Outsourcing hierarchy ( Illuminati Documentary )


download ” Original Writings of the Order and Sect of the Illuminati ” here : …


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  1. Mark Howitt says:

    Good compilation of Keith's work Brendan

  2. Rick Carson says:

    oh by the way very interesting compilation i veiwed the entire presentation and commend you on your dilligence XRAYULTRA and apologize for[ bickering in your black panther party]smile

  3. xrayultra says:

    thanks very much mark =)

  4. Joshua Humes says:

    in that book you see that in oxford england was another secret society called the hermes club which was based off of an ancient pagan god that used words to fool man and lead them to hell. members of this club included that blavatsky, darwin, freud, and the two guys who gave you the new bible versions where they got high and screwed each other

  5. Christianity is a mild form of Satanism. You are unknowingly giving your energy over to the enemy. Communion is the practice of cannibalism. You need to research your belief system and expose it for what it really is. Or are you to scared to?

  6. l3urns1 says:

    is there proof that god exists?

  7. Why aren't truthers getting this video and message out to the public maybe most of them got caught up in the zeitgeist movement . not many people have seen this video and very well done with facts . 

  8. kappy0405 says:

    Saying there was no Masonic conspiracy before Adam Weishaupt is disingenuous. Everything the documentary claims in tracing Weishaupt's agenda from Illuminized Freemasonry to Theosophy, Marxism, the UN, & so on, is pretty much true. But the documentary fails to expose the bigger picture by deflecting from Freemasonry itself. This documentary is only exposing one arm of the agenda, & is ultimately just creating a scapegoat.

    If you look deeper, the New Age movement has its roots not in Blavatsky, but in Protestant mystics such as Swedenberg. In fact, Protestant mysticism is inherently linked to Catholic dissenters such as Joachim of Fiore, who first predicted the coming of a NEW AGE & the end of the Catholic Church centuries earlier, paving the way for the Reformation. This inspired the Rosicrucians, whose apocalyptic fervor undeniably helped spread the Reformation throughout Europe.

    The modern NWO conspiracy actually has its origins in the apocalyptic Rosicrucian Protestant utopia, "Christianopolis"; Francis Bacon reinterpreted it in his work, the New Atlantis, & his plan for the New World/America, which began with the Puritan colonization scheme he devised. Bacon & King James, et al, were undoubtedly proto-Masons, & it's said that the Puritan, Oliver Cromwell, is the secret founder of Freemasonry. To this day, the Scottish Rite/A&AR in England requires its members to be Trinitarian Christians! And so does the York Rite in America.

    Protestantism is inherently linked with the New Age, & Freemasonry is inherently linked with Anglo-American Protestantism. It's important not to see Freemasonry as some innocent party in all of this; the Weishaupt infiltration of Freemasonry merely launched a new vision for the NWO agenda, not the agenda itself.

    Just as Theosophical/New Age beliefs are being promoted among the truth movement through guys like Jordan Maxwell & Michael Tsarion, et al, the ptb are also promoting fundamentalist Protestantism among the truth movement through the likes of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, the John Birch Society, Tea Party, & many others of the same ilk.

    Fundamentalist Christianity & New Age Messianism are two branches of the same tree. The plan isn't to "blame the problems on Christianity" so they can offer the New Age movement as the solution, since they also blame the problems on new age liberalism & offer Christian conservatism as the solution via other outlets (Fox News for example). Thesis + Anti-Thesis. The aim is to eventually merge the two movements after their staged "Messiah" comes, & that's how they will sucker in the Christian branch of the truth movement. Many of you will unwittingly usher in the NWO, thinking you've defeated it.

  9. LOL @ 37:41 "Bill Clinton is a lying piece of garbage"


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