Obama’s Reptilian Secret Service Spotted AIPAC Conference 3 Angles (HD)


WATCH IN 720p !!!! Apparently one of Obama’s Secret Service Agent spooks shapeshifted into some weird humanoid during his speech at 2012 AIPAC Zionist …


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  1. this is fake its just a bald guy

  2. 1:50 That is called camera focus ;)

  3. Be careful what you wish 4..#1

  4. Leany Otagri says:

    Bonne d' idiots de crétins d,'imbéciles c'est pas vrais

  5. no its real the public thinks its fake cause it sounds silly but its true

  6. Voldemort Must Return to Hogwarts!

  7. Clear _ says:

    It's a fucking alien!!!!!!

  8. Isn't that Dan Bongino?

  9. it's just a jew smh

  10. Oh no! Voldermort is alive! Where's Harry Potter when you need him?

  11. ผมเคยเห็น ufo มาแล้ว 4 ครั้ง ครั้งแรก 3 ลำ ส่วนครั้งที่ 2-3-4 เห็น 1 ลำ ส่วนครั้งสุดท้าย เหมือนมีอะไรมาบอกว่า หันมามางนี้สิ….!!! พอหันไปได้เจอ ufo จริงๆในวันที่ดาวหาง…ตกแสงไฟสีน้ำเงิน ล่าสุด

  12. He's looks like hitman :))))

  13. Via Anna says:

    That's literally just his normal face though under the weird lighting Hahaha poor guy

  14. ourshow38 says:

    hes just ugly

  15. That does it. We are under 'V' invasion.

  16. Pardon me sir, are you ill?

  17. Laura B. says:

    He looks like a normal bald guy to me that's looking around to make sure everyone is safe? I mean that is his job….so….lmao. You can't just take a video with bad lightning (like you can barely see the guy c'mon) and say it's a reptile/alien. I'm done omg.

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