Ottoman Uniforms of World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special


The Ottoman Army underwent considerable reforms after the losses on the Balkans. And under German influence, the military tried to bring the whole army up to the standards of modern war. In a lot of way, the results were decent or even good but supply problems led to a great variety in uniform quality across the 400 year old Empire.

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32 Responses

  1. Kirigaya says:

    Thanks for video OTTOMAN EMPİRE ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Leon Farreli says:

    I like the uniforms of the Ottomans the best in Battlefield 1.The Turks had a good taste in clothing.

  3. seedo201 says:

    best historical channel on youtube. wish to cover other eras and conflicts

  4. xaviii gnz says:

    ya biri sevabına türkçeye çevirsin şu videoları

  5. Enver Hemen says:

    Ottoman Empire <3

  6. Buğra Kar says:

    Thanks for the good comments about Ottoman Empire. Ottoman Empire's soldiers were so brave. Now Turkey too. Mehter march giving adrenaline to them.

  7. Zain kahn says:

    I feel like the ottomans had a coma I'm the 19th century and woke up in the great war so confident about war…

  8. Nice pieces. You still can buy some on the flea markets in Serbia. We took a lot off in the good old days.

  9. The Revenant says:

    If Germans had Kemal Ataturk as their fuhrer in WW2, we would be all speaking German today.

  10. Laurynas G says:

    KEBAB NEVER SURRENDERS! You dont need weapons as long as you have quantity ideas and can overwhelm your enemies.

  11. Cenk Qorxmaz says:

    Turks are just like japanese people. I have unlimited respect against Turks and japanese people. Japanese soldiers attacked armed american soldiers just with katana and ottoman attacked france, england, italy, bulgarian and greek soldiers with no ammo just with bayonets

  12. gitaroloji says:

    thanks for the special end of the video man. you honorised us (Turks)

  13. Januar says:

    Nationalism is like religion. Its a stupid thing to die for. I will only die if it is what it takes to save my family or fellow innocent human beings. But I will not die for a country, a religion, or whatever.

  14. Fenasi Kerim says:

    Ahmet Ali Çelikten the first black pilot in the world also served in Ottoman Army.He had quite good equipments.

  15. Fenasi Kerim says:

    Ottoman soldiers uniform in western front,sent to help the Germans in Wallachia and Gallichia are the best ones.

  16. Villager says:

    spanish subtitles pls

  17. Yousef Atta says:

    Hey Indie, can you make a video on the Arab revolt or the Sykes-Picot agreement?

  18. Samet Özer says:

    The worst years of the Turkish nation. Unfortunately

  19. Great video but, the ottoman cavalry soldiers referred as the kurds is very cursory discourse. Turkish army has a thousand years of tradition on cavalry power. Turkish people literally spend their life on horse-riding. Kurds however has not homogen tradition about fighting, riding eihter.

  20. ritwik roy says:

    Ottoman empire was an evil empire. commited atrocities on balkan Christians and genocides like assyrian genocide, armenian genocide and greek genocide

  21. Orkan A-dov says:

    Greetings to my Turkish brothers from AZERBAIJAN ! 🙂

  22. Orkan A-dov says:

    Nichin buralara geldiklerine vakifiz ! Petrolumuz ichin geldiler elbet ! o Kara altin ki …. :)) BF1 long live sultan !!

  23. The thumbnail was a picture of Arab Ottoman soldiers wearing the Arab Shemagh/Kufiyyeh.

  24. DesignBam says:

    When fighting with members of VMRO or IMRO, Otomans were loosing 10 to 1.Also they seldom had logistic so they were piliging fron the local people or if they were in Turkish town they were begging for food.

  25. Thank you for telling this information in English.Greetings from Turkey 🙂

  26. Luftwaffe says:

    Please Turkish translate lyrics

  27. The worst thing happen to our empire was Turks being nationalists. I cant understand how a reigning power in an empire becomes nationalist. Are you fighting for freedom?Nonsense. And youngturks, ittihat ve terakki, hürriyet ve itilaf committees shattered army, and we lost wester part of empire to some small nations like greece, bulgaria… Worst thing for army is competing for power. Especially some pashas(generals) like Enver and Mustafa… Our generals (some non turkish even muslim traitors) become our bane. Since 1900's our army kinda enemy to his own people, his peoples religion, culture and everything.

  28. baba bunun Türkçesi yok mu ?

  29. celroid532 says:

    The uniform of the enemy

  30. Turk cCc S says:

    ottoman empire come back… cCc

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