Pakistan Is Fully Prepared For World War III


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Technology to cover range of 7,000 Kms, Pakistan, to increase its defensive capabilities, has started preparing intercontinental missile with a range of 7000 kilometres.

MissileAccording to sources, the intercontinental missile has a range of 7000 kilometres and is capable of hitting its target falling within its range. The missile can contain nuclear as well as traditional warheads. The missile has been termed a significant milestone for the defence of the country and is believed to strengthen the defence. According to sources, the missile would soon be test fired.

PAF to get airborne refullers next year: Pakistan Air Force plans to induct four Chinese airborne refullers next year, in a move to counter the Indian Air Forces’ enhanced capabilities after New Delhi acquired six similar aircraft, an Indian news agency quoted the PAF chief as saying.

Air Chief Marshal Qamar Suleman underlined that the airborne refullers were necessary to match the IAF capabilities.

“This is an absolutely new capability which we are inducting. We never had this capability in the PAF,” Suleman added, maintaining, in order to match the IAF’s acquisition of the first of three Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS), the PAF would receive four Chinese systems between 2011 and 2012.

He also termed as “alarming” the IAF’s intention of purchasing 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft, saying Pakistan needed “to have something matching.

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Alert: India Preparing for Nuclear War?

By Zaheerul Hassan

Reliable sources stated that Pakistani authorities have decided to move her forces from Western to Eastern border. The move of forces would start soon. The decision has been taken after receiving the threat from Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor to strike Pakistan on November 22, 2009. Indian Chief warned that a limited war under a nuclear overhang is still very much a reality at least in the Indian sub-continent. On November 23, 2009 Pakistan Foreign Office Spokes man Abdul Basit asked the world community to take notice of remarks passed by the Indian Army Chief. He also said that India has set the stage and trying to impose a limited war on Pakistan. There are reports that Indian intelligence agencies have made a plan to hit some Indian nuke installation, alleging and then striking Pakistan. It is also added here that India has started purchasing lethal weapons. According to the careful survey a poor Asian country (India) has spent trillions on purchasing of Naval, Air force and nuke equipments.

Thus, Indian preparation simply dictates that she is preparing for nuke war. The Kashmir conflicts, water issue, borer dispute between China and India, American presence in Afghanistan, Maoist movements, Indian state terrorism, cold war between India and regional countries would be contributing factors towards Next third world war.

Indian Chief’s statement by design came a day earlier to Manmohan Singh visit to USA. The purpose of threatening Pakistan could also be justifying future Indian attack on Pakistan. Therefore, Islamabad concern is serious in nature since any Indian misadventure will put the regional peace into stake and would lead both the country towards nuclear conflict. Islamabad probably conveyed her ally (USA) regarding danger of limited war against Pakistan; she has to cease her efforts on western border for repulsing Indian aggression on eastern border. In fact, Indian government and her army chief made a deliberate try to sabotage global war against terror. In this connection Pakistan Army Spokesman Major General Athar Abbas time and again said that India is involved in militancy against Pakistan and her consulates located in Afghanistan are being used as launching pad.

It is worth mentioning here that Pakistan has deployed more than 100,000 troops on the border with Afghanistan and is fighting a bloody war against terrorism. Her security forces are busy in elimination of foreign sponsored militancy. Thousand of soldiers have scarified their lives not only for the motherland but to bring safety to the world in general. Pakistan is a key ally in the war on terror and the threat of withdrawal would alarm the USA as it could seriously hamper NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan. Pakistan is a nuclear power too and is able to handle any type of Indian belligerence.

In this context, earlier Pakistan Army Chief of Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has categorically expressed at number of occasions that Indian attack would be responded in full strength while using all types of resources. On November 25, 2009 General Kayani stated that the nation would emerge as victorious in the on-going war against extremism. While addressing a ceremony at Police Lines he paid rich tributes to the Frontier police for their valuable sacrifices in the war against terrorism. At this occasion General Kayani revealed that Pakistan was founded in the name of Islam by our forefathers and each one of us should work for strengthening the country and should made commitment towards achieving the goal of turning the country into a true Islamic state. He also announced Rs.20 million for the Frontier Police Shuhada Fund.

