Once Upon a Time 6×03 Sneak Peek “The Other Shoe” (HD)


Once Upon a Time 6×03 “The Other Shoe” Sneak Peek – As Storybrooke continues to welcome the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories, families, friends …


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  1. LOL The look on their faces when EQ gave Hyde's cell a makeover

  2. I don't care if it's crazy. I ship Hyde/Regina

  3. CharCruse20 says:

    So are we gonna get more #GoldenQueen moments??

  4. jigokuNeko says:

    Dam now I want to try it XD need the recipe

  5. this season sofar is Like S1 and S5 good

  6. Guys, the song from Carol called 'No other love' is playing in the background! Swan Queen is endgame <3

  7. i wish these sneak peeks were a tad bid longer

  8. kkkkk e agora? time Regina ou time Evil queen?

  9. Patry J. O. says:

    I love when he says "isn't Regina" it gives me chills,

  10. Zara Ahmed says:

    I'll take the lasagna if Hyde doesn't want it!

  11. hyde's voice is so sexy

  12. Zainuba Ali says:

    And now I'm hungry ?

  13. For some reason, in this scene, Hyde reminded me of Scar. It must be the smooth way he talks.

  14. 10GGundam says:

    fighting the evil queen is what you do best? uh, perhaps,

  15. Loli Winx says:

    I just want to.. I don't know but I just want to do something to Hyde

  16. uggghhhhhhh that lasagna looks sooo good!!!! and no one's gonna even eat it!!!!

  17. Hyde sounds like Christopher Walken.

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