Official “Battlefield 1” Worldwide Reveal Trailer! (World War I Battlefield, 2016)


Battlefield 1 is the latest entry to the storied Battlefield series. It will take us back to World War I, which has fans stoked for something other than a modern or …


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  1. lmao goodbye cod i'm changing to battle field. So sick of this futuristic shit in cod..

  2. steakums4 says:

    Every COD you tuber is now gonna play bf1 I know u played bf a little before Nero but still every one is hoping on the bandwagon

  3. King Viper says:

    1.43 is the map like in war thunder

  4. Joe Stinton says:

    I hope this game gives you the chance to kill Hitler

  5. Shane Stiles says:

    looks amazing cod don't have shit on battlefield.

  6. IGhoz Gaming says:

    where is he from ? he has the same accent as me

  7. The name "Battlefield 1" is not a "stupid" name. If you know the history of the BF games, Battlefield 1942 was the first game released, which was set in WW2. There was never an initial Battlefield 1 game. Since this game is a prequel, if you will, and is set in WW1, the title is actually correct for the series.

  8. Red Diamond says:

    looks way more badass than infinite

  9. I play in total 2.300h BTF4 …

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  11. Who cares about infinite warfare this game beats that game a 100%

  12. Like my comment, and you get top PC

  13. i think i heard that song before, but this one seems different like a remix duun dun dun dununuuun

  14. Steve Gosen says:

    Finally COD will die and fuck off with the garbage cash grab they have been giving people the past many years

  15. may I know the name of your intro song pls n nice review

  16. Totaly buying this

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