In response to Indian Army Chief’ statement he also put across the message that the protection and solidarity of the country are our main objectives as our coming generation owes this debt to us and resolved that any threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country would not be tolerated. The General made it clear that Pak Army has the capability and the capacity to fight the war against terrorists and adversary too. He praised the sacrifices rendered by the security forces and high morale of the troops. Lt General Masood Aslam, Commander 11 Corps, IGFC Major General Tariq and IGP NWFP Malik Neveed Khan were also present at this historic moment.

Pakistan Army Chief visits of western border reflect his commitment to root out the foreign sponsored militancy from the area. This rooting out is directly helping global war on terror, whereas on the other hand his counter part (Indian Chief) keep on yelling and dreaming of striking Pakistan. He probably has forgotten that Pakistan is a responsible nuke power and capable to defend and strike. In 2001 and 2008 at the occasions of attacks on parliament and Mumbai, both the nations close to a nuke war, this was averted by interference from the world community India and USA. At that time too security officials have also told NATO and USA that they will not leave a single troop on the western border incase of Indian threat.

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Alert: Indian Army Ready For War Against China And Pakistan Simultaneously

India is preparing for a possible `two-front war’ with China and Pakistan, Indian newspaper saying Wednesday.

The newspaper said the Indian Army is now revising its five-year-old doctrine to effectively meet the challenges of war with China and Pakistan, deal with asymmetric and fourth-generation warfare, enhance strategic reach and joint operations with IAF and Navy. 

Work on the new war doctrine — to reflect the reconfiguration of threat perceptions and security challenges — is already underway under the aegis of Shimla-based Army Training Command, headed by Lt-General A S Lamba, sources told the Indian newspaper.

It comes in the backdrop of the 1.13-million strong Army having practiced — through several wargames over the last five years — its `pro-active’ war strategy to mobilise fast and strike hard to pulverize the enemy.

This `cold start strategy’, under a NBC (nuclear-chemical-biological) overhang, emerged from the `harsh lessons’ learnt during Operation Parakram, where it took Army’s strike formations almost a month to mobilise at the `border launch pads’ after the December 2001 terrorist attack on Parliament.

This gave ample opportunity to Pakistan to shore up its defences as well as adequate time to the international community, primarily the US, to intervene. The lack of clear directives from the then NDA government only made matters worse.

“A major leap in our approach to conduct of operations (since then) has been the successful firming-up of the cold start strategy (to be able to go to war promptly),” said Army chief General Deepak Kapoor, at a closed-door seminar on Tuesday.

The plan now is to launch self-contained and highly-mobile `battle groups’, with Russian-origin T-90S tanks and upgraded T-72 M1 tanks at their core, adequately backed by air cover and artillery fire assaults, for rapid thrusts into enemy territory within 96 hours.

Gen Kapoor identified five thrust areas that will drive the new doctrine. One, even as the armed forces prepare for their primary task of conventional wars, they must also factor in the eventuality of `a two-front war’ breaking out.

In tune with this, after acquiring a greater offensive punch along the entire western front with Pakistan by the creation of a new South-Western Army Command in 2005, India is now taking steps — albeit belatedly — to strategically counter the stark military asymmetry with China in the eastern sector. There is now “a proportionate focus towards the western and north-eastern fronts”, said Gen Kapoor.

Two, the Army needs to `optimise’ its capability to effectively counter `both military and non-military facets’ of asymmetric and sub-conventional threats like WMD terrorism, cyber warfare, electronic warfare and information warfare.

Three, the armed forces have to substantially enhance their strategic reach and out-of-area capabilities to protect India’s geo-political interests stretching from Persian Gulf to Malacca Strait.

“This would enable us to protect our island territories; as also give assistance to the littoral states in the Indian Ocean Region,” said Gen Kapoor.

Four, interdependence and operational synergy among Army, Navy and IAF must become the essence of strategic planning and execution in future wars. “For this, joint operations, strategic and space-based capability, ballistic missile defence and amphibious, air-borne and air-land operations must be addressed comprehensively,” he said.

