to shut down the internet with 'kill switch'


By Paul Thompson | Daily Mail

Barack Obama
Barack Obama will be given a ‘kill switch’ in times of national emergency

President Obama will be given the power to shut down the Internet with a ‘kill switch’ in a new law being proposed in the US.

He would be able to order popular search engines such a Google and Yahoo to suspend access their websites in times of national emergency.

Other US based Internet service providers as well as broadband providers would also come under his control in times of a ‘cybersecurity emergency.’  Any company that failed to comply would be subject to huge fines.

Critics of the new law, which has been proposed by former presidential candidate Joe Liebermann, said it would be an abuse of power to let the White House control the internet.

TechAmerica, one of the largest U.S. technology lobby groups, said the new law had the ‘potential for absolute power.’.

The proposed legislation, introduced into the US Senate by Lieberman who is chairman of the US Homeland Security committee, seeks to grant the President broad emergency powers over the internet in times of national emergency.

A sustained terror attack on multiple cities would be considered a national emergency as would a cyber attack by ‘hackers’ on the US financial system.

The director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair warned earlier this year that the US is ‘severely threatened’ by malicious cyber attacks.

The number of attacks on Government departments has increased by 400 per cent in the last three years.

Under the proposed bill, which has been dubbed an Internet kill switch’, the US Government would effectively seize control of access to the internet.

Lieberman argued the bill was necessary to ‘preserve those networks and assets and our country and protect our people’.

He said: ‘For all of its ‘user-friendly’ allure, the Internet can also be a dangerous place with electronic pipelines that run directly into everything from our personal bank accounts to key infrastructure to government and industrial secrets.

Traders work on the New York Stock Exchange floor.

Traders work on the New York Stock Exchange floor. US senators fear a cyber-attack on the US could paralyse the nation

Our economic security, national security and public safety are now all at risk from new kinds of enemies–cyber-warriors, cyber-spies, cyber-terrorists and cyber-criminals.’

His bill is formally titled the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA.

While the US Government would not be able to control the internet in other countries access to the most popular sites would be cut off.

Google,Yahoo and YouTube, the top three most visited sites, are all based in the US.

Google logs an estimated two billion hits a day from 300 million users.

Under the cyber law any company on a list created by Homeland Security that also ‘relies on’ the Internet, the telephone system, or any other component of the U.S. ‘information infrastructure’ would be subject to command by a new National Centre for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC) that would be created inside Homeland Security.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, refused to comment. A spokesman said the law was not yet Government policy.

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23 Responses

  1. Internet Kill Switch

    The New ‘Cyber Security’ Act is Death of Internet Freedom
    or Distruction of the Gutenburg World Wide Free Press.
    Shut Down of Online Freedom of Speech and Online Press in (majority) Side Stream Web Media
    All in the Name of National Security
    This is their offer; Give us your freedom a we will keep you safe.


  2. סלון כלות בית מיקאסה-בסלון הכלות, שמלות כלה,חליפות חתן, מבחר שמלות לכלות של מיטב המעצבים וכן שמלות בהזמנה אישית.

  3. Aqeel says:

    I think this is dictatorship and to shut down iternet means to put ban on people thinking.

    • arlenice says:

      What else is new with this new administration?
      Anything that oba touches turns into spilled oil, to say the least.
      To oba everything is an emergency; which means that he will shut down the internet at his convenience; very often….Loss of $$$ at all levels…loss of information: which is good for dem. they like to keep people in ignorance…sad…
      Personally,I will save the money that I spend on wireless and internet and that amount X $$millions of people$$$= $$$$$! !

