Paul Craig Roberts: CIA To Create Nuclear War Between China and India


America could foment a nuclear war between the two rising Asian powers China and India , the CIA could use India in order to stop and destroy China . They need world chaos so they can introduce one world government,military . What the hell is wrong with Americans? How can they remain so ignorant. Congress is extremely corrupt. Our country is being destroyed. The American people doesn’t seem to get it. They think because we’re America, it can’t happen here. They think that we will just bounce back as if America cannot suffer or feel pain like everyone else. The only thing that will wake up the American people is if everything comes to pass but it will be too late


If we all decide and vote on a dollar bill and print system to use over USD we will win. We create our own banks and use the power to vote the way it should be used. To over throw a government we need to create our own. There are other ways to over throw the government.

Never give up never surrender. Ridicule is the first step to truth being reconized. Its the asleeps defense mechanism to seeing the real evil in the world. It takes a min to wake them. Surround yourself with those whom are awake and spread truth to those awake and show them how to prepare because we are close to the end game. Stay strong.

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