OUR FATHER – World War II Short Film Teaser


Check out the new film trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPXy0mQL_vI http://www.smashingukproductions.com – OUR FATHER – World War II …


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  1. What if I want to be in a war film

  2. Countdown70s says:

    apart from shows about Dunkirk, it is hard to think of too many movies about the BEF in France 1940…I want to see this…is it out there yet?

  3. thegreatkoua says:

    we still fighting World War II

  4. SATURN+ says:

     woolen shirts ..make me Itch

  5. thi tran says:

    This is better than the 1 hour B movies 

  6. DJ J0SHWA says:

    WTF they used the same trailer song that Sony pictures use for FURY

  7. Speirosmusic says:

    I have a song called "War (My End)" that you might enjoy on my channel.  It's a song written from the angle of a soldier shot and dying and his words to his best mate.

  8. I'm happy that there will come finally a British ww2 infantery movie. 
    You almost never see normal British ww2 infantery having a big role.
    Always paratroopers and germans.

    Where i can see it and when it release? I cant wait :P

  9. rockheimr says:

    Sten guns weren't used by the BEF 1939-1940 (ie up to Dunkirk) as they weren't invented until late 1940/early '41. Small point, but it's the sort of thing people like me will notice and I'd expect reenactors (?) to get right.

  10. heil hitler

    Aryans will rise again

  11. Idfkconnor says:

    Movie or YouTube Video ?

  12. WWII Hampshire Regiment reenactor, and I'm VERY excited to see this. Is it out yet? Thew worst thing about film and reenacting is that everyone wants to be super commando airborne. The real fighters were the infantry.

  13. Nice picture.
    Can't understand why you used another film's soundtrack

  14. nagel133 says:

    looked like to me the entire thing was filmed in one field

  15. Awesome! , nice to see a British ww2 film for a change

  16. when isit coming out? its november nearly end of the year.

  17. I, for one, am excited about this.
    Good on you for reminding the world that we were fighting the war before the Americans and that they did not do it all themselves!

  18. liam Doran says:

    when's this out ?

  19. Countdown70s says:

    is this released yet?

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