  4. lisa says:

    it sounds as if a lot of you are rather hateful. Not all jews are as bad as you make us out to be, I am nothing like what you say I am, I just believe in one god. I am generous an I don’t own any property. the more I read these posts, the more i am realizing they are about hating jews, hating christians,hating blacks,hating politicians and just hating everyone in general.
    I do agree that there are political forces at work that are lying to us and using us and I am glad there are sites like this to expose it, But I resent all the nasty racist comments and I believe by spewing them you discredit yourselves. and I went into this place thinking it was a place of enlightenment only to learn its nothing more than a bunch of bigots spouting off some truth with a whole lot of hatred. I am embarrassed to say that for a brief moment I felt lucky to have found this site,Now I realize it is nothing more than a place for racist white kkk to get together and bash everyone. I’m hurt by your comments, and i now realize your just as bad as the people you talk about. Enjoy your hatred…Hope it keeps you warm at night.

  5. lisa says:

    as a jewish american, I am starting to question every thing I have ever been taught and I am starting to wonder if I have not spent my entire life being brainwashed from birth. And the more and more I learn as as I slowly wake up to the truth, the more and more what I am learning scares me.

    If we are essentially slaves to a government that runs not for the people but a hidden agenda, and religion is nothing more than a tool to control and manipulate us then how do we break free and where do the lies start and begin? I remember my grandpa talking about the bilderbergers and that despite our faith we had to to think for ourselves . He served in world war two,he told me things he probably should not have ,and I thought he was crazy. Now that I have my eyes wide open, I am slowly digesting it all and I feel lied to and sick. I mean what do you do when you wake up one day and realize every thing you ever learned was lie?

  6. Vee says:

    Vee June 21,2010 1:24 pm

    If, the pentagon would get them a good anti-virus, then they would wouldn’t have any problems.
    But, of course those are some of Bushes left-overs in there, as well as the
    the generals that he corrupted. And Obama hasn’t had enough sense to replace them. He doesn’t care how many us troops die, as long, as he gets his $400.000 a year.
    And if him or Rahm or who ever is runnig the USA doesn’t wake up to the
    fact of stopping these useless illegal wars, they’ll be out on their asses come
    election time.

    • arlenice says:

      you are on the wrong side…if you trust oba; I realize that you are a democrat, what else can be said? sad…

  7. Tonyc says:

    The government does not need a law to shut down the internet. In times of “national unrest” it would simply be shut down. There is no way that it would allow groups or individuals to “conspire” via the internet. And isn’t there a secondary net that could be used by authorities at such times?

    • arlenice says:

      Right…Correct… Right on the money! It is called CONTROL! Control as we have never known … and as we see in the worlds of communism and socialistic rules of laws…

  8. Amir says:

    Nobody can shut down the internet (technically speaking). It is like ordering all humans to stop breathing for just a few seconds and although some of the close aides to Obama will do that to keep their jobs, the rest of the world might just keep on breathing (just in case).

  9. Ed Lewis says:

    Many of us warned about the elite putting an illegal alien in the white house. Far too many never considered the fact that his white/black ass had never really accomplished anything positive in his apparently somewhat dubious and hidden life. He was essentially an unknown with no governing experience whatsoever. And he was touted as being the great leader America needed.

    Well, yes, he was – at least for the Republi-Krauts and Demo-Krauts, one and all supporters of the Jewish scumbag Zionist International bankers to carry out their final acts of destroying America and much of humanity.

    Not heeding the warnings allowed the criminal cartels – governing bodies and the bankers – to place the piece of crap called Obama (but who knows his real name???) in the highest office, and their orders to congress and the treasonous justices to carry out acts that are the antithesis of the true America and its true Law.

    And now we will pay the price, just as we did with Bush, Bush, Reagan, Clinton, Carter,
    Ford, LBJ, Roosevelt, and all the other Crypto Jew presidents or presidents under the control of the Zionists, including Wilson that signed into “law” (illegally of course) the Federal Reserve Act which has led to Zionist Jews getting the financing they needed to take over nearly all property in America.

