Paris Fashion Week Behind The Scenes


Thanks so much for watching ! I hope you liked it! Stay tuned for more from Paris , and look below to see links to the pieces I was wearing . Check back soon to …


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  1. OPAL N. says:

    Fany is so cute. Thank you for taking care Fany ㅠㅠ

  2. Style hue says:

    Think this is our favourite vlog u made so far ❤️ Rain and rain. Dior looks like a fun event and Elie Saab 🙂 Would love to hear Mø live

  3. You're brave gf. Posing in the cold.

  4. ALYSSA MAY says:

    You're always killin' it, Aimee! Thank you for always inspiring me– I hope to one day attend Fashion Week!! xx

  5. zephytas says:

    what is your  job ? wow you are beautiful Aimee Song

  6. VOGUE WKND says:

    Braving the cold giiirl

  7. jo kwon says:

    This is so fun to watch !!

  8. 티파니언니다!!!! I AM A HUGE FAN OF GIRLS GENERATION(positively)
    Aimee your videos are very nice and funny LOVE YOU!

  9. cilla xx says:

    3:16 these glasses are adorable! where did you bought them???

  10. Lola L says:

    I love you so much!!! Can you please record something with Negin Mirsalehi?

  11. Maybe you could do smoothie challenge with Negin Mirsalehi?

  12. FBS SONE says:

    Tiffany ❤❤❤❤

  13. Sophia d says:

    Love just everything about this, you girls rock ! I'm in love with this combi you wore omg
    Love from Paris xoxoooo

  14. Dawn Chang says:

    Aimee where are you sunglasses from in outfit 1? 🙂 xo

  15. hi Aimee ! Your video is just perfect, i love your outfits ! You are always stylish, even with your blanket haha… it was so nice to meet you for the first time during this fashion week ! I love you so much and i hope that you will be back soon in Paris (i will always remember this moment when you have recognized me a the Elie Saab's show) ♡

  16. CNLOVE18 says:

    I tend to forget that celebrities have normal lives lol so, every time I see Stephanie a.k.a Tiffany in your videos, I'm reminded of that ?

  17. ALKSNE says:

    You should really make more vlogs! So, so entertaining :)

  18. SR of GG says:

    Which app do u use for edit?? ? Also we love u ? #SongSters

  19. libra1ug says:

    love you, I'm following you from Germany, Greetigs from beautiful Hamburg


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