Part 1- Nov. 13, 2015 Paris Attack Propaganda, Spreading Truth & Stopping World War 3



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  1. Zach, do you have any predictions for ufc 193

  2. streetstylz says:

    84 months & 8 days from Obama's election on 11/4/08 to the Paris false flag on 11/13/15

  3. Jacob Hodges says:

    Wow great vid even though I knew all this u showed me a couple things I missed

  4. Genesis B says:

    Are you saying 9/11 never happened and no one was killed? Because I believe people died but the people who caused it was questionable

    BTW my favorite part of your videos is how the numbers in gematria synchronize 

  5. Gary Nann says:

    You are so right my freind am from Belfast northern Ireland I grew up with bombs going off and People getting shot in my mind the mi5 ,mi6 British army and police were behind these bombs

  6. jcam0222 says:

    beautiful message zack! much love bro.

  7. You would always have 1 subscriber and that would be me. I know you have a lot of other supporters too. We know you are working hard to wake up the sheep. Just realize, we are having the same problem with the brain dead. You have shown me things that I would have never figured out on my own. I don't even remember how I found you, but blessed to have.

  8. "The Patriot" 33+ 99 =132 (November thirteenth =221 (Bavarian Illuminati and the coordinates of the "attack", 1326,)

    132 is an anagram…of 123..which has been active in all of these rituals..especially the pope is an ORION ritualistic tie in. Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh added together in menorah gematria equals 123. Roseburg Oregon was on 123 meridian. This one in Paris was on the 2deg 21 meridian…(just off the rose line…) Rosicrucian, Roseburg…the two white Roses the Pope put at the WTC memorial. I had a video about that but my channel was taken down for being too relevant and on topic…

    It is a dark ritual, dark magic…the magic is sealed by the emotions of people watching and believing the news. THey are trying to harness or YOKE the emotional charge and tie it to numbers and symbols…to this case…kill the divine feminine…this is why this happened on the neck of ISIS as pictured in france….This is why most truther youtube channels are MALE RUN…female divine is not allowed to speak. unless it is christian or fear based……Male…is not quite divine though is tuning itself better and better…but will not be balanced until it notices the censorship…

  9. LightFly2013 says:

    Kills me how there is no independent footage of the incidents in questions. The other day there was a pedestrian hit by a bus where I live. Thank God the person survived, but was pinned under the bus. Only one woman went forward to help and she was fortunately a doctor. What did the other 20 something people do? Stand there and pull out cell phones taking video and pics? I was so disgusted by the inhumanity of it all but it begs to question that people do this ALL THE TIME.

    So why in these mass shootings are there never any independent footage of the gunmen, people getting shot, etc. Why?

  10. That Mfsyy says:

    EXCELLENT VIDEO!! Americans who are so eager to SEND OTHERS out to "FIGHT ISIS" need to remember that we are always One Penstroke Away from reinstating THE DRAFT — when the UN-INFORMED (uninformed) will quickly become the UNI-FORMED (uniformed) — aka: the latest generation of "non-volunteer" cannon-fodder. "Rescuing the French" has been the unspoken "American Mission" since OUR Post-Civil War era (1870 > ). WW1 & 2 = "Save France!" ; Korea & Vietnam = Allowing France to "save face" — we enter the quagmire of their dying Empire while they escape … then we stay long enough for most people to forget that France was ever there in the first place … ; Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, et al. during the "Arab Spring" of 2010-onward = France pushed mightily for "intervention" here & there, but — "Mon Dieu! We have not zee military … " — the cue for U.S. forces to take over where their rhetoric left off. And all the while, the Zionists are steering France, aka: "Their European Vanguard" from the shadows.

    UNINFORMED = 119 / 56 / 11
    UNIFORMED = 105 / 51 / 6
    119 – 105 = 14/5 56 – 51 = 5 11 – 6 = 5
    The "difference" between "Uninformed" & "Uniformed" is "5" —
    In Hebrew Gematria, 5 represents "HE or HEI", which is often used to refer to "GOD", without having to use the word "God" … it stands for HASHEM, which means "THE NAME" …
    BOTH the UNINFORMED & the UNIFORMED — Do NOT Know The Zionist God's "Name" … They are NOT part of "THE TRIBE".
    119 = uninformed ; 105 = uniformed
    100 is the value of QOF aka "THE MONKEY" …

    Remember the OTHER "Crisis" — C HEBDO ?