    All of mankind will suffer, including the rabid so-called Christians (actually supporters of Judaism, the opposite of Christianity so call them Zionist Christians or Satanic Christians) that have supported the lies of the Jews and the rank and file Jews that suffered at the hands of the Zionists in WW II will once again suffer at the hands of the Zionists, evil pieces of crap through and through.

    Don’t bother to pray to God, you mad indoctrinated fools – you turned your backs on him and his laws with your support of the Zionist and Judaism, and you Talmud worshippers turned your back on God’s Mosaic law when you used as your authority the traditions of men codified into your law in the 6th Century A.D.

    Now you are going to suffer right along with the rest of us, when it should be only you doing the suffering for working so well to do away with law that would have allowed man to live in peace with one another.

    But, let us be clear. Obama is nothing but an illegal alien white/black mongrel that could care less about others. As such he is just another in the long line of tools used by the scum that are erroneously called the “elite”. If elite, then it is as lackeys of their god – Lucifer.

    And, when they finish with him as a tool, he and his will be wiped out right along with most of the rest of us.

    • arlenice says:

      your statement would have carried weight and value if you had not bashed race.
      I agree with much of what you say; yet believe that you can keep it civil without being a bigot … whatever race that you are; there are good and bad people in your race. political and ethic values have nothing to do with race; it is about the upbringing and learned and embraced values and the lack thereof.

  10. Mihail says:

    America is finish,this Black trash,homo garbage is the last nail in America’s coffin,few years from now(The New Babylon,America)is no more.You let the jewish devil to take over your country,you will pay with your life,America is going to burn in one day.This homo garbage has no power,he is just a stupid puppet,jews are getting scared because the GOY are waking up to their tricks,more and more are founding out about the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN(REVELATION 2:9,3:9).
    The Real Enemy Mr. Lieberman? – Muslims Or Jews?
    AMERICA IS A NATION AT WAR,” wrote Jewish Senator Joseph Lieberman in Monday’s Wall Street Journal op-ed, titled, “Who’s the Enemy in the War on Terror?”

    Referring to Obama’s new National Security Strategy released by the White House last month, Lieberman faults the president for not clearly identifying America’s enemy.

    According to Lieberman, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, that enemy is “violent Islamist extremism.”

    Bolstering his battle cry by quoting the ancient military strategist, Sun Tzu, who taught that the “first rule in war is to know your enemy so you can defeat him,” Lieberman fans the flames of bloodshed so that more Gentile mothers can weep for their fallen sons.

    Then continuing on his war path where Gentile boys die for Jewish causes, Lieberman chastises Obama for removing the identification of the enemy as specified in Bush’s 2006 Security Strategy:

    The Jews welcome this revolution in the Christian world, and the Jews should show an example. It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism: all this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.”
    (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, by Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 148).

    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.”
    (The Jew, December 1925, Zinobit)

  11. Dr Simon says:

    When to many people learn what is going, they will shut down the internet, and collapse the economy like planned…..

    Next comes the world currency, and world government….


  12. nitnalev says:



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    When you say UN, NATO, about Satan, about the IMF – B’nai B’rith

    When you say America, about Satan, about the IMF – B’nai B’rith
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    The planet is a human extermination camp led by the IMF – Lodge B’nai B’rith and everything rests on the horns of Baphomet god or Satan Zionist Terrorist Criminal PLANET, HUMAN killers

  13. Peace Walkers says:

    Lolz @ Betty, All these amendments into Law and the power to shutdown the International Network which was designed to survive even if 3/4 of it was completely destroyed makes me think : There’s something daunting and very intimidating headed our way.

    Everyone should know, Once they take down the network, It shall never return and will be replaced by a successor that’s more efficient and loyal to the elite. Anonymity shall become a thing of past.

  14. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  15. Betty says:

    I have a better solution than that: In case of a National emergency close down only the government computers to keep them safe – just unplug them leave ours alone. Lordy I think I need to run for top dog since I’m so freaking smart. Those dumocrats are so stupid.

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