[Photo] Fukushima decontamination volunteer “Blood suddenly splashes out of skin quite often. This is the reality.”


A Fukushima decontamination volunteer commented on Twitter that the skin bleeds suddenly.

His pictures look like he had just dry skin, but Fukushima Diary judged he rationally can’t mistake it to just a normal dry skin.

10:41 6/21/2014

“I’ve been involved in this Fukushima volunteer for 3 years.

Blood splashes out of the skin suddenly, and quite often. This is the reality.”

Fukushima Diary covered that he had cancer last year too.

From 2011 to early 2012, Fukushima Diary has been reporting about the citizens’ decontamination group “HCR”.

(Articles about HCR..

Tepco admitted the responsibility of 164 Bq/Kg of contaminated well water [URL]

Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray [URL]

Life in 20km [URL])

Buddhism Monk. Miura Bansho who led HCR commented on Twitter that he had a cancer in his throat.


I’ve been having a problem with my throat since 1 year ago. I figured out it was a cancer. Yesterday I had it removed in Shonankamakura General Hospital, tissues were sent to pathology.


一年ほど前から喉の調子の悪かった原因は癌だった。昨日、湘鎌病院で切除手術、組織は病理へ。 #低線量被ばく

— BANSHO (@HCR_OPCOM) April 27, 2013

(Former decontamination volunteer in Fukushima had a cancer in his throat [URL])


Fukushima Diary actually recognized “the black substance” thanks to his reports back in 2012.

Recently he talked to Fukushima Diary that he feels a significant change in his body and mentality.

Related article..

(The inspector of this article stated he had a beta burn by touching highly radioactive substance.)

Black substance in Hitachi city Ibaraki [URL2]

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

[Photo] Un décontamineur de Fukushima bénévole : “Mon sang s’exsude de ma peau assez souvent. C’est la réalité.”

Un décontamineur de Fukushima bénévole a déclaré sur Twitter que sa peau se met subitement à saigner.
Ses photos sont comme s’il avais simplement la peau sèche mais le Fukushima Diary juge qu’il ne peut rationnellement se tromper avec une peau normale.

10:41 6/21/2014
“J’ai été bénévole dans cette campagne pour Fukushima pendant 3 ans.
Mon sang fait brusquement claquer ma peau, assez souvent. C’est la réalité.”

Le Fukushima Diary avait également couvert qu’il avait eu un cancer l’an dernier :

De 2011 à début 2012, le Fukushima Diary publiait sur le groupe de volontaires de la décontamination “HCR”.
(Articles sur le HCR :
Tepco admet sa responsabilité pour les 164 Bq/kg des eaux de puits contaminées
La substance noire émets 45 699 μSv/h de rayonnements α
La vie dans les 20 km)
Le moine bouddhiste Miura Bansho qui dirigeait le HCR a déclaré sur Twitter qu’il a un cancer de la gorge :
J’ai un problème avec ma gorge depuis 1 an. Je pensais que c’était un cancer. On me l’a enlevé hier à l’hôpital général de Shonankamakura, les tissus ont été envoyés à la pathologie.
一年ほど前から喉の調子の悪かった原因は癌だった。昨日、湘鎌病院で切除手術、組織は病理へ。 #低線量被ばく
— BANSHO (@HCR_OPCOM) April 27, 2013

(In : Un ancien bénévole de la décontamination à Fukushima a un cancer de la gorge)

Le Fukushima Diary avait vraiment reconnu la “substance noire” grâce à ces comptes-rendus de 2012.
Il a récemment dit au Fukushima Diary qu’il sentait un changement profond dans son corps et sur son moral.

Article lié : (L’inspecteur de cet article affirmait qu’il avait été brûlé par la radioactivité β après avoir touché la substance hautement radioactive.) Substance noire dans la commune d’Hitachi à Ibaraki

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

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  1. I am saddened to think that Volunteers undertake such horrendous tasks.
    You certainly have immense love.
    May you receive double fold love & thereby have peace to you mind & body despite this great injustice for expectations of Volunteers.

    When you become spirit, most of us will become spirit one day (not all!) you will be highly rewarded. Lots of love to you for your actions of love.

    Your immune system has weakened. I will not highlight the negative issues, however stress the need not to use the increasingly popular anti bacterial soaps.
    Use an mild soap without chemicals try to wash them with distilled water if you can.

    Here is a natural ancient herbal cure.
    In the morning, on an empty stomach, eat at least 5 RAW Turmeric roots.
    Grind a few roots and use the fresh paste to cover the wounds. Let it dry on your wounds.

    Your wounds will heal only once your blood is purified. It appears that currently your blood has toxins hence being dispelled through the skin.

    Here is a simple way to remove toxins from your blood stream.

    1.Inhale(breathe in) slowly and long till you feel your diaphragm move up and your shoulders slightly raised. Do this slowly and as long as possible.

    2. Hold your breathe for as long as possible.

    3. Exhale slowly and for long as possible.
    As you exhale imagine all the toxins come out from your lungs.

    4. Then stop, hold you lungs empty for as long as possible.

    Then continue No. 1 again.

    This exercise will purify your blood thereby rebuild your immune system.

    Look forward to comments, feedback.
    There are several other breathing exercises for all cures. Interested???

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