Obama, US gov’t must be removed to save mankind – presidential candidate LaRouche


Eight-time presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche Jr., who wrote an open letter to Congress calling for impeachment of President Barack Obama a few days ago, an interview with the Voice of Russia shared his opinion on US foreign politics, the current situation in Ukraine and the NSA surveillance program’s violation of the constitution.

Obama, US gov't must be removed to save mankind - presidential candidate LaRouche

“As the following attests, during his time in office President Obama has lied repeatedly to the American people and the Congress and has subverted the US Constitution on behalf of foreign interests—the British/Saudi axis—and its allies. In his recent adventure in Ukraine, he is about to lead the United States into World War III.” So reads a letter by Lyndon LaRouche Jr., published in the Washington Times a few days ago.

In an interview with the Voice of Russia, LaRouche once againe insisted the urgency of impeaching Obama in order to save mankind:

Obama has is one of two presidencies including the Bush – Cheney presidency before then which

“Obama’s presidency as well as the Bush–Cheney presidency has been a force of pure evil not only inside US but also for Europe and elsewhere around the world. We have had great difficulty in trying to secure removal of this presidency because it is essentially a protégé of the British Empire. For example Wall Street is the British imperial extension into the US, so it is really a problem. I’m involved in working with nations which asked to work with them in order to try to get some kind of solution because we are going towards a very dangerous trade in human existence, the world economy is in terrible mess, the danger for humanity is enormous and we have to put this system back on the right course.”

The 92 year old political veteran also shared his point of view on the current situation in Ukraine and its current government. He stressed that the most important thing to do now is to get rid of the Nazis who are in control of the country’s government.

“It was a bluff by the UK and by certain forces like the Obama government in the US. They tried to see if they could bluff President Putin obey to their pressing demands . And they were the ones who organized the Nazi element in Ukraine to be a government. This was done by the Cheney circles inside the US who had been the Vice President of the US. This was a bluff. Alternative was which the British acceptor tried to avoid, they said:’”We’d get Russia to collapse and give us the confessions we demand. Then we will be able to take on Asia piecemeal, because once Russia is crashed then Asia becomes highly vulnerable too.” President Putin has done a very good job for his part in resisting every temptation to make big mistakes.”

LaRouch also spoke about Edward Snowden and the NSA surveillance program’s violation of the constitution.

“Snowden was and remains a patriot of the US but his was under a fascist-like dictatorship in the section of government that he served and he was smart enough to know that he would be assassinated if he remained in the US. So then he took measures, and had hosting by President Putin. Snowden is essentially a good person. These people in the US government are in stark violation of the constitution of the US. They are criminals and we know these people must be removed from power if we want to save the peace of the planet.”

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  1. Frank says:

    Barack Obama is a man of the Devil…..


  2. All people of the world are victims of the political economic system. It has been one class struggle after another. The agenda of the Elite Globalist CABAL of Elite Lawyer Politicians, Bankers and Industrialist of the NWO is to enslave all of mankind under Corporate Feudalism with no Middle Class. Only Kings and indentured servants and conscripted laborers that are debt surf slaves to the ruling Elite remain.

    Only the Nationalist Socialist Workers party can free mankind from this expoitation.

    The workers of the world are not asking for a restribution of wealth, they are asking for a more equitable distribution of wealth where the scales of economic justice are more evenly balanced.

    Predatory and monopoly capitalism with no middle class is not the solution.

    Rockefeller stated that competition was a sin.
    It is not a free market economy but it is a controlled economy.

    If the government is not representing the majority of the people which is the working class, than there is no freedom or liberty.

    The propaganda of the news media which is controlled by the elite wan’t to scare you into believing that the word socialism is a boogy man word. That is furthest from the truth. It is simply a society of people working for the common good.

    The following reforms are just the starter.
    1-Enforcing anti-trust laws to prevent monopolies
    2-Campaign finance reform
    3-Term limits eliminating career politicians
    4-Abolishing the Federal Reserve and restoring monetary authority to the U.S. Treasury to create and extinguish honest debt free money.
    5-Balance budget ammendment.
    6-Enforcing consummer protection laws.
    7-Repealing NAFTA, GATT and AIPAC.
    8-Reregulating the banks.
    9-Higher taxes on corporations that have outsourced their manufactuting off-shore and reintroduce their products back into the U.S.
    10-Lower taxes on corporations that produce their goods in the U.S.

    Do you wan’t to live under an Oligarchy ruled by plutocrats? The choice is youre’s!

    This is just the tip of the iceburg of reforms.

    The government needs a complete housecleaning!

    Excess profiteering and usury interest rates must be eradicated from the face of the earth.

    Greed breeds corruption!

    With adequate profit capital is very bold.
    A certain 10% will insure employment anywhere.
    20% produces eagerness.
    50% positive aurdasidy.
    100% It begins to trample on human laws.
    300% There is not a crime it will not scrupple, even to it’s owner being hanged.

    If the Multi National Corporations controll the supply, they can charge whatever price they please, especially on necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and energy.

    Breaking up large corporations into smaller companies and forming cooperatives to the mix would help to bring down the prices.

    In over the last 100 years since the Federal Reserve Act was passed there has been over 2,000% inflation. The wages have not kept up and the middle class is shrinking. Soon the new dollar will be the $100 dollar bill. Just move the decimal point to the left and add 2 zeros.

    The CABAL which is the partnership of the political scientist and the bankers have exapropriated your assets through currency devaluation and taxation.

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