Occult Manipulation of Our Food Supply

Pakalert December 5, 2010 1

Paul A Drockton M.A

Genetically Engineered Foods, created through the efforts of companies like Monsanto, may very well serve the Satanic Psychopaths in more ways than one. Since ancient times, the worshippers of Satan have practiced not only human sacrifice, but also cannibalism. Until now, this practice has been steeped in mystery.

The Bible talks about Jesus Christ’s ability to know the thoughts of men. In fact, our silent prayers are a testimony to our belief that we can communicate telepathically with God. Satan is the great counterfeiter. He seeks to replicate the powers of God to “know the minds and hearts” of men. This is a power that he will never have, yet, he continues in his attempts to possess it. The Illuminati are also cannibals. They have long known that individuals that partake from the same corpse can momentarily enjoy the powers of reading each others minds telepathically.

The reason for this is simple. All of us vibrate at different frequences. This makes it impossible for mass telepathy to occur naturally. Therefore, the Satanic Psychopaths believe that, based on their experiences with cannibalism and telepathy, that mass telepathy is possible if all of mankind shares the same DNA.

“In order to make genes express all the time, a promoter is locked on to the DNA before the gene sequence. Scientists have tracked gene promoters and found that they can unlock from the DNA of the food and lock onto the DNA of the animal who ingests it. This means that eating genetically modified foods exposes us to promoters that can lock onto our DNA and cause gene expression, increasing our risk of manifesting genetically predisposed diseases.

This is of major concern since 70% of processed foods on our super market shelves are genetically modified (Eco-Foods Guide by Cynthia Barstow). Most corn, cotton, soy and canola in the U.S. are genetically modified and found in most processed foods. These foods should be avoided. Most people would like to know if they are eating genetically modified foods, but labeling it is not required!” (Source)

In other words, they seek to unite all of us genetically.

“There are three especially telepathy-prone groups – mothers and newborn babies, dogs and their owners, and identical twins. Of these, it is the twins who pick up the signal at full strength most often, provided that they are in the right states of mind and they send out the right kind of message.” (Source)

The reader will recall that much of the Nazi, Dr Mengele’s, heinous research dealt with identical twins. It is my belief that he was trying to unlock the mysteries of telepathy, which would have given the Nazis a decided military advantage on the battlefield. It would have also given them another weapon for spreading propaganda and identifying subversives. Most importantly, it would give them the power to know the minds of the people they governed, and then manipulate them through telepathic projection.

The Satanic Psychopaths also desire this power, and they hope to achieve it by genetically modifying our food. This is why they have added human DNA to our food. This would also explain why they want to destroy our access to organically produced foods through laws that ban them from the marketplace.

Like Nimrod of old, they seek to overthrow God and steal his power. God has never let them get that far in their agenda. Normally, such evil designs are frustrated through the His Judgements. This will be the case with these modern Nimrods. Their towers will be reduced to rubble and their empires to ashes. Satan will take what is his, down to hell, and this earth will return to its rightful Owner.

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  1. Gríma Wormtongue's Sidekick December 5, 2010 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    The food situation in corporate controlled Zionist/Satanist dominated USA sounds dire. People need to disengage as the Zios are collapsing the US economy by devaluation of the real wealth created by ordinary folk. Folks need to head out and grow their own. We have to starve the Satanists by not working for them, not buying their stinking poisons, by not selling to them and by ignoring their media.

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