And five, India must strive to achieve a technological edge over its adversaries. “Harnessing and exploitation of technology also includes integration of network centricity, decision-support systems, information warfare and electronic warfare into our operational plans,” he added.

Apart from analysing the evolving military strategy and doctrines of China and Pakistan, the Army is also studying the lessons learnt from the US-launched Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and their relevance to India. PD Agencies



A rogue Indian general strikes China which massively retaliates. Russian communications knocked out by electromagnetic pulses hit Europe and China with limited number of missiles. U.S. retaliates against Russia and attacks China to destroy its nuclear stocks. Russia retaliates against the U.S. and hits U.S. ally Israel. Israel initiates revenge attacks against Arab and Muslim capitols.

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Tough Pak Army Warns Proponents Of ‘Adventurism’

Pakistan can fire missiles at only 10 minutes’ notice on all Indian cities: General. Kayani

The Chief of Army Staff, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, said on Friday that peace and stability in South Asia (and beyond) was the logical and fundamental principle underlining the security paradigm of Pakistan.  Addressing senior offi

cers at the General Headquarters here, Gen Kayani said that the army was alive to the full spectrum of threat that continued to exist both in conventional and unconventional domains.

He said that Pakistan Army stood committed and prepared to respond to any existing, potential or emerging threat. An army supported by 170 million people, with faith in Allah, is a formidable force to be reckoned with.   “Proponents of conventional application of military forces, in a nuclear overhang, are chartering an adventurous and dangerous path, the consequences of which could be both unintended and uncontrollable,” he said.

He said Pakistan was not oblivious to the unprecedented acquisition of sophisticated military hardware, synergised with an offensive military doctrine.
However, as a responsible nuclear state, Pakistan army would contribute to strategic stability and strategic restraint as per the stated policy of the government.

He said peace and stability in South Asia was the logical and fundamental principle underlining the security calculus of Pakistan.  The recent statement by Indian Army Chief Gen Kapoor about the two-front war strategy on which India was at present working, targeting China and Pakistan, had sent shock-waves among those aspiring for peace and stability in the region.

Commenting on Gen Kayani’s observation, a defense analyst observed that India had to be reminded from time to time that Pakistan was a nuclear power, fully capable of deterring any external aggression.

He pointed out that Pakistan could fire missiles at only 10 minutes’ notice on all Indian cities.

Pakistan is the fourth country in the world possessing cruise missiles which are considered to be capable of accurately hitting targets in India.

The maximum range of Indian missiles is 1500 kilometers while Pakistan’s Shaheen has a range of 3500 kilometers.

‘Indian Army Can’t Deal With Pakistan, Let Alone China’: Gen Majid

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee General Tariq Majid on Saturday rubbished the Indian media report which states that the Indian Armed Forces are preparing to fight China and Pakistan.

“Leave alone China, General Deepak Kapoor knows very well what the Indian Armed Forces can not and what the Pakistan Armed Forces can pull off militarily,” said General Tariq Majid.

He was responding to a question on the Indian Army Chief’s jingoistic pronouncement of Indian military preparations to fight China and Pakistan simultaneously.

General Majid said he doubted the veracity of the Indian media report attributed to General Kapoor, saying that “he (Kapoor) could not be so outlandish in strategic postulations to fix India on a self destruct mechanism.”

General Majid further said that if the news report is correct, then the statements of Indian Army Chief are uncalled for and only “display a lack of strategic acumen.”



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East meets West Pakistan’s fighter Aircraft |

Not many modern armed forces unite in their inventory, and particularly among their key assets, technology from two – in political terms – entirely opposite origins. It is more common in the countries of the former Soviet bloc where, since the fall of the iron curtain, Western technology slowly but ever increasingly found its way into countries primarily equipped with Russian weapon systems. In the past two decades the Middle East and southern countries of the Asian continent have become areas in which Western state-of-the-art weapon systems competed next to weapon systems from Russia or other former antagonists to lead these countries’ armed forces into a new age – globalisation in the political and industrial defence world.

