Obama to Declare World War 3


Christopher Greene of AMTV explains Obama is about to Declare World War 3 → Like Us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/GreeneWaveTV Website: …


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  1. no one "declares" ww3 lolol what an idiot

  2. dvannimwegen says:

    kill yourselff bitch

  3. we really need jesus now !

  4. dvannimwegen says:

    poor fishy bitch i bet you are focking that fish you fock face

  5. crutksdub says:

    raping champer maids? I think they would give it up freely 🙂

  6. Syrian&Proud says:

    Obama, one word springs to my mind when i hear his name – THE DEVIL. This is not an attack on anyone but OBAMA. As most of you know he wants to wage war on Syria, however that's not the problem. Syrians are ready for war, they are ready to topple any army, but the problem is have you thought how many more innocent Syrians, Americans, English, French and many more soldiers will die because of OBAMAS agenda.


  7. fights4fight says:

    During Bush's year, they said Iraq war is World War 3, after that they said war on Iran is next World War 3. So COME ON! What World War 3 if this dumbass Obama want to declare war on Syria?

  8. 123NSAM says:

    You are a legend mate. Good to see there are Americans like you.

  9. Good job my brother from another mother!!!!
    This is " FOR REAL" !!!

  10. You know a lot of people say "Obama is about to declare WW3". We know he's not in control, he's just the person to point at and say that's the bad guy. He just another puppet.

  11. Par5Birdie says:

    Still waiting for that War with Syria. Media said he was sending a small team of troops over there earlier this year — didn't happen. Then CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Meet the Press, and other media outlets said he would be shipping tanks and rocket launchers there around May — now Syrian "rebels" are pissed because they never got it. Then day by day the media was broadcasting from the border waiting to see a missile launch and people became psychic and start making YouTube videos — still no War.

  12. DA WA says:

    Christopher Greene, do they have mental health facilities where you live? If not, find one!

  13. This guy is wrong, what a sorry excuse for a journalist. Dont forget to buy his tshirt. Skys falling, world war 3, economic collapse! Fear fear fear!

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