Paul Craig Roberts: Economic collapse, World War 3, US, Russia, Ukraine, Greece


Paul Craig Roberts : economic collapse , World War 3 , the United States , Russia , Ukraine , Greece .


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  1. Paul Craig Roberts: Economic collapse, World War 3, US, Russia, Ukraine, Greece

  2. time for  a revolution in this country

  3. Patsy Koenig says:

    The Elite are NOT insane; they are EVIL and they are part of an evil system aka Illuminati & Freemasonry, which continues after the individual members die off.

  4. Bill Hicks has let himself go…

  5. jade chs says:

    Paul Craig Roberts is not a brainwashed sheeple like the rest of the US population. There are a few people like that. Otherwise that country would be totally condemned.

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  10. WW3 need not be a nuclear war, or even an axis-vs-axis conventional war. It may be a long-fought economic cold war and it already looks like the protagonists can be seen – China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, possibly even parts of South America vs the usual crowd aka 'the west'. Any conventional warfare will most likely be through proxy and be isolated to 'hot-zones' around the world e.g. what is happening in Ukraine at present (although to be fair, I think Putin has held off using the 'rebels' as proxies, despite the picture painted in the western media). Many more Ukraines will go up in flames in the coming years, I fear.

  11. I get that the over-all agenda is to create this massive divide among the citizens, so as to prevent attention to the elites larger agenda. That being such activities as this TPP trade agreement and other major things that at some point and time… will come to the attention of the masses.
    They wish to create situations for they many, where we will be begging these same psychopaths to make things better, on that they created in the first place.
    It will be then the NWO will come into place. No more middle class society, only the have and have not's.  Unless you have a skill, or something they find useful to this agenda, you will be eliminated from existence.

  12. cushiteone says:

    The U.S. has always been _ucked up, now you notice this @ Alex……Now ?
    Your so-called for fathers were enslavers, W.T.F.?  ;   {    ( The second continental congress).  Not the first, George would have been the 7'th President. & John Hanson is not taught in schools to be recognized as one of the first African president. _uck his-story ya'll   !

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