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  1. Get the RCMA powder! I love it!

  2. You should try the kat von d translucent powder!!

  3. Yektus says:

    ??You are so pretty❤️?? BTW love your hair

  4. A good translucent powder is air spun (it's drugstore though)

  5. that mascara with the tiny bristles is so awesome!

  6. Alany Orozco says:

    Use tarte or make up forever translucent power

  7. Minute Rice is a life saveer for quick lunches in the microwave! You can even get it pre portioned and then just keep jars of curry sauce or salsa in the fridge to add to it.

  8. I recommend the nyx loose powder :)

  9. rcma translucent powder is so good!!!

  10. Tara O'Neill says:

    oooo Eyelash perm?! I need to try that! And I really like the Ben Nye Translucent powder! You should try it!

  11. Tardiskiss says:


  12. You should try the RCMA no color powder, it's so good! Or the rms beauty unpowder.

  13. I do the same thing with my liquid eyeliner ?? I like try to put it on good but when I don't I just don't care and glob is on then I fix it with my makeup wipe?? #thestruggle

  14. I trim my eyebrows all the time!

  15. Airspun from cvs or walmart!!!! Is BAAAEE???

  16. YAS Aspyn ! I trim my eyebrows too, I thought I was the only one haha

  17. Yelena Marie says:

    I love that baby omg!!! soo cute:)) your makeup is pretty in this I love the eyeliner!

  18. SydneyKate says:

    I always get my High Beam highlighter messy at the top too!! I thought I was the only one!!

  19. StevieVlogs says:

    Omg she is designing a phone case

  20. Oh my gosh your eyelashes look sooo perfect. I want to get this done my eyelashes are so hard to curl and they never stay :(

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