OBLIVION The David Icke Epic movie documentary NEW


NEW OBLIVION The David Icke Epic movie documentary.


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  1. Ok, Mr. Icke, ONE question, WHO created those extraterrestrials???

  2. Tim mcgee` says:

    i love his mullet! He fresh yo

  3. We are not Infinity. At that point I stopped watching. I lasted 8 mins 50 seconds before it want a bit crazy. Not bad for David Icke.

    By the way, you can logically determine how much of our mind we can use. The brain is a locator for energy, and even if that energy were infinite, the locator isn't. Atoms have scale, and that scale determines the scale of the amount of your mind that you can use. In physics you have to determine how atomic scale came about, because the scale of atoms cannot be decided by any kind of rational thought, it has to be determined by physics alone, which must be kind of random. If an atom was the size of Jupiter in space all on its own you could not tell it was the size of Jupiter, because there would be nothing next to it, and you would then be made from atoms the size of Jupiter, and everything else would scale up to match. Your eyes would scale up to match, and then atoms would look tiny again. So the scale of your mind has to do with why scale exists in the first place. But the mind is not infinite.

  4. Mr. Icke, the answer to the question How did the aristocracy and the royals come about is quite simple without resorting to any reptilians. In the past their tribes, being psychopathic, attacked and killed people from the non-psychopathic tribes that wanted to live in peace, and stole everything from them making themselves richer and richer and ever more powerful, and slowly subjecting others to their will. In no time at all they became very rich and powerful. How about THAT, Mr. Icke?

  5. Fissle Wine says:

    I feel like every time I see an Icke movie I have to comment; first thing your probably form more of an idea about owls watching the Disney movie the guardians, and architecturally the pentagram your seeing is a 3D image from a position of view possibly not even a star…and finally words can be like a disease so careful who you listen to as the minds absorbent function can be insidious at times…however l do love Ickes creativity…

    Interesting though how a name like Isis is used in the modern context in terms of psychology and effect…I wondered are we giving life to say entities because even without believing in them the ideas as a concept become part of reality…which has machine like consequences…

    I could keep commenting – but my New Years resolution is to not comment as much…?

  6. Well, for one thing, if we give no moral compass and say be free to make your own choices, and you, David, talk about the manipulation, brain washing that goes on in the world, that's a bit opposite don't you think? I'm sorry, but that is what the generation we are looking at now in colleges. You should know better

  7. In the beginning was the word, and the word was …. sound? Really?
    Is this what your " guides " told You ? The ones you were afraid of at first, but decided to go along with? After your DMT/ ayahuasca experience ? What else did they tell you? You shall be as God? Did they tell you that the world is run by reptilians? Of course they did, they should know. Did they appear to you as beautiful angels of light? I bet they did. Call me an old fashioned country bumpkin, but I'll just stick to the original .I guess its pretty narrow minded of me to prefer to get my revelation from the word of God rather then mind altering drugs. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God , and the Word was God. You know who else was really good at twisting scripture ? The Devil.

  8. TheGoddessii says:

    has anyone on this thread researched what david icke is saying or are you just rebutting what he saying just to discredit him ……

  9. The globe is dead. ..I am sorry :)

  10. lu cuz says:

    as soon as I hear some quack like Icke or Jordan Maxwell. talking about the words and characters of the bibles names meaning other things, that's when I know they're full of shit, and pushing an agenda

  11. "Charlette's Web"….it was the kindness of a little girl who loved big and a friendly spider who loved them both***

  12. Memphisboy7 says:

    Most of what Icke say,s is absolute truth except for the Whites coming from Mars part. The Martians where a Black race along with Annunaki. The Face on Mars is a Black Woman and David Icke and Richard Hogland know this to be true. That is the one thing about David Icke that has always surprise me because he had a association with Creto Mutwa a Black African who revealed to David info about the Reptilian race. When Martians arrived on earth they were known as the Olmecs. Their are Black African looking Olmec head 3 ton statues all over Mexico and the whole of South America and maybe even in Texas, California and New Mexico that is not discovered or talked about yet. Olmecs have a very mysterious origin that has remain hidden. Anthropologist talk about Toltecs, Aztecs, Mayans but never the Olmecs. They are and were the original Martian race.The Whites race did originate out of the Caucus mountains from the caverns and underground liars underneath those mountain. They were the Deros and Teros of the earth and genetically manipulated to be what they currently look like today. They were kicked off almost every planet they have occupied. They are the original Luciferian race. Thus the Luciferian blood lines through out His-Story. They might have been brought here by Martians but they are NOT MARTIANS. When ever I read in the comment sections of people talking about God or Jesus or religion doctrine in these type of You Tube videos, I know that they are still a lot lost ignorant people with little knowledge and and have not research anything! The biggest reason why the true UFO and extra-terestial story is still hidden to America and Whites in particular is because a substantial amount of those races were Negroid or Black or African looking. Same crap that has been happening on Earth today. I'm not talking about the Reptilian or the Grays which are their clones.

  13. Pigs are a bad analogy, because all pigs express fear, INTENSE FEAR, as they are being led into the filthy slaughter block.

  14. Only humans have words to manipulate with, even David Icke. But he is absolutely right about fear of what others think destroying individuality (uniqueness).

  15. So the Kennedy murderers have left their calling card where they carried out those murders? Unreal.. Reverse symbolism and the dirty state. Satan's little psychos are leaving their marks everywhere. Most can not be erased without extensive infrastucture work, so they're effectively indelible. Baaaaaaaaaastads. All we can do is try to ignore them, isn't it?

  16. The energy at Studley Pike was probably microwaves, not male energy. David was probably being 'cooked' by military microwave weapons/comms.

  17. Who else can rabbit on for nearly four hours about enlightenment? about anything? Fucking awesome.

  18. brian daly says:

    The answer to everything is 42 , hope this helps : )

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