PENTAGON EXPOSED , WORLD WAR 3 , REVELATION AND SATURN MATTHEW NICHOLSON produced by songs jipseheart included No Sugar Tonight …


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  1. franco3830 says:

    Great stuff and good song from nirvana.

  2. Jo B says:

    Wow!! Hell's Bottom and 4.04 miles to the white house!!! Brilliant!! When I first awoke to the truth and finding my way, Revelations and ISIS/Set/Horus always came up. I think this is their script and America was set up to be the catalyst for the birth of the new world order. Bigger the country, bigger the fall which will take everyone else down too

  3. Hey matt, what would be a good vid of yours to show someone for their first?

  4. Jamm that pry-bar in and twist!!

  5. Like the Guess Who opening number  …. haven't heard that in gazillion years  ; – ) Totally awesome information here Matthew …. makes the mind reel with it.

  6. Love your work.I have a question why Saturn whats so special about Saturn ? 
    I understand the numbers only because you spell it out for me but just so curious why Saturn is so special.for these self proclaimed elite sick O's .. Please excuse my ignorance  peace and thanks again for your HARD WORK

  7. Shane Hustad says:

    All that is being exposed now is a multi thousand year conspiracy against humanity. WW3 is happening right now, its un-declared & hidden from public eyes.

  8. Universe369 says:

    Excellent, fractal energy attracts matter.

  9. rayc1962 says:

    Thank you Matthew and Jipseheart, with each new video you produce and show, I am able to see clearer and clearer, which helps me in many ways. The work you do, to put these show's up, is well worth it, I think.

  10. Tim O says:

    663 views 94 likes 3 dis  lol i love this shit!!!   Keep it up=)

  11. hunter1367 says:

    great stuff, as always Matthew!  curious, do you see the numbers converging…?  not from a human or other lifesource, but from the entire creation itself….there's no possible way humans could orchestrate these numbers.

  12. cheers mate great work

  13. E Pen says:

    Bro, we are still awaiting the video of the D.C. earthquake and the hitler video. Peace

  14. Hi Matthew. I was looking at all my youtube settings etc and saw theres a part where I get private messages, I had no idea that part was there and have only just seen the message you left me 9 months ago and wow. so im here to check out your vids. Your message was about prime numbers and the flights and total people that died on 9/11, kind of freaky to say the least. ill watch some of your uploads now, ps you are subbed. better late than never they say lol

  15. Ok now I love Math. did you work this out your self ????

  16. Undeniably connected very good work here

  17. jipse heart says:

    why is my comment and share not on this comment section? I will try again.

  18. Reality Up says:

    More great work!  Thanks!!

  19. The Slyman says:

    Great video! Love them connections!

  20. sherry k says:

    mind blowing info you've exposed. no way this amount of planning goes back a couple of hundred years.. has to go waaay back. thanks, Matthew!

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