Origins: Rap Battle – WW1 Uncut – BBC

20 What caused WWI? Watch the main players slug it out in epic style in this history rap battle and make up your own mind.


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  1. Scolio says:

    Not very good rhyme schemes

  2. Space Wolf says:

    I can't decide if I like Kaiser Wilhelm or King George better.

  3. WAR DOG says:

    where is Italy

  4. WAR DOG says:

    where is Italy

  5. WAR DOG says:

    where is Italy

  6. wtf where is ottoman

  7. im teaming up with germany and austro-hungary beacuase i love germany hail HITLER!!!!!!

  8. Anybody else who thinks this would be better with The Ottoman sultan?

  9. back up Franz Josef Serbia's our brethren

  10. hope you do one with the rest of the nations later

  11. paul lytle says:

    there should have added hotsenedorf

  12. Charlie says:

    I feel a lawsuit coming on.

  13. ERB Español says:

    visiten mi canal si quieren ver este video subtitulado al español : D

  14. Pat Martin says:

    Kaiser Wilhelm II said everyone knows him then tells everyone his name

  15. Rohan Shukla says:

    This was really interesting, and I liked it. The only thing that bothers me, is that Joseph Joffre didn't get a single line, despite being there. And tbf the Ottoman Empire should've been there too. Maybe Woodrow Wilson too…

  16. Why wasnt Victor Emmanuel The Third of Italy and Tsar Ferdinand The First of Bulgaria wasnt in this one. Also Ottomans should have been in this one.

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