Obama’s Charleston Eulogy, Illuminati Symbolism and The Color Purple


My latest video: “The Murder of Max Spiers and the War of the Roses – FULL DOCUMENTARY” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPrArt8kh-Y …


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  1. My town's Masonic Lodge door is painted purple.

  2. In our faces, all day long…Thanks for sharing GA! What did they leave out? Hanging a banner that says "Illuminati" perhaps. That's a great little Segway tune you've been using btw. ' If I recall correctly, someone made a video on I Pet Goat 2 where on just one frame Obama "wipes a tear". Same location, the outside of the eye, which is the opposite side (counterfeit) of the tear duct. Lots of purple in that animation as well (as you know). Peace Brother!

  3. Ann Pearson says:

    Yep! I wonder how much this psy-op cost the American taxpayers? This will go down as one of the most expensive fake funerals in history. To bad the money raised could not feed, cloth, and house the needy instead to feed the BEAST SYSTEM. How these rebels of God sleep at night is beyond me. Shame on the churches involved.

  4. suz g says:

    the LGBT use purple as there official color, rainbow has same meaning, but purple is their official color. Isn't today the supreme court announcement that LGBT can now marry any where in any State? The Episcopal Church is nothing more than a break off church from the catholic church, forget what their beef was, but it is more or less the same, works religion same trappings. the catholics use color for different holy days, one of the seasons is during lent when priests wear purple, signifying  pain suffering penance, and they cover the cross of Christ with a purple cloth before Easter  which is interesting as easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, and we have the pope who claims to be Christ on earth coming on official political business, I am sure he will slide some hail mary's in there for effect. Purple rain purple skies nuclear fallout from uranium  oxide, fall out from nuclear war and it has been raining down daily on the world since Iraq was first attacked, don't forget the depleted uranium bombs they used and sickened our troops. 
    And in 1984 Prince released the song, "Purple Rain" 
    Purple cloth was very expensive during the Jewish culture of the Bible, remember Lydia? I believe the color was expensive to make and rare, I guess that is how the royalty ended up robed in purple throughout time. Pilate's soldiers place a purple robe on Jesus to mock Him before they killed Him

  5. Obama's eulogy in #Charleston had some well placed #Illuminati symbolism. #pyramids and The Color Purple.

  6. Chuck Turner says:

    Let's focus on another important point. This eulogy was done on one of most important days of our history. The day same sex marriage became legal nationwide. How did these two things coincide on the same day? The Charleston church massacre was designed to make this glorious day for Obama possible. There are no coincidences people. It's all carefully planned out.

  7. Serg Kaizen says:

    Good morning to you sir, got here from dukes of Hazzard. Good stuff

  8. Serg Kaizen says:

    THEY play with words, pickininny, roof,…

  9. Serg Kaizen says:

    Theres a problem with the network

  10. Jo B says:

    The anti christ is wearing a purple tie. Our monster in the UK (Cameron) normally always wears a purple tie…The "Phoenix rising from the ashes"…This is a huge sentence in this 101 psy op!!!! Yesterday before the terror hoaxes, they were running this story in the UK of Cameron and the EU reform, with the image of him rubbing his eye…The tear of saturn!

  11. spainishgirl says:

    thank you for these video.

  12. 2growley says:

    Did you know those NYS Troopers wear purple headbands on their hats and I also do believe their ties are purple. I just watched your video on the prison escape and I also watched another video by another youtuber stating that both Matt and Sweat are CIA agents. Cuomo is an underground Godfather he has strong ties to the mafia. As for Constable, NY, that is also another word for cop and on another video I think made today showcases constable as also being a Royal Castle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unj7i0smxpo my daughter has been inundated with death threats and more and these NYS Troopers refused to do anything about it because she holds a major key to their long-time criminal investigation to the point they told her "alienating you opened up a big can of worms, other people more important than you are involved and that looks good your handicapped you can sue, they have been dumping stuff in the well, they know some of the players we want to get them from behind," All because she was set up as a scapegoat when a bunch of men harassed another person and then a kid gets swiped and allegedly murdered BUT no body has been found but the cops found a fall guy to stop a criminal investigation because there was ONE NYS Trooper on the ass of the father of the girl everywhere that dad went that cop followed all of a sudden my daughter was told she was going to be set up with the murder of that girl because people were out to get her and once inside she was going to be snuffed, that NYS Trooper was all of a sudden taken off detail and transplanted or shall I say promoted to a position in Albany, NY and eventually out for retirement. The best part of it, the girls brother harassed and more my son who was almost 20 yrs older than her brother at Herkimer County Community College when my son wanted to earn a degree, my son had it with this missing girls brother that he slammed the brother and told him that he and his old man murdered the girl. This punk kept needling my son and my son has a high threshold of tolerance before he says anything. Why would the brother single out my son shortly after my handicapped daughter who was attacked viscous on school grounds and ordered her silence by her building principal (she was an art teacher) demanding her to keep silence of a child harassed by another teacher in her classroom and my daughter was attacked and her life threatened by another teacher who told her that she was never going to see light of day again, never going to have peace and more.

    One more thing as for the Masons, my husband in 1955 became the youngest Mason, all of a sudden Masons have been giving him awards, certificates, lapel pins, a white smock like apron yet they have the years wrong, This would be his 60th year not his 50th and he is a 32nd Mason and has to go to Scotland for the next level. So, as for that prison escape, didn't buy it and how ironic Richard Matt whom they allegedly murdered, his 49th birthday he was allegedly executed the day after his birthday and how ironic my other daughter who lives minutes from us but married a weasel and thus has nothing to really do with her maternal and paternal parents denied her kids us having grandchildren, that bastards birthday is about the same time as Richard Matt and at the same age and this Matt resembles my estranged son-in-law!

  13. I want to learn about all the hand codes, too much of it on every day T.V. And in the McCanns saga. 

  14. The colour purple is used in hoaxes, such as Tunisia shooting, Lee Rigby beheading. Paris shooting. Glasgow bin lorry crash funerals. 

  15. Prancer1231 says:

    Blue and red are the primary masonic colors. So of course they love blue/red mixed. The Paris hoax is all in purple.

  16. Purple? This colour appears in every aspect of my life! Purple….? Purple is dual both sinister and……..

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