Ohio State Gets Armored Fighting Vehicle: “Specifically Designed for Asymmetric Warfare”


Mac Slavo

If we’re not living in a militarized police state, then please explain what Ohio State University could possibly need with one of these.

Ohio State Gets Armored Fighting Vehicle “Specifically Designed for Asymmetric Warfare”

The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety has acquired an armored military vehicle that looks like it belongs in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gary Lewis, a senior director of media relations at OSU, told The Daily Caller via email that the “unique, special-purpose vehicle is a replacement” for the “police fleet.” He called the armored jalopy “an all-hazard, all-purpose, public safety-response vehicle” with “obviously enhanced capabilities.”

He noted that the vehicle was “acquired at no cost from Military Surplus.” He also bragged that it has “extremely low miles and is in nearly new condition” but elaborated no further concerning the acquisition.

“We are in the process of making it usable for our needs in an urban campus environment,” Lewis explained. “Specifically we are removing the top turret and repainting.”


The vehicle looks like an MRAP, which is the general name for an armored fighting vehicle designed to survive ambushes and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks. Lewis mentioned nothing about IEDs or ambushes in his email to TheDC.

Instead, the school envisions a number of uses for the vehicle including “officer rescue,” “hostage scenarios,” “bomb evaluation” and active killers loose on campus.

The vehicle also boasts a “sniper perch” and it is ideal “for crew protection under threat of explosives and small arms fire.”

Source: Daily Caller

According to the military, the Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicle is specifically designed for asymmetric warfare.

So let’s get this straight.

University students and teachers are forbidden from bringing a licensed handgun onto school property for personal protection in case of a hostage situation or active killer being loose, but it makes complete sense, because of the terroristic threats we face, to put a military fighting vehicle on campus?

Perhaps it’s yet another desensitization effort in the grand control grid. Our kids should get used to heavily armed vehicles and police, as they will soon be seeing them throughout communities all over America.

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  1. mike says:

    This should outrage everyone! How in the hell did they manage to get a truck like this with extremely low miles and apparently in great shape for nothing? Why was it even in the surplus dept in the first place? a vehicle like is costs around $400,000. Not sure why a college would need this for either, how would this help if there was a lone gunman running around the campus? id love to hear that explained LOL

    This college is not far from my area, I think Im going to contact my state reps and look into this and why a college needs this kind of thing, and how they got ahold if it in the first place. if it was not needed for the military, then it needs to be returned to the manufacturer so the taxpayers can get their money back.

    Ohio state should be ashamed of itself.

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    It might had made “Kent State” more efficient?

  3. charles allan says:

    Only to be used on students who don’t get the right grade – promise , Obama

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