[Official Video] Rather Be – Pentatonix (Clean Bandit Cover)


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  1. Cody Starr says:

    there are so good I will be crazy if I see them :)


  3. 1:55 hahahah . cute MITCH AND SCOTT

  4. Iyasa Nindya says:

    it's like enthusiastic

  5. I sometimes play along to this song with my bass by following the bass not of avi :

  6. Natalie1729 says:

    Of course Mitch and Scott couldn't be in different shots. God forbid you seperate those two. XD

  7. Ping Chi says:

    people were starring at them

  8. 2:25 my favorite part because of panda :3

  9. DAMN Mitches voice is high

  10. joão victor says:

    Putzz Que daoraa :)

  11. I like the girls voice, and she's gorgeous… but why are all of her expressions only prevalent on one half of her face? I hope I'm not being insensitive to something, I'm just curious if there's a reason….

  12. Vo ranzy says:

    I'd love one where Kevin takes the lead…

  13. do they add voices over when editing or is it just 5 solo voices?? I think they are amazing

  14. Olivia Hall says:

    You are the best

  15. Haha, Kevin and the panda ?

  16. Ana Gamboa says:

    I just love love love love the pentotonexs so much there music is literly my life and I mean it

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