Olmert: PM has ‘declared war on the US government’

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Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Sunday launched a bitter attack against his successor, Benjamin Netanyahu, for his “utterly misguided” policy of publicly confronting the United States over its Iran policy, and said that Netanyahu was causing an unprecedented and acutely dangerous rift in bilateral diplomatic relations.

Olmert PM has ‘declared war on the US government’

“We’ve declared war on the American government. You can’t deny this,” Olmert said at panel discussion at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

Under his leadership until five years ago, said Olmert, “It didn’t occur to us to go into battle against our best ally and to whip up Congress” against the US administration in the way that Netanyahu has done. “Any potential benefit” of such an open and unprecedented confrontation, he added, was far outweighed by the dangers.

Olmert also accused Netanyahu of “wasting” 10 billion shekels — some $2.8 billion — preparing “something we didn’t need to prepare.” This was an apparent reference to a potential Israeli strike on Iran.

Netanyahu has publicly savaged the Geneva interim accord with Iran as a “historic mistake.” Officials in Jerusalem have repeatedly castigated President Barack Obama for overseeing a failed negotiating process with Iran under which, they claim, Iran’s nuclear weapons drive is not being thwarted while the sanctions pressure against Iran is collapsing.

“There is one country in the world that regularly votes in favor of the State of Israel at the United Nations over all those years, in cases in which we were 100 percent correct and in cases when we perhaps weren’t 100% correct,” Olmert added.

“They [the United States] were always with us. What do you want from them?”

Hinting at a strike against a nuclear reactor in Syria that Israel reportedly executed in 2007 — when Olmert was prime minister — he said that Jerusalem has the right to act if need be but warned that such actions need to be kept secret and not talked about.

“This is not because there is no problem with Iran. There is a problem with Iran. It is not because we don’t need to fight it with all strength. We need to fight it with all strength,” Olmert said.

“Nobody will teach us a lesson about this — we acted and didn’t talk. Others only talk and didn’t act.”

Olmert, who was prime minister from 2006 until 2009, said he was not enthusiastic about the terms of the interim nuclear agreement, which was signed last week in Geneva, but added that he believes there are hidden terms that must be studied in greater depth before Jerusalem can effectively lobby the Americans for a better permanent agreement, which is supposed to be signed six months after the interim deal takes effect.

“I hope this will not be perceived as an attack on the prime minister,” Olmert said. “But the state of Israel should cease to criticize the policy of the US and the policymakers of the United States,” he said. ”There are many other ways in which can influence [it] in order to achieve our goals.”

Olmert said Israel should refrain from leading the international effort against Tehran’s nuclear program, and should instead leave such a role to the US.

“Israel should be a partner in this fight but cannot and should not lead the international fight,” Olmert said. ”This was the Sharon government’s position and the position of my government as well.”

Olmert remarked that all of Israel’s security concerns — including those posed by Iran — could be solved by reaching a lasting peace agreement with the Palestinians.

“The key to any strategic situation in the Middle East and the Iranian problem is to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians,” he said.

The former prime minister also railed against the Netanyahu government’s approval of thousands of settlement housing units, saying such a move would only set back negotiations with the Palestinians.

“A government which announces the construction of 5,000 new housing units is not conducting serious negotiations for peace,” Olmert said.

Netanyahu, in Rome on Sunday for a state visit to Italy and the Vatican, responded to Olmert’s statements saying, “In contrast to others, when I see that interests vital to the security of Israel’s citizens are in danger, I will not be silent.”

He added: “It is very easy to be silent. It is very easy to receive a pat on the shoulder from the international community, to bow one’s head, but I am committed to the security of my people,” he said, and in a subtle jab at Olmert added, “I am committed to the future of my state and in contrast to periods in the past, we have a loud and clear voice among the nations and we will sound it in time in order to warn of the danger.”



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  1. Stan Sikorski December 5, 2013 at 1:22 am - Reply

    I wish America was in a real war with Isntreal. We could wipe out that country so easily in less than 30 minutes. Then take care of the jews here. I’m sure other countries would follow our lead and those that don’t would get sanctions and warnings. But I don’t see that happening any time soon. There are too many appeasers brown-nosing the jew rear end.

    What is happening though is that Isntreal and the jews are being revealed for what they really are – manipulative, hateful, self centered extortionists exhibiting the classic “whiny jew” mentality in an effort to keep control of their lapdog, the USA. People are waking up to who really controls America, and is the root cause of so many of the problems plaguing this country.

    And the Good Cop / Bad Cop routine between the used furniture salesman Netty and the pervert Olmert is priceless example. Netty is letting slip all the pompous attitude of the jew for all to see, and Olmert is trying to rein him in, trying to make like Netty is not an example of all jews. If you know jews, you know it’s all an act on both their parts. Jews set up, and jews knock down. And the only question that matters is, “Is it good for the jews?”.

    I would love to see Sambobama use some of that n-word attitude and get tired of Netty’s nagging, take his Nobel Peace cred to the UN, and begin the process of labeling Isntreal a rogue nuclear terrorist state. More dangerous than Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria combined. Holding nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, refusing to sign the conventions other states have and possessing an unstable and itchy trigger finger. Here is your country full of terrorists possessing WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, FOR REAL! Not some Likud instigated fantasy that got Iraq blown to bits after years of crippling sanctions with lies dribbling out of appeaser Bush’s dirty mouth. THE REAL THING. Real nukes, real phosphorous, real germs with the systems to deliver them world wide.

    Come on Sambobama. I dare you. I double dog dare you, Triple even!

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