Obama’s move on Ukraine another nail in coffin

Jim W. Dean

Obama’s move to pay Putin back for backing up Syria will just add more nails to America’s reputation coffin. Who would have believed a few years ago when Obama had extricated an over extended and exhausted US military from Iraq, and hopefully Afghanistan soon, that the US was just a shifting over to a new and larger form of terror warfare.

Obama’s move on Ukraine another nail in coffin

What Bush (43) and the Neocons began, Obama is continuing, but just in a morphed format. Large US troop deployments are now out of the game, as are huge amounts of military hardware and logistics chains. Someone in a meeting one day came up with the idea of ditching having just a toe in the terror game, and jumping in with both feet. And here we are, in it up to our necks.

Al Qaeda had always been a CIA construct anyway, a game played with Col. Tim (Osama bin Laden) Osman playing the roll of bad boy who could provide the necessary excuse for forward deployment to front a threat that was invented by us. It was the psyops event of the 90’s and the new century. Veteran Today’s own Lee Wanta was bin Laden’s handler for a while and worked with him collecting up the unused Stingers for the bounty offered…a generous one.

The CIA sandbagged Bill Clinton, wanting something to defend against the Cold War cutbacks…heaven forbid. The shadow government was operational in full swing to keep the global domination game going to keep feeding their big payroll and off shore bank accounts.

But the Neocon wars turned out to be a disaster for America, for almost everyone but them economically. Not a one of them has been ever charged, much less prosecuted and our Congress was exposed not only as a complete failure in defending American core values, but for going along for the ride with the bad boys.

The West was pillaged with a two pronged attack that transferred a huge amount of wealth to the real bad guys, something that still escapes the majority of the citizens. The Russians did not do this. Western elites did. The War of Terror expenditures turned into a black hole for the taxpayers and a financial indentured servitude for their children. We did not know it but we were all West Bank Palestinians and East Ukrainians to these thugs.

Even the report on the pre-crash Federal Reserve board meetings showed that to a person they were clueless as to the financial Armageddon that was about to engulf the country. They should have resigned en mass for their failure, and Greenspan (it’s not too late Allan) should have jumped off a bridge somewhere. But there was no honor among any of them…elites to the bone.

The financial crunch spawned the new American War of terror. Someone sold it as the only thing we could afford when $16 trillion in the red. They borrowed the best of the old with the Afghanistan religious Jihadi model as an endless pool of cheap throw away proxy troops to be used for destabilization programs. And then NGO’s were heavily funded through black budgets and the young people’s new social network technology was turned against them as the students in Egypt are now learning.

Syria was supposed to be the grand slam home run display of this new tactic. When it turned out the Syrian color revolution was not really strong enough to carry the day, America and NATO doubled down by asking the Persian Gulf states to screen for the large scale deployment of terror brigades to collapse Assad in an unwinnable war. It turned into a vicious slaughter of the Syrian people and that boomeranged on the Western terrorists.

Even the Syrians who hated Assad saw that they were being manipulated into being carved up into a new Bantustan state like the West bank. Rallying around Assad became an act of survival. We have an old saying in the US, “the witch you know is better than the one you don’t”. The Syrians got a full dose of the felony impersonation of Western moral values with the body pile up to 150,000 now.

Russia was the steadfast ally for Syria and never blinked, and even worse, it began to get a better reputation for statesmanship than the two bit leaders in the West. The Asian Pivot was made public but the Putin Pivot was not. He became a marked man by all the phonies in the West who saw a real threat in their being compared very badly to Russia’s pursuit of diplomacy without using military force or terrorism.

While the Iran nuclear shift was in progress the flanking move on Russia we now know was in full motion. Gone was the need for a missile defense for the nonexistent Iranian nukes. Russia would have to fill that role itself. The move on Ukraine as a strategic shift to put Russian on the defensive and open up new territories of the Western banksters to loot as the pickings in the West had gotten very slim.

But once again, as in Syria, thugs and gangsters do not good strategic planners make. They miscalculated the revulsion of much of Ukraine when they saw the democratic West overthrow a government that had just made huge concessions to the opposition in trying to hold the country together. A bloody coup was the thanks for those concessions, with the terrorist nationalists providing the coup de grace along with NATO’s old and new Gladio killers.

East Ukraine wanted no part in being carved up on the Western butcher block. They were not dummies and had been watching what the West supported with the Syrian slaughter. If they had any doubts, then  the language out of the interim government’s new parliament about eliminating all resistance to their revolution validated their fears, as did Yulia Tymoshenko’s phone intercept about using nukes to kill 8 million East Ukrainians.

The Crimean overwhelming vote and peaceful disassociation from the Western coup-meisters should have been obvious to the plotters. But because it was a bloodless conversion, as compared the Western coup, the US was left to embarrass itself with an unending series of Russian aggression charges. They want to keep tensions high and try to get through to an elected new government where they expected that their killer coup would then be forgotten.

Despite the Ukrainian regular army generally refusing to deploy to fight their own people, despite the reserves refusing to show up when called to fight for the killer coup-masters and their western puppeteers, Washington and Kiev still pushed forward with their nationalists terror proxy troops. America’s fingerprints are all over the Odessa dead, and those killed in the other cities last week to intimidate the referendum vote turnout.

But the numbers are coming now with turnouts in Donestk and Lugansk in the 75 to 80% range with exit polling indicating 90% for independence. The stupid anti-terror operation which I am sure the CIA put Kiev up to, just pushed the independence vote higher. The killings in East Ukraine by sending in the Right Sector thugs to do the dirty work will be remembered as an example of Western moral bankruptcy.

As I type, none of the invisible Russian soldiers and agents have been captured. Much of the resistance has been unarmed citizens and the lack of firepower against the Right Sector armor columns from the protesters has exposed the West’s cruel lies for all to see.

Despite the murder of their fellow citizens, the protest leaders are following the cool lead of Lavrov and Putin. They have even deployed a new term to take the initiative. They have said they want to “begin talks on at least civilized divorce with Kiev’s central authorities.” But the question there is do they have a civilized counterpart to have a discussion with.

The Western leaders have made fools of themselves. Their people would never have supported what they did, and how. NATO is fully exposed for the threat that it is, with the EU itself coming in second. When the European elections come up they will look at these huge numbers of democratic Ukrainians rejecting getting the Syrian treatment from the democracy charlatans and ask, “Why don’t we do this”?

I have watched these East Ukrainians. Most were not out in the streets with the helmets, flack jackets and gas masks like the Polish, US and NATO trained thugs in Maidan Square. They were not throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails at the APCs. Instead of the Right Sector type terror brigades, the East used their babushka brigades.

What a disgraceful episode for the West. Some political careers deserve to be destroyed for their ill planned and motivated failure. It was a criminal plan, and it is long past time we continue to acknowledge diplomatic immunity for such people.

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