Full break down if the OSCAR SATANIC SHOW!!! It had all the Illuminati propaganda RAPE,RACE BATES,HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA AND GLOBAL WARMING …


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  1. Awesome video, brother. Almost 30,000 subs!!

  2. Who give a crap about the Oscars. It's an idol.

  3. jacorn575 says:

    I'm sorry. I had to stop watching after he called Django, Duh Jango…. I just.. I can't.

  4. openyoureyes says:

    I didn't watch the Oscars but I saw parts on tv and the news afterwards and all I can say is that I never saw so many different agendas shoved into a commercial entity called "The Oscars". None of that other stuff had anything to do with MOVIES!! I'm finished with Hollywood!

  5. matt ransom says:

    Sorry your voice is annoying as ffffff

  6. You are amazing! They can't get one single thing past your consciousness!!! You're such a good observer! I think you are 100% correct and It's almost too obvious like they went too far. I mean every thing is so micro managed to a T with their symbolism and attempt at brainwashing. How much longer do they actually believe they can get away with this crap without us turning on them in mass. It's getting old and it's getting ridiculous but they keep doing it. So weird.

  7. It would seem by the way they are upping their efforts, the end battle is nearing.

  8. midwestkatie says:

    Wow, what an imagination! Some of your connections are inspired. By what, I'm not sure.

  9. midwestkatie says:

    Why would you talk that way about Lady Gaga's song about rape? If you are presenting yourself as representing the word of God, you have created a God that is insane.

  10. Ryan Yovanno says:

    Spiritual worth over material worth, the creator of creation created us in a better light than this. We forgot being human is the gift. No materials exist if we don't make them exist

  11. Lp V says:

    I agree but all the religious stuff is brainwashing as well

  12. Dionysus V says:

    Why watch! Anyone who watches these programs are already gone. Save yourself.

  13. what do you have against Kabbalah?

  14. great video totally agree, but do you have to sound like a game show host? lol

  15. sakigirl87 says:

    At 9:59 my jaw DROPPED!

  16. Is anything innocent or coincidental? (Rhetorically speaking and seriously wondering)

  17. Rev. Ken says:

    This guy actually has subscribers ? What a loser.

  18. wonfeather says:

    We need to rise up and demand talent from our stars. Apparently Baphomet doesn't do talent, just lame singers, washed up actors, and crap music.

  19. G Ood says:

    Stop being HOMOPHOBIC asshole!!!! If you were gay you would understand how very
    fucking difficult it is to live in a world, where it's socially accepted to demean you
    for doing nothing but minding you own fucking business.

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