These countries – not only geographically in between history’s current major players – slowly revolve the old political and economic structures in a natural process and, with their growing political self-confidence, create a new link between the cumbersome super powers which, mostly from behind the scenes, will shape the next decades.

Pakistan is one of these interesting examples, however, with a very unique character. Just as its neighbour and long-lasting political antagonist, India, it develops an increasingly emancipated character in its choice of new weapon systems as well as in its desire to further develop its domestic R&D as well as production capabilities. India currently is in the process of extensive trials for its future fighter aircraft programme (MMRCA) in which aircraft from the US compete against European as well as Russian solutions of the latest generations (see The final choice in this particular race will be a forward-looking one for the face of the Indian Air Force.

On the other side of the Thar Desert, the Pakistani Air Force (PAF) brings together an interesting mix of aircraft from all over the world and, in particular, from the US and China. Due to its historical development, the first aircraft to be used by the Pakistani Air Force were US- and UK-built aircraft. However, in 1965 Pakistan received its first fighter aircraft of Chinese origin: the Shenyang J-6. Since, fighter aircraft of the US as well as from France (the PAF still strongly relies on its French Dassault Mirage IIIs and Mirage Vs) have been operating next to Chinese fighter aircraft. A clear political development can be deduced from the history of fighter aircraft of the PAF: from the post-colonial influences to a regional power at the mercy of the political gravities to a growing national identity and self-determination.

Today, Pakistan is expecting to take delivery of its first of 18 ordered Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 52+ very soon (older versions of the F-16 have already been operating in Pakistan since 1982), bringing the total number of Pakistani F-16s to 54 when the last aircraft will be delivered as scheduled in December 2010. Furthermore, as various press sources have reported mid-November 2009, Pakistan has signed an agreement with China for the procurement of 36 Chengdu FC-20 (J-10 export version) to be delivered by 2015. Finally, Pakistan is also in the process of introducing a growing number of FC-1/JF-17 fighter aircraft, jointly developed by China’s Chengdu and the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra. With the first two small batch production aircraft having been delivered in 2007, Pakistan has since received a good dozen of these aircraft and, as reports Flight International, is expecting to introduce at least 150 domestically produced fighters into service (the number has increased to an estimated 200-250 aircraft).

This development would not only provide Pakistan with a significant number of state-of-the-art air combat assets but also brings together technology from the Far East and the West in an interesting unity. Many eyes of these two political and industrial camps will be glued to the PAF to gather information on this process and the other’s craftsmanship.
F-16 … FC-20 … JF-17

As outlined above the PAF has been combining Western and Chinese aircraft since the 1960s, including bombers and trainer aircraft and is, furthermore, expecting to receive four Chinese Shaanxi Y-8W airborne early warning & control (AEW&C) aircraft equipped with AESA radar by 2011 that will be operating next to Pakistan’s brand-new Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C aircraft. But let’s take a look at the three state-of-the-art fighter aircraft that will be racing Pakistan’s skies in the near future.

Pakistan’s newest member of the F-16 family, a two seat F-16D Block 52, has been unveiled on October 2009 at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth, Texas, facility. The ceremony was attended by the PAF Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Quamar Suleman. The current order, dubbed “Peace Drive I”, is for 12 F-16Cs and six F-16Ds, powered by the Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 engine, with an option for another 18 aircraft.
“The Pakistani and U.S. leadership has worked very hard to develop a strategic partnership between the two countries in order to achieve our common strategic interests,” said Rao Qamar. “If this relationship is to succeed, it has to be built on a solid foundation of trust between the two allies. This F-16 is not just an aircraft, but a capability for Pakistan. It is a symbol of trust and the relationship between Pakistan and the U.S.”

As the PAF explains on its homepage, “the PAF had originally planned its force structure to include than a hundred F-16s by the end of the century, but these plans could not be implemented because of the US embargo [of the 1990s due to Pakistan’s testing of a nuclear bomb]. The service is, thus, currently in the process of evaluating other high-tech fighter aircraft for procurement.”

