Obama’s October Surprise: Bombing Iran


A devastating strike would create an upsurge of patriotism in America and fully neutralize Mitt Romney’s contention that Obama is a foreign-policy wimp. It could allow Obama to sweep to victory in November.

Will he do it?

One reason he might is that Mitt Romney is singlehandedly pushing the entire debate about Israel and Iran to the right. The parameters have changed markedly. As TNI editor Robert Merry and others have noted, Romney’s efforts to ingratiate himself with Jewish donors and voters have prompted him to suspend any notion of an independent American foreign policy in the Middle East. Traditionally, the green or red light for military action has come from America, at least when it comes to actions that directly impinge upon American interests. Ronald Reagan, for instance, successfully demanded that Israel halt its attacks on Lebanon in 1983. Romney, by contrast, has effectively promised to give Israel a veto power over military action, indicating that he will do whatever Benjamin Netanyahu wants. As Romney observed in December, he would never, ever criticize Israel. Instead, he would get on the phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu and ask, “What would you like me to do?” So it’s fair to say that Romney would outsource his foreign policy to Netanyahu when it comes to Israel and its enemies.

What’s more, anyone who thinks that Romney is bluffing should think again. It’s no accident that his senior adviser on the Middle East is Dan Senor, a hard-line neoconservative. As the New York Times notes today, Romney relies upon him for advice and frequently cites his book Start-Up Nation. Senor wasn’t dissembling when he said in Israel that Romney was prepared to endorse an attack on Iran—he simply got a little ahead of the program.

Obama has not been far behind in giving Netanyahu close to carte blanche. But he has not gone as far as Romney in endorsing the threat that Iran should be precluded from having the capability of building a nuclear weapon. But as Netanyahu champs, or tries to give the impression of champing, at the bit to bomb Iran, Obama must be weighing whether or not he should call Netanyahu out on his threats. So far, the Obama administration has been doing everything in its power to dissuade Israel from speedy action. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s visit to Israel was another sign that the administration is trying to reassure Israel of its commitment to its security. But his emphasis was on sanctions:

The most effective way to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is for the international community to be united, proving to Iran that it will only make itself less secure if it continues to try to pursue a nuclear weapon.

But as Romney calls for “any and all measures” to stop Iran, Obama surely could deflate his sails by launching a strike in October. If it worked, he would be hailed as a hero. The consequences of a strike wouldn’t be felt for at least a few weeks—the nightmare scenario is that an oil shock would result in a quadrupling of oil prices, plunging the world into a new Great Depression. Enough time for Obama to sail back into office as a tough foreign-policy president. Given Obama’s congenital caution and sobriety, he seems unlikely to follow such a course. But it should not be ruled out. The neocons may be closer to helping bring about an assault on Iran than even they realize. They’ve already captured Romney. But they may also be on the verge of capturing Obama. Their sustained campaign of pressure, in other words, may be more effective than anyone has acknowledged. For the fact is that Obama already has amply demonstrated his ruthlessness when it comes to confronting America’s adversaries. If he were able to carry out regime change in Tehran, he might even start referring to himself as the new Decider.


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9 Responses

  1. Marianne Tioran says:

    Bombing any country is reckless and insane. The bible predicts a "goat" that flies across the surface of the earth and attacks the "ram." this is in the book of Daniel. In that, the ram is defeated. once before, this occurred with Alexander the great and Persia….but some aspects are futuristic. Alexander was foreshadowing another "goat" that would attack Iran. The first time, the weapons and allies were weak. This time, weapons and allies are deadly.


  2. Stan Sikorski says:

    All for Isntreal. And don’t for a minute forget that ALL of our pols answer to the jew. If Frobamafrommatrain or Romulan or whomever push the button on Iran will be signing the jew’s death warrant WORLD-WIDE! WW3 is the final battle and extermination of a parasite that has fed on mankind for thousands of years. And the jew appeasers will be catching the same train. So it is written. So it shall be done.

  3. Archie1954 says:

    Any person who would put the future of the country at stake to win an election does not deserve the position they are vying for!

  4. Steve A. says:

    It likely will start this fall. That is a close enough time frame of warning for most. Get ready to be more independant, personally, which is what America should be all about anyway.

  5. ken snyder says:

    Well,well,well.If we bomb the poor Iranians,then who will be next on the zionist jew war mongers list
    .I say bomb bomb bomb isra-hell and let some sort of peace return to the world,ever there ever was a peaceful time…..To hell with zionist trash!!!

  6. Dan Gilfry says:

    I still believe it will come in August or when the Jewish Coalition Forces have their maneuvres in September.
    I don’t even understand why Americans are so stupid and just keep taking Kosher wieners up their backsides. It is time, PAST time, for a revolution! Time to get rid of the “Master Race” (as these Alien reptilians like to call themselves) once and for all!
    I pray to God to help the Iranians do this for the human race!

  7. joe says:

    If we attack Iran we just might be starting ww3 .Im sure Russia &China won’t just stand by .Why are these leaders taking it upon themselfs to decide when to go to war .What about WE THE PEOPLE ??? I guess we don’t count anymore we need a revolution to get our country back.Imagine starting what might be a world war just to win an election thinking nothing of the lives that will be lost !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  8. john says:

    Oh now it is October again! What a joke! Just last week you had an article saying “War with Iran in August/September”??? Now it’s October again! I have been following this since 2005 and still there is no war! No one know when it will start so please stop writing articles with dates on them. Stop trying to predict the future because no one knows!

  9. Adamu says:

    Obama is fullish to attack iran,US is about to collaps God willing

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