Part 2 Hillary and Obama are Death, Barak = Akbar Illuminati Freemason Symbolism


An investigative look into the signs of the Bible end times all around us. ◅ Revelation 13 ▻ King James Bible The Beast Out of the Sea 1And I stood upon the …


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  1. John Connor – Siriusxm Satellite Radio – 8-38-39-43-100-101-113-114-115-125 – TheGroxt1 = Rock Key – Rocky IV/Final Fight – Rocky II/Win – (Tickets = List) ;)

  2. Wieshal Man says:

    hi mark. thank you for showing and telling us these things. i have a neighbor that don't like me. she hates me for nothing. is satan trying to use this person up againts me?. it can be possible right?. i don't like this what is happening to my neighbor that don't like me. but i know im saved by the blood of Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus is with me and with all of us brothers and sisters in Lord Jesus. if this neighbor kill's me i will be with Lord Jesus for sure. Grace and mercy follow's me. and Forgiveness. Glory to Lord Jesus. thank you mark for this video to warn us. God Bless you. May God have mercy on us all. Hallelujah.

  3. Thanks for all the good work you do, Mark. You compel me to keep my cool so I don't end up on one of your videos. :)

  4. Kathy Lewis says:

    yes. this week other videos satanism evil claim it is done. so whatever they've done, they feel their plan is complete. praying for the world. Amen.

  5. PrayWill says:


  6. Gage says:

    Jesus is lord

  7. could you map out friendship tn

  8. D Rock says:

    Mark..who is that figure sitting back by the pyramid? Also it looks like a tree is on fire….

  9. donald parr says:

    Good job my friend!

  10. Mark Hardy says:

    she is like drunk on the cup of Obamanation she is drinking

  11. Mark Hardy says:

    people are still believe Obama is the best thing to happen in America

  12. Mind blown again! Barak =Akbar! Right in our faces!!!!! I didn't see that one coming. We all here have Jesus! Praise the Father and the Son! :)

  13. Brian N says:

    yeah…Angel Merkel (Hitler's daughter)…in America instead of throwing our gold and silver in the streets..more so , throwing our zinc pennies in the streets…

  14. Rox Riggen says:

    mark the little boy with blonde hair is actually satan – he has blonde hair, and a youthful appearance. I know an exwitch who actually saw him . He also appears in person to the world elite and they take orders directly from him

  15. john dozy says:

    his name actually refers to lightning from the heights or heaven in Hebrew which is still bad

  16. The original Israelites are not Black??

  17. sheri bishop says:

    WOW! They are some pure EVIL. Going to betray usa It's all part of God's Plan> Coming real soon. see ya at the FEAST Much Love sheri

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