Official Hollyoaks Trailer: Spring 2016


New arrivals, a web of deceit, and one very deadly partnership. Things are heating up now that Spring has sprung in Hollyoaks… Subscribe so you never miss a …


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  1. Bounty ? says:

    This looks fab?

  2. This Show is abomination! How can you ppl watch these things.

  3. kip lop says:

    am i the only one that dosent know who all are those old charactes are?
    and if someone does
    please let me know
    because i really have no idea who they are

  4. I miss brendan bradey

  5. Who was related to warren? Have actually forgotten all of his stories n his deal with grace? :s

  6. yes yes yes this looks amazing

  7. helloxpandaa says:

    Oh My Gosh Robbie has left noooo

  8. sean murphy says:

    Not looking good for Cleo in the picture I have seen. I hope that she doesn't die

  9. Luke_Bird says:

    Didn't warren burn and get crushed by wood and fire how will he be still alive????

  10. Warren vs Trevor
    who is the real baddie

  11. harry walter says:

    SHES YOUR SISTER! SHES NOT MY SISTER! oh ok continue shagging dont mind us

  12. MsFanmail says:

    can't believe the Roscoe Twins have left I hope they come back in the near future ?

  13. Amourche says:

    There's always got to be an explosion in hollyoaks?

  14. Nia WhoCraft says:

    Ooh Silas and Lindsey are a serial killer duo!! :D

  15. it gives me goose bumps seeing Lindsey And Silas together lol

  16. Never ending drama, check! Oyyyy vey…

  17. Arron Hunter says:

    sad cunts watching this

  18. James N says:

    what a terrible show

  19. Khal says:


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