    C & G are equivalent; both are represented by GIMEL , with a value of 3. GIMEL means a Person In Motion — Chasing After, or Running Away From …

    B is represented by BET, with a value of 2. BET means "HOUSE" & is the 1st letter of the Torah, also symbolizes the 2 parts of the Torah – the Oral and the Written.
    SHIN ("Tooth", value of 300) BET (Shin Bet – The House That Bites) is a branch of the Israeli Intelligence Services, whose motto is, "The Defender Who Shall Not Be Seen". Renowned for the exceptional cruelty of their torture practices, in 1995 when Israel's Prime Minister YITZAK RABIN tried to rein them in, he was ASSASSINATED — unfortunately for him, it was SHIN BET who was assigned to provide him with security & protection services.
    Their current director is Yoram Cohen (a last name Trump supporters should recognize … same as his campaign manager), and the Deputy Director is Roni Alsheikh (which is either fictional, or the epitome of irony when you consider their primary "targets" … )

    D is represented by DALET, with a value of 4. DALET signifies a "Poor Or Lowly Man".

    O has an equivalent of 'AYIN — or "THE EYE", with a value of 70.

    C = 3 HE = 5 B = 2 D = 4 O = 70 3+5+2+4+70 = 84
    84 is represented as 80 and 4.
    The value of 80 is assigned to the letter P aka PE, PEI, PEY — same letter place as the Greek "PI". It represents THE MOUTH.
    4 is DALET — The Poor Or Lowly Man.
    84 = The MOUTH Of The LOWLY MAN.

    Hebrew is read from RIGHT TO LEFT, so instead of C HEBDO, it would be read: O D B He C and interpreted as:

    Remember: This is NOT "The House Of God" most people would think of, nor even that of the Original Jews … this is THE ZIONIST'S GOD —

    Of course, there is also what THEY would probably refer to as the "Dumb Christian's Version" — C = G G HEBDO = HEB GOD = HEBREW GOD …

    Some FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Google "odb", & you'll get a lot about deceased rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard — and when you think of "ODB" as meaning "EYE ON THE LOWLY MAN", his antics and the messages he conveyed to young people of all races — but AIMED specifically towards the black race — were clearly given a highly publicized forum in order to "DISTORT THE VISION OF THE LOWLY MAN" …

    As Forrest Gump would say: That's about all I have to say about that … ;D :D

  11. D Christ says:

    Zach,  people are going to always have something to say, criticize another for whatever dumb reason.  Just keep doing what you're doing to wake the masses up and poop on the naysayers when ever they open their mouth,  just POOP ON THEM along with a great big gigantic FART!!!.

  12. VibE freQ says:

    keeping it real Zach! Thats all you can do brother!

  13. The Distance between the attacks from 01/07/2015 and the recent attacks from the 11/13/2015 is also 311

  14. thomas allen says:

    Awesome video man.  Gematria is the greatest since sliced bread.

  15. tom kassan says:

    "Paris France" = 110        "eleven thirteen fifteen" (the date)= 110     They love to stick it in our faces. No more.

  16. tom kassan says:

    "102 minutes" came out on 9-6….McKinley shot on 9-6…..

  17. Great video; great research. I thoroughly enjoyed learning something new. I'm gonna subscribe–your message is an important one. And to all the shills posting links to gatekeeper Alex Jones, gtfoh.

  18. TheGooners11 says:

    there are some really fucking stupid cunts about that actually believe that paris was real, 9/11 was real, Charlie hebdo is real, – wake up you stupid cunts – Obama is a puppet his speech made me want to fucking puke

  19. TheGooners11 says:

    well said Zachary – they gonna bomb Syria further now mate they want rid of bassad asap

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