The outcome of this process is quite clear: a stronger co-operation with China which obviously offers Pakistan not only to possibility to acquire new combat aircraft but also of jointly improving its domestic industrial capabilities. The Chengdu FC-20s to enter service in 2015 will replace the aging fleet of combat aircraft such as the Chinese F-7s (a version of the MiG-21 which has been recently upgraded) as well as the extensive fleet of Mirage IIIs and Vs. As the PAF explains, “Chinese systems such as the F-7s provide the staying power to absorb losses and to take punishment in the face of a much bigger adversary. Planned upgrades to equip these less capable fighters with modern radars, better missiles and ECM equipment will help enhance the PAF’s combat capability.”

The FC-20 is not among these less capable fighters. It is the export version, modified to Pakistan’s requirements, of one of China’s most capable multi-role fighter aircraft with a delta-wing and canard design. It was introduced into the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) in 2005 and in April 2006 the Pakistani cabinet approved the procurement of 36 of these aircraft which can be compared to the aircraft generation of the F-16, the Gripen or the Rafale.

Although a greater challenge for the Pakistani Air Force than the mere purchase of new assets, the development and introduction of the JF-17 (Pakistani designation for “Joint Fighter”) has continuously and obviously successfully proceeded. The first aircraft of this type took to the skies in 2003. The first small batch of pre-production aircraft was delivered to Pakistan for operational evaluation purposes in March 2007. The first Pakistani-manufactured JF-17 was rolled out and handed over to the PAF on 23 November 2009. On the occasion of the hand-over ceremony Rao Qamar said that 40 JF-17 would be produced by PAC Kamra within next three years and would be inducted in PAF replacing the existing aircraft. Furthermore, he confirmed that the first JF 17 Squadron would be established shortly. The JF-17 is a lightweight and low-cost multi-role fighter aircraft with a high manoeuvrability and beyond visual range (BVR) capability. It has advanced aerodynamics configuration and high thrust.

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  1. I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  2. ABADDON says:

    It amazes me that people still try to analyze this or that crisis! Pakistan is prepared for ww111, or India will do this or that, and if Israel attacks Iran this or that will happen, you are all boogged down with isolated or personal concerns about what is happening in your country, or hemisphere. Instead of looking at the bump on the patients head, you better check out the whole person to make a proper diagnosis, have a look at the GLOBAL patient, there is not one healthy sound spot in the whole human global system. From the crown of the head to the sole of the foot the world wide political and religous structure is rotten to the core, those denialists who hang onto falsehoods and encourage others to do likewise are like false prophets who lead you to calamity. Anyone with half a brain does not need others to tell them what is happening on a global scale, they can see for themselves. All they have to do is to add it all together and there is only one conclusion one can come to, and that is total breakdown of the world wide system and all that goes with it.
    My advice is, prepare to survive as best as you know how for your own personal safety and that of your family, even if the worst did not happen you have lost nothing, but if it does you will be better prepared than many others, especially those who hold out false hopes. Your life depends on it, not theirs.
    All the world leaders have THEIR bunkers ready for any eventuality, those at the top echelons of society have ALWAYS made provision to protect THEIR backsides, we the people have ALWAYS been expendable. You do not have to be one of them.

  3. rehan says:

    the media will always take a stance for someone’s purpose. we can judge better if we examine closely the world events. The last two worlds wars were fought out of power craziness of some rulers, diplomatic ties among countries and for the rule of the world. It may happen again if some rulers look to rule beyond their own territories and look to control the resources of the world. We need to see who has hedgemonistic designs in this world at present. History tells us that always the countries having the ruling desires have invaded the territories of others. It is not different even today. So if this rulting menia continues to grow, we can only see more wars.

