Pat-down sparks outrage across US


Anger is rising in the United States as travelers are forced to endure pat-downs and full-body scanning at airports allegedly for their safety.

The growing backlash was provoked after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) left travelers with three options — to undergo either a potentially invasive pat-down, a full-body scanner or not to fly at all, CNN reported.

In body scanning, the naked bodies of passengers are shown while in the pat-down search, passengers’ genitals and other body parts come under scrutiny.

US President Barack Obama told reporters on Saturday that he supported the new controversial screening measures but admitted that balancing travelers’ rights and their security was a “tough situation”.

Last week, an annoyed San Diego airline passenger refused a pat-down from a TSA worker and the ensuing clash spawned several T-shirt designs with his “Don’t touch my junk” quip.

Additionally, “National Opt Out Day” is being organized to boycott the policy on November 24, the busiest travel day of the year for Americans.

About 1,000 full body scanners are expected to be in place in the US airports by the end of 2011.



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  1. Momin Ansari says:

    Will Barack Obama USA President himself want to undergo with Pat-down at Airports.
    If he has courage to do that in National television so that Public outrage can be minimied..

  2. Zzamboni says:

    How much longer will Americans put up with this? Always for your “safety.” Those who trade their freedom for their security deserve neither. Stand up to this gross abuse of your natural rights. They are reducing you step by step to slaves. How much longer will you kneel to these soul-destroying rules? Stand up to these bullies! Boycott the airlines!

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