Photos: Bill Gates At This Years Bilderberg Meeting?


Alex Thomas

Photos taken by independent journalist and activist Mike Paczesny of We Are Change Milwaukee have confirmed at least two more Bilderberg attendees as well as what seems to be Bill Gates trying to hide his face as he enters the Westfield Marriot.

At this point it is basically 100% confirmed that billionaire and open eugenicist Bill Gates did attend the Bilderberg Group, a meeting of top power players throughout the world who are continually planning and moving forward their plans for an oppressive world government.

Gates, who has donated billions to the spread of toxic GMO foods and Big Pharma drugs throughout the third world, actually pays the corporate media for feel good news stories that are in reality paid advertisements for a man who has publicly claimed we need to use more vaccines to lower the population.

Another Bilderberg attendee that was captured leaving the once secretive meeting was European Union Commissioner Neelie Kroes who was surely there to discuss the possible collapse of the euro and the continued police state takeover of the whole of Europe.

Last but not least, a smiling and so far unidentified Bilderberg attendee was captured as she left the meeting.

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  1. Mr gates true minion of lucifer lost soul and his wife ask him to give these shots he is promoting to his children openly and his fellow minions

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