  4. THe Muslims and in dangerious from the time of MUhammad(pbuh) Life. but The Coming time is very Dangerious for Non Muslim,s Speciely, for Yahood, Esaai and Hindu,s. Ist Battle will become against hidu s of India ( Hindustan). THe Muslims will attack on Hindustan on a Lot of soldiers. may be it will be the muslims of Pakistan(NWFP) and Afganistan muslims. Yahood knows it very well from ahadis of Muhammad (pbuh) , thats y they send thair forces in Afghanistan and now they wana Destroy Pakistan(NWFP) region Muslims. First Muslims will destroy Hindustan , then they do Attack on Esaai or Israil. Muslim will be Become Winner just because of Jihad. Because in fight in Jihad if Muslims soldiers are very short but Allah always help muslims. I Study THis in Islimaic books written by Daarul Aloom DewBand. And i Agree because no one can defeat Muslims

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  6. FArrukh Waqar says:

    Today, we are a nation that stands tall, but do we stand proud? What do we consider vital for Pakistan’s progress? What would we change if we ruled the country? Which Pakistanis make us proud? Whom would we like to disown? Which are our proudest moments?

    On August 14, all Pakistanis will take to the streets waving the national flag, dance to blaring jingoistic music and celebrate the birth of their nation. But what exactly are we celebrating?Sat at

    We must think about our nation, where we are wrong and how we should improve ourselves. Abusing to other is too easy…but improving ourselves is too difficult. We should learn good things from others also. Now time has come to think braodly and also should learn good things from others. Its the time to think positive and move ahead.

  7. FArrukh Waqar says:


  8. FArrukh Waqar says:

    I am proud to be a Pakistani. No doubt there are occasions when one feels embarrassed to be a Pakistani, but one must not lose hope. Being an optimist, I believe that Pakistan could still live up to the expectations of its founders as well as its people. At 58, we are a young country. Hopefully, there is a long life..

  9. FArrukh Waqar says:

    Asalam O Alykum!

    I am Farrukh Waqar, From Pakistan – Karachi, i hate India..I Hate AMerica,
    they are making a bomb blast in pakistan, they are making a talaiban, india involve in Biloshistan, and afghanistan.. american C.I.A. doing a bomb blast in Pakistan,, they dont want pakistan.. they want to remove pakistan in the world map, i hate america, i dont why pakistan polition dosent do anything.
    i dont know why america daily sending a Drown and they killed many peoples but pakistani army dosent did any thing?
    i dont know why they made the miseal because of 3rd war? what about this 2.5 war. whish has we are suffring.?
    i just proud I.S.I. minimum one our department is powerfull, all is happence I.S.I. knew everything, hope they will save pakistan, inshhallah……..
    i proud to be pakistani.
    thank yo

  10. Tyson says:

    ofcourse WWIII is possible because until these inhuman hindus are alive no one will be in peace, even not west …
    these are shits of this planet.
    we always support you pakistanis and Pakistan at every cost to wipe this menace of inhumanity (hindu terrorism) from this planet

  11. LibaasHamid says:

    This person is talking like WWIII is a joke. Do you have any idea what damage it will inflict in both sides of the border?

    It is sickening to see people cheering for wars. Zionists want World War not the common citizens of the world. Whoever is beating the war-drums is falling for zionists supported propaganda. If a war breaks out, nuclear exchange is guaranteed from both sides, most likely from Pakistanis first. And a small barrage maybe be risky for the first attacker so maximum destruction would be the attempt. India too would retaliate with a same spirit.

    Now tell me, who wins?
    Nobody. This war will have no victors, only victimized survivors.


  13. hira says:

    Pakistan is at war with the Taliban and other extremist groups present within. We surely have to focus on our land other than trying to rage war with others. The people support the Pak army operations whole heartedly and inshallah they will free our country of these militants.

