Paul Begley “World War 3” Positions Are In Process…


Pastor Paul Begley “LIVE” also Help Us Spread the Word …


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  1. Willie Grow says:

    god bless you Paul. safe travels

  2. LucidoMafia says:

    God I pray for healing over Pastor P. And father I plead the blood of Jesus over us all.

  3. immrnoidall says:

    YOU LOOK LIKE HITLER . with that stash.

  4. Susan Swain says:

    So glad to hear you're doing okay after your accident Pastor! I will pray for your quick recovery.

  5. Hope you doing better Pastor, glad to know that was not Serious! Are you serious ! I had a short word from the Lord for you, mostly that day you had this incident. ( We are all blessed by your great work and words of faith wisdom revelation and encouragement), but if you could see "there is a detail, that can expand more your wisdom, and there is something that seamed helpful to all of us, and that is in the words spoken. "Ok Iam not sure if can deliver it well sorry English is my second language. When there is a clear revelartuon of a nest, you know the birds will provide protection, now when there is some rumours of war, enemy usually push into this costing the seed of the division. Now also we must remember that when we use the power of words, and repeating the names and their evil actions over and over, the atmosphere changes. Just like when we speaking the goodness of God and worship the atmosphere turn into healing because of the stage of the heart is love generosity and forgiveness. Now I wanted to share this, not sure if help. Every nation goes true the many seasons as written in the book of Esclessiastes 1. Now I feel that when words of truth and revelations are spoken over and over, it may help to clear atmosphere regards understanding and awakening, but one little bit of unfirgivines can open an spark of judgement if we dear to judge others. Now judgement of Gid is good because his presence is pure and holy and this heal us and deliver us because of his merciful love is perfected and that us the nature of God to heal. Now man judgement when speaks is different, besides that our human physical body is not yet perfect. To stand firm in your guards, lift up fasting and prayer, worshiping with the beautiful songs to the Lord as you always do. Because the nearest you are to God the more dards try to pull apart the connection the peace the joy the balance the whole stability and blessings that God gives. The greatest is the gift and the ministry the greatest responsibility. St Paul and St John came to mind. Remember the power of the love of Jesus, (some moments of silence, where he knew he was tempted to judge but instead he did not judge the woman he ask who would condemn that woman, to take the stone, who did not sin. She was guilty, and she would be paying her sins with awful death, but what Jesys teached everyone in that moment, … Was something very important, besides the action of not killing the woman or punishing her, he teached lot more with this example. However I think the reflection must had made everyone mute, and we always get very much the same when we listen this words this historie from another holy godly pastor or messenger.. The word if his is very rich. But at the end I want to encourage you to keep been the gracious joyfull loving pastor who prays and sings and believe in the unity of prayer and in the power of His above all circumstances. He us with you till the end of times. God bless you to you and all your beautiful family !!!

  6. kinggzz says:

    another complete nonsense post that the title hasnt anything to do with the content. stick with your preaching vids, they r much better than your psuedo news reporting anyhow. thanks but geez dude, come on.

  7. Mark Ash says:

    mark in Chattanooga TN. I need to be baptised Pastor Paul.

  8. least i can listen to him now he is not blasting that star of David cant stand him when he is in his praise Israel mode

  9. Pastor Paul, you have such patience for the computer. I too remember when we had three channels, well I had 6-7 channels being from the nations arm pit, DC. I had news from Baltimore and PBS. I have beaten up or thrown so many computers and phones because computers to me drive me nuts and are not easier. I still use a phone book to look things up.

    God Bless you are feeling better and with your family. ??. Grand daughter is precious.m?


  10. Bruce P says:

    Pastor my prayers are with you your family and even with the person who hit you. I myself am still healing from a auto accident back on March 21st. And knowing Romans 8:38 I took mine as a shaking and I have learned from the spirit what I need to work on. Also use it in my testimony that the time to repent is NOW, if I was not saved and had the wreak and died, there was NO TIME TO REPENT and it would have been to late. God bless you and your work.

  11. God bless you please take it easy and heal

  12. Our Beloved Pastor just showed us God's Divine Time with the spiritual number 33. Praise God!


  14. Goss Grayson says:

    I hope theres one coonass in Louisiana will have the balls to confront obummer while visiting….David Newman don't..

  15. sun flower says:

    I hope you are on your way to CA so Heidi can help you.

  16. sun flower says:

    I know she left in a hurry but she is your WING 'MAN"   I.E 'WOMAN'  LOL      Just hang together     Heidi has your back and is your side guards and YOUR FRONT GUARD.   She is singing and on the front line.     The prayers of a righteous women ……

  17. sun flower says:

    Remember Vince Forster????  Same thing just another day.

  18. cdimmm says:

    has anyone seen pastor Blackburn around??

  19. Hey brother Paul, watch some of the videos on my sight and not only Know but rejoice in the truth of God's word concerning WW3. It's Ezekiel 38 brother!! Get with the program. Love you!!!

  20. M Ben says:

    lol. Love the first 10 minutes of this. WW3…. with firefox…

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