Own the Land-Control the Resources-Enslave the Population


James White

Out West, the Feds Are Sitting on $150 Trillion Worth of Natural Resources

Most of us realize that the Federal Government has claimed ownership of large portions of real estate across this land.  However, few of us probably realize what a stranglehold the Feds have on many states west of the Mississippi River.  The map below will quickly illustrate my point.

Own the Land-Control the Resources-Enslave the Population

If you live out west, this map can seem somewhat depressing. However, there is good news.

Most of the states that you see not covered in red were successful in kicking the Feds out and reclaiming their land, while also reclaiming the resources contained therein.

In the case of the western states, the resources are estimated to be worth $150 trillion dollars. The legal precedent is there, and some legislators are taking action.

One of the people out front in the fight to reclaim the land belonging to the states is Representative Ken Ivory of Utah. Ken came to Kalispell, Montana last week to enlighten us on what he is doing, and what we need to do, to wrest back control of our own land.

James White is a writer for Northwest Liberty News, “Picking the Lock on the Shackles of Tyranny”

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