Obama’s Secret Plan To Reclassify Your Guns


President Obama, congressional Democrats and even some Republicans plan to push new gun-control legislation in the 113th Congress, but defenders of the Second Amendment fear Obama is poised to enact the restrictions through the Executive Branch if Congress is not cooperative.

John M. Snyder heads GunRightsPolicies.org and has worked for organizations from the National Rifle Association to the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. He said Obama and his allies have already chartered what regulatory course to pursue through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF.

Obama’s Secret Plan To Reclassify Your Guns

“We have some confidential information that he may order the ATF to reclassify certain models of semi-automatic firearms as Title 2 guns under the Gun Control Act of 1968,” Snyder told WND. “What this would mean is that people could not obtain these without going through a terribly difficult process that includes registration of each firearm and paying a severe fee for the ownership of each one.”

Snyder said an even more drastic approach from Obama would be to try to ban semiautomatic weapons altogether.

“Also, there is the possibility that the administration could try to declare that semi-automatic firearms are fully automatic firearms or machine guns under this Title 2, in which case they would be banned because of an amendment that’s on the books, the Gun Control Act of 1968.



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  1. Dan says:

    Perhaps it is time to reclassify the presidency like enforcing proof of citizenship. Enforcing Constitutional law in regards to the proper operation of the government. Like classifying war crimes for what they are.
    Taking the USA into Libya was a war crime, it was anti constitutional, it was Treason

    Recognize that!
    The legal members of the government need to do their jobs before the people rise up and take the government back by other means.

  2. I guess the current administration needs a reminder of what the phrase “…shall not be infringed” means.

  3. Tom says:

    In Reply to Morris Townson;
    Please don’t present yourself to be a Moron. One party has nothing over the other. You Sir have been brainwashed as many have. It is time to wake up and grow up. Our problems are too great to play Party Games. There is no difference in corruption between the parties. Our entire Congress has turned into a cesspool.

    You would do well to turn your attention to the People and our survival as a free nation. Otherwise you will continue down your long and dark road and know not where to turn. Our problem is our Government. They have been out of control for years and it only worsens. We are at the brink of becoming a Full Socialist State. We no longer have representation, as all but a handful have ceded their position to represent the American Citizens in favor of self gratification and their own pocketbooks. We are a people on our own and the quicker we can shake ourselves to wakeup, we may yet have a chance to survive in this Globalist World. Our Leaders are being enticed and bought with money and perks, that is a fact.

    On this Gun Control issue, there is a thought that maybe, just maybe, the Government is using Reverse Psychology on it’s people. We may have been reading this wrong. They may have an ulterior motive for allowing so many weapons and ammunition to be bought and stockpiled by the Citizens as they are. At a point when they ban weapons and then begin to confiscate them, they realize it will cause a rebellion/revolution from the people. They will allow for that to build some and then turn it into a Civil War (Whites, Blacks and Hispanic). They will allow for us to kill off each other and at some point when we are so weakened, come in and mop up and take over. Just a thought.

  4. Morris Townson says:

    “Wow that evil Obama is really sneaky” say the teabaggers. But could they pass this test?
    Are you smarter than a Tea Bagger?
    Here is a simple 10 question test..
    All questions are True or False..
    Question 1: The majority of the National Debt was created by Republicans?
    Question 2: The Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) actually cuts the deficit?
    Question 3: Social Security has absolutely nothing to do with the deficit?
    Question 4: President Obama has cut spending & shrink the size of the government?
    Question 5: The true “Job Creators” are consumers, who drive the market, creating demand, thus creating jobs?
    Question 6: A lie told by George W Bush killed more Americans & Iraqis than Saddam Hussein ever did?
    Question 7: The cost of living constantly goes up, CEO’s salaries go up, corporate profits are through the roof.. Yet Republicans fight against raising the Minimum Wage?
    Question 8: Fox is no more than a wing of the Republican party, which profits from keeping it’s viewers angry & misinformed?
    Question 9: Many in the GOP idolize Ayn Rand, who was an atheist & believed that the teachings of JESUS Christ were evil.. They also follow her philosophy, of selfishness, & greed.. Thus many of their policies are based on those beliefs?
    Question 10: Republicans ruined the economy, obstructed the recovery, & are using wedge issues like race, religion, & guns to keep their supporters from focusing on the fact that they are playing them for fools?

    Answer Key: True

    • Blas says:

      Like this and many other issues,gun control is not the business of the fed. gov. It is the business of states gov. Read it!!

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