  14. Collla says:

    India Paria… a renowned world paria caste
    pundek la keling pariah

  15. Abaddon says:

    Mike S The history of man is consistent, predicting the future is not difficult, all one has to do is look at the past. War, War, and more War, leading to WWI, then WWII, World War Three is inevitable. You say Gerald Celente gives reason for some political change, that could take us into a better world, you forget that he also said that if Israel attacks Iran that is the beginning of WWIII. “All bets are off” he said, if that happens, Webster Tarpley says the same, and many others believe likewise. You are grasping at straws, face reality, the world is falling apart, their is NO SOLUTION, the problems are immense and growing by the day. What is coming will be cataclysmic, not many left i’m afraid. Even the bible says man will become as rare as refined gold. The fact is we have always had this inclination for self destruction, we are divided by race, language, colour, culture, and the greatest dividing force of all RELIGION. We have been butchering each other for millenia over those differences, the world is divided now more than ever over those same differences. Do you really think there is going to be some spiritual awakening by the seven billion diverse inhabitants of this planet? For those who look to Jesus Christ for hope, they know that he performed many miracles, yet only a handful out of a whole nation followed him, and he foretold that only the few would do so. He was not naive, he understood the human psyche.

  16. Old Fish says:

    The seeds of future conflicts were planted at the time of introducing Islam in the western part of India about a hundred years ago, which brought about the separation of it in 1947. The severed part was then called Pakistan.

    The way I see it people of India and Pakistan are the same, none are better or worse – they all want freedom and happiness, and there no issues that cannot be dealt with at the negotiation table with a win-win outcome. So, any war is not in the best interest of the people of these countries.

    What are we gonna do? – We need to stand for peace, talk, be patient and forget about warheads and 7000km. This way we’ll survive.

  17. sheepherder says:

    The modus operandi of the Brzezinski (Obama’s handler) Trilateral Commission’s (read IMF) “Grand Chessboard” is to exacerbate argument between two enemies and get them to attack each other while the CIA/Mossad/MI6 provocateur terrorist activities against both in order to get the parties to blame each other. Both Pakistan and India are dupes in this plan, with India being the lessor dupe. It is a sure bet that neither Pakistan or India have western allies, even though they may believe that. Both India and Pakinstan are inflitrated by the CIA. The CIA of course is Rothschild’s Nazi SS he financed in WW2. (There is no dispute that the London bankers financed Hitler and Nazism in order to purify the jewish ‘race’.)India’s economy is directly liked to EU-based mega-corporations which provide all of India’s IT jobs. So in a sense India is still bowing to the west and their London ubermasters. India was after all a British possession, and still is in many aspects. It would behoove both India & Pakistan, if they truly want to be autonomous, to make amends with each other and join forces against their REAL enemy, which is the London bankers and their American dupes. There is nothing the Trilateral Commission, London and the Pentagon would love more than to see Pakistan and India engage in a nuclear war. Once that happens, they will move in for the kill and both Pakistan and India will again become London bank possessions.

  18. Dude says:

    Everything happening now is all because of the massive inbound object that NASA announced they found in 1983 then lied about. This is what theyre hiding with the chemtrails every day globally. Its also the sign in the heavens warning of the war of Armageddon which will see America destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. News here:

  19. MIke S says:

    WW3 should be avoided at all costs, it would be a horrible war. And any problems you have now would be nothing compared to life after that war. If you are so unhappy that you want to leave this world, please don’t curse the rest of us by spreading your negativity and promoting this war. That the war has not happened is a very good thing, delay it one day at a time. Find ways to make the world a better place, in any way you can, however small. Despair doesn’t help you or anyone. And the US is changing, the citizens are waking up, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction with the government, and I believe Gerald Celente when he says there will be a big political movement that sweeps the Dem’s and Repub’s out of office (most of them work for the same bosses and take bribes from the same lobbyists). Do don’t give up hope, and work for peace, in simple practical terms, whatever you are able to do, including simple daily kindnesses.

  20. Mahdi says:

    The land in and around Pakistan holds not only the worlds most backward people BUT also the worlds most enlightened people from whom which something very, very special and significant will occur.

    The Most High will lead these people to success and there will be peace on Earth. All people, animals and even the plant world will rejoice at the defeat of the Satanic system.

    Water and resources will be abundant and clean as they once where at the creation of the Earth. Education, Knowledge, Co- Operation and Love will prevail in the name of the Most High-Allah. The New World Order Satanic sytems will be no more.

    Technology advancements will be of a kind never seen or known as before in Human history and creation will rejoice. Satan and his minions will be defeated. You think Technology is good now? It is only a fraction of what this Earth holds. When Allah unviels the Hidden Mysteries, the Earth will be in it’s True Golden Era.

