OBAMA Visits 1776 & Claims The U.S. ECONOMY is IMPROVING



President OBAMA Visits 1776 & Claims The U.S. ECONOMY is IMPROVING

The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance
If the current trend continues, soon the dollar will be abandoned by most of the significant global economies..

While numerous massively indebted administrations around the world hope to divert the attention of what’s left of their struggling middle class away from its daily impoverished existence and distract it with flashing lights and glitzy animations showing another all time market high on a daily basis, a significantly more important shift taking place behind the scenes is appreciated by very few: the ongoing de-dollarization of the world. For the latest example of how increasingly more countries are setting the stage for the final currency war, we go again to Russia where VOR’s Valentin Mândrăşescu explains that slowly but surely the BRICS — that proud Goldman acronym which was conceived to perpetuate the great American way of life by releasing trillions in US-denominated debt in heretofore untapped markets — are morphing into an anti-dollar alliance.

BRICS is morphing into an anti-dollar alliance, From VOR

Before the crucial visit to Beijing next week, the governor of the Russian Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina met Vladimir Putin to report on the progress of the upcoming ruble-yuan swap deal with the People’s Bank of China and Kremlin used the meeting to let the world know about the technical details of its international anti-dollar alliance.

It almost happened in 2008… but as this excerpt from Casey Research’s Meltdown America documentary notes, it appears the US military is preparing for the potential collapse of the US dollar. As Scott Taylor warns, “…if the carrot (of credit worthiness) is fading, and the stick (of military threat) is weak, that empire is going to come down in a hurry…” which leaves a serial economic mis-manager only one option to ‘secure’ the empire.

Global currency reset by the IMF in March 2014 according to Paul Volcker It’s a hint for a Global currency reset!
The New Currency will be backed by gold and silver.
John Todd Exposes Plans of the Illuminati for Global Bankrupcy:

It’s time to press the “reset” button on the world, the founder of the World Economic Forum said Wednesday, addressing media ahead of the WEF’s much ballyhooed annual meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, that gets underway in a week’s time. davos 2014 2015

No, the economy is most definitely not “recovering”. Despite what you may hear from the politicians and from the mainstream media, the truth is that the U.S. economy is in far worse shape than it was prior to the last recession. independence day obama president presidential “4th july” 1776 tech business “small business” entrepreneur jobs job employment unemployed “job agency” economy future u.s. “united states” usa america report growth usd dollar “currency exchange” currency debt collapse finance banking “bank account” country immigration “u.s. green card” “self employed” 2014 2015 gold silver poverty homeless food inflation “minimum wage” salary crisis elite agenda “new world order” politics investment construction engineering work cash shopping “elite nwo agenda” american middle class executive order congress highway trust fund scam illuminati david icke lizard people royal family bloodline bitcoin bilderberg agenda 21 ww3 world war 3 snowden alex jones infowars anonymous patriot lindsey williams gerald celente demcad we are change

In fact, we are still pretty much where we were at when the last recession finally ended. When the financial crisis of 2008 struck, it took us down to a much lower level economically. Thankfully, things have at least stabilized at this much lower level. For example, the percentage of working age Americans that are employed has stayed remarkably flat for the past four years. We should be grateful that things have not continued to get even worse. It is almost as if someone has hit the “pause button” on the U.S. economy. But things are definitely not getting better, and there are a whole host of signs that this bubble of false stability will soon come to an end and that our economic decline will accelerate once again.

Cowen joins extremely influential economists like Paul Krugman and Martin Feldstein — and various talking heads — in promoting this idea.

Also, many congressmen assume that cutting pork-barrel military spending would hurt their constituents’ jobs.

It is vital for policy-makers, economists and the public to have access to a definitive analysis to determine once and for all whether war is good or bad for the economy.


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  1. Wow! you guys really do exist. People who blindly and obsessively stick to one train of thought without objectively considering the facts. This is not a smart way to live your life folks. I'm not saying he cannot be criticized but to say everything Obama does is "bad" is so dumb. To show how fair I can be I would even go so far as to say that Bush probably did some things that were in the ordinary peoples interest( not very many though) My point is only a fool judges blindly.

  2. Tru Knobull says:

    If you pay close attention you can read this suspect posture and tell he's a phony ,Product of race mixing …

  3. Jason Chua says:

    You can hear the stupid cheer!!!

  4. unbelievable …………………………. ????????????????? how, how, how is this even possible?????? it's ………………… ?????????????????

  5. He is such a hypocrite, and a habitual liar.

  6. Jane Doe says:

    He looks like a washed up SOS pad

  7. MyHusbandMJ says:

    I'm done don't want to listen to this EVIL HYBRID- HUMAN ANYMORE, NOT ONE SECOND LONGER. BYE…..!!

  8. I'm done don't want to listen to this EVIL HYBRID- HUMAN ANYMORE, NOT ONE SECOND LONGER. BYE…..!!

  9. He is a dame LIAR A HUGE
    LIAR……!!! He is pure EVIL….!!

    1776 IS THE YEAR OF CREATION Illuminati

  11. I see NWO MEAT PUPPET!

  12. Aaron R says:

    I just love how many people on here want pres Obama impeached… It's so hilarious how delusional many of the american people are. So, conservative bigots want this president to be impeached because… what? Because our economy is getting better? ..Which it is btw. Because he inherited a great recession from a president who not only lied to the american people outright.. but also started a war on those lies, costing american lives in the process. If ANYONE was to be impeached it was bush. BUSH. BUSH. BUSH. BUSH. BUSH. But all you conservative right-wing nutty bigots want Obama impeached because he actually doesn't compromise with republicans and.. because he's black. Lol. You guys are jokes. 

  13. danny white says:

    What about the 50 Million on Food Stamps or The 38% Of the Adult Population Not In Work or the Current Lowest Male Employment Rate Since The Creation Of The United States. Cooking The Books Springs To Mind. But Don,t Worry The Federal Reserve Has A Cunning Plan.

  14. Who the fuck likes this pice of shit president!? He should be impeached already!

  15. No Name says:

    I know we are in trouble. Obama has just made me realize how quick this is about to happen. He wouldn't be pitching this if the move away from the dollar wasn't picking up speed. The question is who are they going to pin this on! China? Russia? Surely not Janet Yellen? Maybe a HUGE false flag on our home turf??? Then WW3 begins…..

  16. fucking sheeple…they still love their prez

  17. The lies he tells…………. God Bless

  18. A CATAL says:

    What jobs are you talking about that is building up and improving??

  19. donchitch says:


  20. Tracy Renee says:

    Obama doesn't care about people.

  21. Gazzasore says:

    Quick someone send him a text and tell If he doesn't know whats really going to keep mouth shut

    How could those people in the audience be so naive???  They might be a paid Audience ??

  22. Gary P. says:

    Why would they even except a visit from him?

  23. usergently says:

    Fuck you Barry!….FUCK YOU!

  24. unit0079 says:

    his goal is to deceive,like any others politicals puppets in power.

  25. Jamie Parker says:

    Liar. Just stop already. Shouldn't you be impeached by now.

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