Penchant – English Vocabulary Lesson # 122 – Free English speaking lesson


Penchant – English Vocabulary Lesson # 122 – Free English speaking lesson You may have a strong inclination towards something or a tendency for doing …


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  1. True Learner says:

    i m penchant of learning english. guys correct me if i m wrong bez i m not good in english 

  2. its interesting and useful lesson.thanks.i want more update lesson. from japan

  3. Anjani Kumar says:

    i have got a penchant for reading novels

  4. Dark White says:

    this is really great

  5. I have a penchant for drinking coffee every day in the afternoon.

  6. I have a pechant for learning foreigner languages

  7. i want to  make penchant on english

  8. I have literally developed a penchant for watching videos posted by letstalk…??

  9. I have a penchant of watching hollywood movies.

  10. Xpress Group says:

    yes, learning english, hope to talk fluently as native persons

  11. After start watching MKBHD videos , my penchant towards gadgets have increased a lot .

    Akash's penchant towards gadget made him to browse website like Amazon ,FlipKart etc, regularly .

  12. Ngoc Nguyen says:

    My penchant is doing Yoga everyday

  13. Hoa Nguyen says:

    I will open a small English class in the near future to satisfy my penchant for English

  14. i have a penchant for writing

  15. VPDD Xpress says:

    i love english and also want to imporve my english skill, so that i watch film in english while eating, i guess that my be i will being problem with stomatch

  16. Example: My penchant for discovering new cultures has taken me to visit many countries.

  17. I have penchant for learning english language. I try 🙂 ı hope one day can speak this language fluently.

  18. I have a penchant for playing cricket ?

  19. Please make a new video

  20. I am penchant to learn new words in English

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