  21. Vladolf says:

    In the interests of world peace would the good people of Pakistan please consider launching their entire nuclear arsenal into Tel Aviv.
    Kind Regards.

  22. Abaddon says:

    We all need to wake up to the fact that evil lunatics are running this world. There is only one eventuallity as regards our future; Catastrophe for us all. It is staring us in the face, and anyone who thinks that we can change anything is living in disneyland. These lunatics would destroy the world rather than give up power. When you will sacrifice your own people as they all have done, what will they not do? My advice, try and survive as best as YOU know how. This is a global terminal situation, just like cancer, which comes to a point where no doctor can do any more, so is mankinds global cancerous condition.

  23. Eraj Danish says:

    blame solely goes to the media I would say. The media has played a big role in producing the global image of Pakistan in this manner. Even if they change strategy and reflect the positive parts its not late.

  24. indian conspirator says:

    India shall start third world war and shall blame it on pakistan or iran

  25. Hira Mir says:

    War is no solution. The solution is that media comes up and stop reflecting negativity in Pakistan and globally. They have to give space to liberal and moderate elements so that people begin to be more openminded.

  26. satwa gunam says:


    Guys understand that USA is the one which is actually standing between pakistan and israel otherwise do u think isreal does not know what to do. they have done enough around middle east and bunch is sitting and watching. So you guys better be nice to america

  27. satwa gunam says:

    faizan ali permalink

    We have or had. Do u know whose control it is with. Why the hell pakistan is not shooting back the drones. Why is not tell usa to buzz off. Pls do some contemplatin. Offcourse death is a mercy than life in pakistan is your own submission. I donot have any issues about the same.

    Remember, the bombs of pakistan are assembled not developed. India developed the boms which makes the difference. Offcourse, if pakistan launches nuke, it will not be there to see the end of india.

  28. faizan ali says:

    neel and harish lets be realistic… we pakistani are really really not afraid to die and that is a fact!
    we know that we have internal issues
    but by God if we are engaged in a war against any country our army will not wait for a moment to launch nuclear attack and we will be with our forces and we will be proud to die on the battle field … u should do some research on nuclear weapons cause we have more deadly nuclear weapons than other countries and we only need a minute to launch a nuclear weapon…

  29. well, enough aint enough never. Hope that war gets to the houses of all those dump military lovers and those who think a man is only a man with a firegun hidden somewhere. The responsability on its sole is with the US administration supporting other war lovers such as Israel, selling high tech military stuff to whoever and promoting war from silly Hollywood movies up to military and imperialistic behaviour abroad.
    All long range nuclear weapons and know how sold is pointing on the USA hopefully because that circus corrupted must be removed and make place for the next empire of the chinese. We have seen that the US population is not capable even to fight the FED or to understand basic politics of democracies. So it be and anyway it doesnt matter who starts WWIII because it will come this or that way. I just give it up to warn and to offer alternatives, stupid world!

  30. Harish Advani says:

    These articles all appear to be written by guys, who have taken leave of their senses.According to this article India was to attack Pakistan on 22nd Nov 2009, today is the 15th Dec 2009, what has happened. DO you nutters understand English?.Did you understand Deepak Kapoor’s speech?. IN a war against the US Pakistan will not last a week, nuclear weapons included.YOUR COUNTRY IS BANKRUPT<EXISTING ON WESTERN HANDOUTS.Remember the IMF loan, because China(AWF) and Saudi(Islam/Sunni), refused to bail you lot out.Get real morons.

  31. Peace Walker says:

    @neel123—Lol I remember you and you’re back with that same old arrogant comment don’t you have something more mature.

    You and Manmohan singh should get together and fix yourselves a couple of Cow Colas and try to bring about a strategy to accomplish what you wrote and never forget you are failures!

  32. neel123 says:

    In any World War III, the entire Sunni muslim world between Bangladesh to Libya would be vapourized in a matter of hours.

    You Pakistanis need to consider this scenario in your calculations.

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